John Wick: Chapter 4 (2021) Trailer – Keanu Reeves Concept Movie [HD]

I like it here it makes me a peaceful
would you you’re not from around here are you
good time what was your job I was in this you know business as you know we
manage the investment we solve our employees nice suit
good to see you too I need your help after this we are less than even there’s no escape for you the high table
wants your life would you help set the move for our new
guest let us begin our services still
off-limits to me what do you need guns lots of guns you think you can take John wick you’ve got a nasty surprise coming I’ve been looking forward to meeting you
for a long time and so far you haven’t disappointed we can keep this up as long as you’d
like but this only ends one way all of this for what because of a puppy
wasn’t just a puppy you one of our newest videos right here and
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