How To Upload Digital Files To Etsy

How To Upload Digital Files To Etsy

hey guys Alicia here where I am all
about making a passive and supplemental income I wanted to do a video today and
show you how to upload a digital listing to Etsy this is going to be pretty basic
and not too in-depth because there’s so many other things and so many other
videos that I would like to do to go more in depth when you’re listing on
Etsy if you watched my previous video on how to convert files from jpg to SVG to
DXF to you know by using online file converters that is what I want to show
you right now I am in Cricut design space and I want to show you that they
do actually work so we’re going to go right here to upload an image and this
is my folder here this folder right here is going to be the folder that I upload
to Etsy for you know my digital files that they can purchase and download
right here is our online file this is our SVG file so when I go to click on
this here it is right here and then I’m gonna save my image okay and I’m gonna
go here and then when I go to upload and insert the image here it is here just so everybody can
see so these do work this is an SVG file and I just wanted to show that so that
you know you could use you know understand how that works so you can
upload a link you know so Kay so you can use online file converters and they will
work okay so I’m going to close out of this and I don’t need to save it or
anything like that was just for the purposes of doing that so the next thing
I’m getting ready to go over is and if you didn’t watch my previous video on
how to add a watermark to your digital images I’m gonna link those two videos
below the one with the watermark and the video on how to convert files using
online file converters I just use Converse you so right now when I go to
upload this photo it’s going to tell me that you know the image needs to be 1000
pixels in width and 800 pixels tall but if I do that it’s gonna distort the
image and I don’t want that so I’m just gonna go ahead right here and this is
the image right here with what my watermark and I’m gonna upload it so
this is my thumbnail and it’s gonna say listings look best with photos at least
750 pixels wide it’s telling me that but yet at the same time to me you can see
everything in this photo I don’t feel that I’m going to need to do anything
different to it even though that they you know like I said if I were to make
this water it’s gonna distort my original digital image so you know even
though the thumbnail is a little bit in there I think sometimes you can go in
and try to adjust the thumbnail but it’s really you know not going to
do any good because people can click on this and they can see this image so I
know a lot of people may disagree with me here but I don’t want my image being
distorted ok so now I’m going to go down here and in the title this is a whole
nother video that I would like to do because you really you have 140
characters to use and you want to take this entire thing if possible but for
the purposes of this video so that it’s not long I’m just going to put just a
girl boss building her Empire SVG file ok now this is not normally how I would
name a title because I have I’m gonna do a whole separate video on keywords and
you know things like that so I’m just trying to show you how to upload a
digital item so right here we’re gonna put who made it I did it doesn’t matter
if it’s a handmade product or a digital product I made it so I’m gonna click
that what is it it’s a finished product when
did you make it and I usually just put made-to-order category let’s see I’m
going to type in digital and I’m gonna select right here
digital and illustration okay I’m gonna leave these alone on primarycolour
secondarycolour you know things like that and also I’m going to leave the
height okay so right here this is a very important step we’re going to click
digital okay so we’re going to put into our
description here this is a digital product nothing will be shipped I’m
making this very brief guys just for the sole purposes of the video just wanting
to show you quickly how you can upload digital files to an Etsy listing so I’m
just making this like I said I’m gonna do a whole separate video soon on
keywords and how to do the title and the description you know things like that so
just keep that in mind before I get any thumbs down on the video ok so then I’m
just gonna put just a girl boss building her Empire s the G file also includes PNG which is our transparent background the jpg and I’ll just put the PNG and JPEG okay so once again you want to take
full advantage of this description so I’m just doing this just to show you how
you want to do it once again down here in the in the tags you want to take full
advantage of this tag section so you know the word SVG is searched so many
times you know you really don’t want it you can put SVG and then I
put SVG file but you also want to get a little creative and put you know like
cricket cut files you know you can put silhouette cut files there are so many
things that you can do once again that’s a whole nother video okay so I don’t
really need to add materials because this is a digital product however you
want to price it is up to you usually for you know my SVG files I do not
charge a whole lot for those we’ll just say three dollars but the thing is is on
the quantity you can put 999 available and you can sell the same thing over and
over again okay so right now down here this is
where it says digital files this is only going to show up whenever you know you
are doing a listing with digital files okay so this is where we’re going to
upload these three files right here so I’m going to first upload this one okay
and then I’m going to go here I’m going to upload my PNG this is our transparent
background and then we’re going to upload this file and these are all of
our files so when someone goes to purchase this they are going to this is
what they’re going to receive in their email and it’s an instant download and
then they can have it and as I showed you at the beginning of this video you
can see that the online converter files they do work easily in Cricut design
space okay so we’re just going to click Save and continue and it’s telling me I
need to fill out some more information but basically that’s it you know on how
you do it you just want to make sure the main thing when you’re uploading digital
files is that you when you go here you want to
make sure that you select digital and then whenever you select digital it’s
gonna come down here and this is where all of your files are and also don’t
forget it’s very important that you have the watermark on your first photo if you
have any questions please leave them in the comment section below
somebody mentioned something about dimensions and you know it when it’s
like an SVG file it really doesn’t matter on the dimensions as long as it’s
not like huge as long as this in proportion is the main thing you know
but people can also use this file for like print on demand a lot of people are
into you know selling the t-shirts they can use this file to drag over onto
t-shirts they can use it to drive on over onto a coffee mug you know the
possibilities are absolutely endless on what you can do with this file if you
liked this video please hit the thumbs up button and also subscribe to my
channel I’ll be adding a lot more videos on Etsy and you know how you can make a
passive income doing that and you know I also will be branching out soon on
several other ways to make passive income online so don’t forget to
subscribe to my channel and I hope everyone has a great day

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  1. If possible, Etsy thumbnails need to be 1000 pixels wide, and 800 pixels tall. But there are some cases that you do not want your digital image distorted.

  2. awesome vids….i've already learned so much from you in a few vids then i have searching for months…..but i still need help…can you PLEASE tell me what is the difference between an SVG, JPEG & PNG and PDF??? all i'm trying to do is design journal pages with a few images on them to print out and use in a junk journal…what would i save them as? HELP PLEASE……I never get an answer from anyone

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