in today’s tutorial on how to reduce
file size in illustrator I have six tips that in combination are going to help
you greatly reduce file size in your dubious traits documents what is that
people welcome back to you to Torah graphics the home of graphic design
content right here on YouTube so follow along today with a step-by-step tutorial
on how to reduce your file sizes in Illustrator the first tip for reducing
file size is to open up the actions window like so then head over to the
delete unused panels option and hit play by simply doing this you’re going to
remove a new swatches brushes and so forth thus reducing your file size if
you have a design in Illustrator with many different blends of blurs and
shadows you can reduce the file size by lowering in the raster effects
resolution this would only lower the resolution on the effects that are
raster’s as opposed to vector to do this and go to effect document and raster
effect settings you can then set a low value of resolution and dialog box in
addition to minimizing the file size it’s also going to accelerate the
process of displaying graphics on the screen why looming after finishing with
the file you can set the desired value for the resolution the next method on
how to reduce file size in Illustrator is a table I’ve mentioned before my
channel but it is crucial in the process of reducing your file sizes will you
design selected go up to objects path and then simplify here you can lower the
amount of anchor points used while seeing the changes in real time by
keeping the preview button checked you want to make sure that your design
retain this original shape whilst making the changes the fourth way to reduce file size in
illustrator is based around symbols vector artwork can contain many
different multiple objects or groups of objects resulting from duplication in
this case save the item you want to duplicate as a symbol in the symbols
panel you can access this by going up to window in symbols then proceed to
duplicate a character with a sprayer tool using symbols greatly reduce the
file size of the original file their use is particularly justified if you want to
duplicate complex objects in a debut illustrator the fifth way to reduce file size from
your graphic designs is a quick and neat trick when we’re saving the file for the
first time this opens illustrators option dialog box to significantly
reduce the file size uncheck creates PDF compatible file and then make sure you
check their use compression box final tip on how to reduce the file size
illustrator will leave you with many options for your current designs after
an objects had been designed head up to object and flatten transparency here you
have some nice options that can reduce file size such as custom resolution
converted things to stroke or outlines and so forth so there were today six
ways on how to reduce file size in a day Billy straighter if you want to improve
your graphic design skills and overall awareness as a designer subscribe to my
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on social media and as always until next time there’s on your future today peace

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  1. Very much tricky & technical. I haven't thought about it before. Ultra Class!!

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  4. Interesting tips sir. Thanks as always. Have a great day.

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    Your new subscriber here😍😊✌🏻

  7. Hi Satori! Thank you for helping us. I have one problem. The client ordered an artwork 150x50cm in many colors. I have 15 artboards. My computer is so slow because of the artwork size. But I need to export exact dimensions. Is there any advice?

  8. thank you that was a great tutorial 🙂

  9. Very well made video, nicely explained… subscribed immediately…..will have to give those tips a try tomorrow morning, since today we were really going bonkers with a simple download-icon which was 2,5Mb big after saving it from Illustrator and imported it into InDesign. The icon is only 5x5mm big in ID and we worked with the actual dimensions in Illustrator, too… can’t explain why such a small icon can use 2,5Mb….

    So I hope your tips will help…


  10. From the bottom of my heart…thank you so damn much. I have a hand in 4 hours, I have not been able to animate my one file, because it was to big for after-affects to load…..You just saved my project thank you, so, so, so much!!!!!!!

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  14. Just last year i had a few incidents with saving heavy files (I'm creating a comic) but, given my lack of knowledge back then, it turned out ok. Now just today im having the exact same issues but this time around my file won't save!!, Everytime i try saving Illustrator crashes and when i re-open my file it's forever stuck in a stage far behind from what i had before the issue happened in the first place. Please help!!

    Worth mentioning that i did do a few of this tricks but un my case: nothing seems to work 🙃

  15. This significantly helped with a job I am currently working on. The file was so high I could hardly do anything. Thank you I am going to share with the other designers in the company.

  16. Thanks you helped me a lot 😊

  17. That ticking of compatible for pdf did the wonders for me and also the last tip about flatten transparency

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