Impact Measurement ► Social Purpose Organizations ► Monitoring and Evaluation in 2020

Impact Measurement ► Social Purpose Organizations ► Monitoring and Evaluation in 2020

– Are you a social
enterprise or a non-profit? Do you deliver products or services to improve the lives of
your community members? Chances are that demonstrating
the success of your programs is very time consuming and complex. You collect data from different
stakeholders and sources using both online and offline
data collection tools. You collect the data in a
spreadsheet or an external system and perform data clean up. You aggregate data on
multiple spreadsheets. You create visualizations
to demonstrate success using different tools such as Google
Sheets, Tableau, et cetera. This process can quickly become overwhelming,
complex and expensive. It can get very hard to derive insights from the collected data
to improve your programs and report to your funders and donors. Welcome to a better
way to collect, manage, analyze, and report on the impact data. We call it Impact Cloud®. With Impact Cloud you
can integrate any online and offline data collection tool for seamless data collection, set up indicators that
aggregate all your data in alignment with
sustainable development goals or your organizational goals. Analyze and report in
different ways to monitor or communicate your results
to funders or to the world. It gets better. Our cloud platform is easy to use and requires minimum configuration. You just collect the
data, and we do the rest. Talk to us about how
Impact Cloud® can help you.

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  2. Tell us more about your current process? How do you define the theory of change, metrics, collect data? How do you report to funders? Are they happy with your reporting? Are you learning continuously & improving the social impact of your program or product? Pleas share…

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