Join our LIVE Sabbath Community!

hi I’m Lucas I work the social media
side of yrm and we get comments from dozens of people every day the most
common things I hear are geared towards a lack of proper worship things like my
congregation doesn’t keep the Sabbath my congregation doesn’t use the proper
names my congregation doesn’t keep the Feast my congregation still hangs onto
either Jewish or Christian traditions and there’s just simply no fellowship
close to me if you’ve said any of these things to yourself or voice them to us
we get it this is why we do what we do we offer live Sabbath service for those
who are seeking truth who may not have a local option we have viewers from all
over the world places like Nigeria, UK, Israel, Russia, and Australia you are not
alone Yahweh’s people are everywhere worship
is so important and we want to extend this opportunity for you to worship with
us feel free to join us every Sabbath the stream starts at 1:20 p.m. Central
Time we are on Facebook, YouTube, Roku, and our app from all of us here at yrm thank
you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you on the next
Sabbath livestream. May Yahweh bless

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