How to Write a Resume That Will Get You a Job Interview

How to Write a Resume That Will Get You a Job Interview

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  2. this video has handy information. the sun was in your eyes a lot! maybe wear sunglasses?

  3. How much work experience would someone need before they apply for a good job?

    I am a senior in college and I plan to do some internships after I graduate in December 2020. My major is Communication: Cinema & TV Production. I was going to intern at one of the local news stations in my area. I’m looking to be a technical director or an audio engineer.

  4. Great video , loaded with really helpful information. Its good to get an up to date perspective on how to write a resume from someone who actually's looks at them on a regular basis. Thanks Chris

  5. Chris, thanks for the video, I second the appreciation to hear from a resume reviewer. I noticed that you didn't mention ATS, Applicant Tracking System, used to auto filter online applications. Perhaps your company doesn't use them, good for you! In the unemployed networking meetings I attend, they emphasize pulling key words from the job posting and use them in your resume. Example, if job needs Microsoft Excel, use Microsoft (MS) Excel to catch either selection spelling. I know my resume is weak, I'm shifting careers plus am too modest to remember achievements over 30 years of working for the same company. Your video has encouraged me to try again to work on my base resume. Hey, you have a really simple LinkedIn profile 😉

  6. Good tips. I would add also to make your language (tense, voice, etc) and punctuation as consistent as possible. If you are looking for a tech job, personally I would not use a yahoo or hotmail email address on the resume… both providers have suffered data breaches.

    If you have had a lot of the similar jobs (you've been a technical writer for 25 years), I think that it's helpful to have a few sections of major accomplishments/expertise areas vs including repetitive information. The history then lists only the job titles, companies, and dates.

  7. Chris so off topic but what if I notice that salaried employees on my team never ever work an 8 hr shift should i say something to someone or is this allowed?

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