How to Organize Small Things (Part 8 of 9 Home Office Organization Series)

How to Organize Small Things (Part 8 of 9 Home Office Organization Series)

Hi, everyone. I’m Alejandra from Alejandra.TV.
And in this video, I’m going to show you how to organize and contain all of your small
office gadgets inside tackle boxes in your home office. So before we get started, if you are looking
to begin getting organized, you can check out my free organizing video series on my
website, Alejandra.TV. The link is below. OK. So one of the things that I do to organize
is use tackle boxes to contain all the small things inside of my office. So I use like
the same kind of tackle box for like everything. I just use different sizes and different dimensions
and stuff. So this is my first tackle box. This is all
of my label tape and my ink cartridges. So I’m going to show you what’s inside. So it
looks like I have so many label cartridges and it’s because I do but they’re all different.
They’re all like different colors and different sizes and stuff. So I just organize them here
by color and then by size here. And then I have my ink cartridges right here. But I love these organizers because all of
these little dividers right here, they move, they adjust. And so, you can set up flexible
systems that can be changed when the content is changed. So yeah, so they are just great.
And they have nice tight clasps. So when I click them, I knew it’s in place and the lid
is not going to open because it’s like so nice and tight. And then they have a nice
handle so you can carry it like this and the contents are not going to move like the dividers
aren’t going to move. It’s just a nice quality tackle box bin. OK. So that’s my first one. And the second
one is — going back to the first one, I also have this little cheat sheet for all my labels
so this is like all the different types of labels they make or the one that I have so
I just did like a sample label to kind of like see what each one looks like so when
I’m going to label something, I can just see which label I want to use in case I don’t
remember like the shade of orange or the shade of green or something. So it’s just like a
cheat sheet for myself. OK. So this one, this is the same size as
the label tape bin. But this is all of my shelf labels and my closet rod labels. Now,
I have a lot of labels. But I spent a lot of years going to people’s homes and labelling
the systems for them so I have accumulated a lot of different supplies and organizers
that I still have. So this is all the labels I have and it’s all sorted by category like
based on what type of labels. So this is like closet labels, shelf labels, these are inserts,
these are closet labels, these are wire/shelf labels, these are labels for other drawers,
these are labels for kids, so all types of stuff. Again, it’s the same type of organizer.
It has dividers that move and it’s like the same exact bin. OK. So, the next one is all of my Command
hooks, magnets, felt strips, and label clips. Again, it’s the same type of bin. It’s just
different stuff. There are Command hooks, more like hanging label tags just like that,
zip ties, clothes pins, magnets, binder clips, little clothes pins, these are really cute.
These are cute for hanging cards like on the fridge or something and put a magnet behind
it. I always do that for the holidays. Again, it’s a lot of stuff. But that’s how I organized
it. I actually used to like when I would go to
people’s homes, I used to — the first thing I would do when I got there was give them
a goody bag filled with like little organizing like labels and clips and holders and stuff.
And so a lot of that stuff is like extra goody bags stuff I still have. All right. Inside this bin, I have all of
my scrapbook paper for scrapbooking and creating like cute labels and stuff. So a lot of times,
I use scrapbook paper to put it behind a label to give it a pop-up color or like give it
a pattern or something. And so, I come to this bin right here. This is the same type
of bin or tackle box as this one but it just has one large compartment. So I will put links
to these exact tackle boxes on my website so you can check it out if you’re wondering
like what the different sizes are and where to get them at the best price. OK. Let’s go to this one. So this kind of
goes with my labelling kit, one of the first ones I’ve showed you. This is all the label
attachments, kitchen hardware, and Elfa hardware. So I have — like if you saw my home tour
I did a few years ago, I had Elfa in my old condo kind of like everywhere. And so, Elfa
has a special hardware that you use to install their shelving so I have all the extra hardware
pieces that goes with that shelving here. There’s kitchen hardware like for adjusting
shelves and stuff right here. These are always good to have on hands because
when you’re organizing the kitchen, a lot of times if you have these plastic clips like
this, they tend to break really easily. And so, if you have an extra one on hand, you
don’t have to like run to the store. And then there are just more like clips and holders
and stuff in the back here. OK. And this is like — this is more a shallow bin as you
can see. It’s not as deep. OK. This one has wires, cords, and gadgets.
There’s really not much in here but that’s in there. Then I have this — oh, this is heavy. This
deep one for wires and cords, I’ve shown this in the video last year. Basically, it’s just
like Ethernet cables, there are A/V cables in here, my old camcorder, my old camera,
power supplies and just like extra accessories and stuff. And this is a nice deep organizer
like these are all adjustable. So you can take this one out if you are putting something
large in here and it will just fit nicely. And it has a nice, tight clasp. So is there a way that you organize all of
the small things in your home office? If so, leave a comment below and let us know what
that is. And if this is your first time watching any of my home organizing videos, you can
subscribe to my YouTube channel or visit my website at Alejandra.TV. And thanks for watching. I will put a list
of all these products on my website and then I’ll link it below. Thanks for watching and
I’ll see you soon. Bye.

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