How to Write a Grabbing First Chapter | by Mysteries of Writing

How to Write a Grabbing First Chapter | by Mysteries of Writing

Hello hello
I’m Chandra from Mysteries of Writing if you’re new to this channel don’t forget
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process and all things writerly and bookish So today I’m doing a chapter one tips video
and last week I spoke about some first chapter clichés that have been overused and you can
watch that over there So this goes without saying the first thing
that I’m going to be saying is that you should try and avoid clichés or twist clichés
unless as I’ve already spoken about you have a different way of doing it maybe your
plot line is so unique that if you use that cliché it will work or whatever different
writers different methods Basically you’re about to start writing
and then you realise well where do I start? Well you’ve got to start at the beginning
of your story of course silly bean But where’s the beginning of my story? Ah, the question that troubles all of us writers
and you’ll probably be asking yourself how much scene setting should I be doing before
the incident that’s going to trigger the problem that the character is going to have
to face and overcome Well what I’ve learnt is that you should
do as little as possible of this so basically you should hook your readers as fast as possible
and of course you get bonus points for doing just that by moving your plot forwards whilst
hinting at world building and introducing your characters basically if you can hook
your readers on the first line of your book then you’re on the right track ok ok so
you don’t believe me right? Well then go and check out your favourite
booktubers and see what they say a lot of them buy books just because of the first line
or maybe just stop and think about yourself when you’re buying a book or even when you’re
reading your next book if those first few lines or even pages aren’t gabbing you chances
are this book isn’t going to be part of a long term relationship in fact it’s a
miracle if it even goes on a second date with you yes you’re probably going to put it
down and never read it again that’s my pint ok we’ve already established that I date
books yeah So what can hook you on a book straight from
the beginning you might ask well it doesn’t need to be anything major but you just need
to show your readers that something life changing is about to happen to your character and you
might want to start indicating your main characters’ qualities as well just so that your readers
care enough about who they’re reading about so here’s some examples of some life changing
events that may happen in the first chapter and obviously you don’t have to use them
but you get the just of it and you can come up with your own ideas so there could be gossip
going around in the town or something that affects your main character or people she
knows or something strange or it could just be gossip about something happening in the
town that’s different I don’t know a meteor hit the town ok that’s a bit drastic news
could break out the TV about something or a messenger arrives to break the news to your
character provided that your book is set in that type of error or somebody new could arrive
in your characters school, town, work, home that’s a little creepy and lastly your chapter
one should set the tone of your entire book and your point of view should also be decided
at this point and I’ve done a video on this so if you want to watch that you can check
out deciding your point of view in the cards over here but basically there’s nothing
worse than starting off on a first person point of view in chapter one and then going
off into third person in chapter two I mean it’s a little confusing and weird and I
don’t think many books actually do this at all so I think that’s pretty self-explanatory
I mean it can be quite easy to change a point of view if you haven’t decided it in the
beginning so there’s a bit of a point to it
Well that’s it for now I hope this video helped and I hope you enjoyed it if you did
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  1. Names and where to start are the banes of my writing career! Fun video, love your humor and energy ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Glad I just found this channel ๐Ÿ™‚ I added a whole bunch of your vids to my watch later your tips seem really helpful!! Thanks

  3. I really needed this to get me back into my writing. My editor told me that I needed to get a good first few chapters to really get the story off on a good note (I lacked them because I am a noob) and since I got back my manuscript I have done nothing except hit a very hard writing wall. This vid is just the motivation I need. Thank you!

  4. I have a book I've been conjuring in my mind but have yet to sit down and put it to fruition. I find myself writing poetry instead and placing all focus there. But I need to get this book out of my brain! Glad I found your channel and looking forward to your videos related to writing.

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