How To Use Google Plus Community Groups (2018)

hey what’s going on mrs. Andre from
Andre el von comment today we’re going to show you how to use Google pluses
community groups okay first of all what you want to do is you want to go to your
Google Plus page this is my Google Plus page right here it said uh slash plus Andre L Vaughn so this is the home page right
here and see all the different options right here and you see communities right
here so we’ll we’ll click on communities and I’ll show you the communities that I
in I’m gonna bunch of communities here what you want to make sure that you do
you don’t want to just start joining groups just to be joining groups just
make sure that you draw that you join niche groups so groups that are related
to your products and services or what have you as you see I am in social media
market this this particular social media marketing group small business market in
this other social media marketing group add another small business group and
then a few other groups have a nice lengthy amount of groups a lot of these
groups I never even post to so kind of what what I did is what I’m trying to
tell you not to do and that’s by joining a bunch of groups that you’re never
gonna use like these affiliate marketing groups most of these groups majority
these groups I’ll never use anyway so at some point I end up believing a lot of
this stuff that I have Apple iPad uses Apple iPhone iPad Mac booking and so
forth so you can see just a part of a cluster you know what hook groups the cool thing about Google+ communities
is it’s button right here recommended they’ll recommend groups for you so or
you can search groups right here and this this right here is what you really
want to do before you can go messing around with the recommended because this
recommended but I’m sure it’s based on but there’s some suggesting are groups
that I already I’m already a part of so similar groups that I’m already part of
but this right here the search bar right here is super duper important just type
in niche that you that you’re in social media marketing for me see there’s
different social media marketing groups oh this is a new one and you see this
join button right here I’m actually gonna join is boom and you see how it
allowed me to go right here now a member of this group so so really a fairly easy
process to join a group that’s going in this group the one thing that I want you
to always do is try to find the community rules usually let me remove
this bad boy over to there so see about community right here usually has tells
you gives you a description about the groups and it usually has the rules in
that or make sure you follow those rules and make sure you respect other members
of the group by doing so let’s see if anything is i popping it tells me what
if he is so it’s like this group is pretty
lenient but even though the group is lenient you want to respect up the group
owners and a group moderators do not spam whatsoever and for those of you
that don’t know what spamming means for instance this this particular video that
I’m doing likely it’s gonna go I’ll share it in one of the groups I’m not
gonna share this video in like 20 or 30 groups because first of all I want to
make sure that I share it on topic so niche related in niche related groups
second of all most of all I want to respect others and I’m gonna make sure
that I’m not spamming just putting this thing everywhere just shining everywhere
it’s sure to I would say don’t share it I would say share it to not let’s not
share it to more than 10 groups how about that just for the sake of this
video so 5 to 10 groups I would say um make sure you’re not going in like 30 or
40 groups and just putting this out or even if you have I’m not sure if you
make sure Google+ works with works with a third different third-party software
ins or anything or Google+ allows you to dip into the API and mass spam I you
definitely don’t want to do it just send it to five to ten groups and you’ll be
just fine alright I’m gonna go back wanna make
sure I didn’t miss anything for you love me okay alright within this group this
is the probably last thing I’m gonna go through with you you can see some of the
posts here what you want to do is you wanna after you find out the rules and
regulations of the particular group you want to make sure
you go in and see if you can be helped be of help to others uh go in and read
some of the content and make sure that you like comment share it out and just
see if you can be of help to someone one of the problems that I see also piggybacking on what I spoke about
earlier about spamming a lot of these groups aren’t even updating so
definitely put your stuff there anyway just keep it like I said it’s a five to
ten groups but make sure that you are engaging with others and distributing
your content the right way you want to make sure you do that so like I said
earlier you have the recommended tab which it suggests groups to you you have
a member tab which shows you the groups or I’ll call them communities since
mobile plus the communities that you already our members are members of sorry
yours which is the ones that you that you home so right here you can create a
community start a community up name it you can set it public or private and so
forth so this has more of the options on it so creating a community on Google+ is
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