How to Make Money with Power BI in 2020 πŸ’°: Power BI Jobs, Consulting & More!

How to Make Money with Power BI in 2020 πŸ’°: Power BI Jobs, Consulting & More!

Power BI’s popularity is skyrocketing. But how can you use that to make money in 2020? My name is Avi Singh. I’m a Microsoft MVP, partner and best-selling Power BI author and expert and not just that I have helped hundreds others to get the same success through my learn Power BI training programs. Now this video is a collected wisdom from all that. Just so I can show you all the different ways you can make money with Power BI in 2020. Now we’re gonna cover the conventional approaches. You know, there’s the Power BI job, consulting, training and in those we’re going to talk about all the different options available within that we’re gonna talk about how you can maximize your earnings using each of those options and also, bust some common myths. But we’re gonna go beyond that after this and share with you some unconventional approaches and one of them is pioneered by one of our students Kenneth Tyler and this is so unique he might be the only person doing this in the whole world. You gotta check this one out. I’ll also warn you about a popular idea. That won’t make you money. So make sure you watch till the end. Now this video may go fast. Feel free to watch it again. If you need to and if you are watching it again, there’s going to be a table of contents in description Which you can use to jump to a specific section off the video I’m also going to include all the links to other videos and resources that I mentioned in the description below and lastly if you have any ideas or tips Which you think can be helpful to others make sure to leave them in the comment below Also, don’t forget to subscribe and click that bell So you are notified whenever I go live to answer your power bi and career related questions Let’s get started with our first one on our list bar job. So how much money can you make with a bar bi job? Well in USA you can expect to make anywhere between fifty to two hundred thousand in Beyond per year now Hey If you’re interested to know More precise numbers about the income that a power bi professional can earn that is coming. Later So hold on watch out for that. So, how do you go about getting a Barbie eye job Well, it’s gonna be a three-step process and there is a little bit of secret sauce involved. I’ll talk about that So first step is definitely to skill up You definitely need power bi skills to get a power bi job and a great way to start There is my number one ranked Barbie eye tutorial and we’re gonna link to that in the corner and down in the description below but skills Alone is not enough a crucial factor can be real power bi experience But then you gotta have something else which elevates you above. The competition puts you head and shoulders above the other Applicants possibly for the job and that is a secret sauce Now I have already covered that in a lot of detail in my earlier video how to find a power bi job guaranteed in three genuine steps, we’re gonna link to that again in the corner and the description So if you’re interested in that go check that video out, so that is about how to get a Barbie a job But well, how can you make more money doing it? Well, of course you want to add you know you want to bring a lot of value to your employer but besides that the truth is that You can stay at the same company But most likely most of the power bi professionals get a jump when they change jobs in fact One of her Pro Plus members recently switched jobs and got a salary which was well into the six figures Got a big bump compared to their previous salary and not just that they had the privilege of watching Multiple employers kind of fight over them and in trying to hire them now that is well and good But I do want to remind you my friend that money isn’t everything So make sure you consider the other factors you consider work-life balance Or other factors that are important to you consider kind of the longevity of your career Not just that next job and make sure you make the decision based on that now. Hey real quickly at this point I’ll say that sometimes companies get really upset with me and they talk about arbitrator newer employees away Encouraging them to switch jobs and encouraging them to leave their jobs and become consultants Well, what I would say is that you know If you really are interested in retaining your top power bi talent that everything that I said from the employers Employees perspective earlier still applies to you Now obviously you do want to pay your employees a competitive a market salary But besides that give them an environment where they can thrive they can flourish and they’re gonna love you for that So let’s move on from par We are job to the bar be a consulting how much money can you make in bar be a consulting? well that can range anywhere from $50 to $500 are and more and if you are interesting getting precise numbers well You know what that’s coming soon now I’m gonna start the section by busting some myths because they are so prevalent and Wild it’s not true. So myth number one is often when I talk to people about consulting and so for the first thing that I hear is that oh I can’t do that because I can’t leave my job and fill in the blank. They give their own general reason often It’s like family this that and so forth but my friend that’s not the reality you do not have to leave your job to become a consultant you can actually Gradually step into this role That’s what I recommend and it’s then decide to switch or not and I really would like to encourage you to stop thinking of this as a black-and-white as this absolute decision that either I’m keeping the 95 job, or I’m out on the street by myself and think of this as More of a continuum as a choice now The reality though is that the world is kind of moving in this direction so this is coming from the freelancing study in America study and which is projecting that by 2027 Majority of the workforce is gonna be freelancer So it can’t hurt to start moving in that direction or at least getting ready for it Now it just so happens. The freelancers also tend to make more money. So hey that might be incentive for you Alright, so that is myth number one and let’s call it busted. Shall we? alright Let’s move on to myth – and that is Oh being consultant means working long hours and travel And yes that MIT has been perpetuated. And is there are there folks like that? Sure But you are in control when you go on this journey you are in control for the life. You want to create for? Yourself and with power bi it’s definitely possible if you choose to to work 100% from your home in your bedroom in your pajamas, which I’m not saying that’s what I’m doing right now but you could do that if you wanted to right so and Again, the the Barbie I can be well enough that you can choose to work 20 hours or less per week So again, you are in control to life and hey I’m there I’m gonna have an expert’s become this wonderful Pro Plus members who I am a huge fan of Charles Edward He runs is a Barbie. I independent Barbie a consulting company soulless matica calm and I couldn’t have said it better I’m slightly paraphrasing him but his intent is still there. So this is what he had to share. He said avi I’m basically retired and later I asked him in he’s around 40 and he says I’ve basically retired and now I do what I like I do what I love With the folks that I like and on my own terms and it just so happens that in my retirement I’m making more money than before so myth number two My friend is just not true boss – so what are the different ways you can do power back on something Well, you already probably picked up on this already, but you can work with remote clients You can be anywhere in the world and your clients can be anywhere in the world you can do in-person consulting that you can do this for the companies around you in your area local or You can travel for the story up to you or combine these three in any combination that you choose – that works for you now, of course you The question is how do you become a Power bi consultant now, it’ll be pretty hard to fit all that into this video In fact, I run a whole program dedicated just to that just to train and coach and guide people to become restful barbiere consultants The program is called six figures Barbie a consultant or a pro Plus for short and women link it up in The corner and down in the description below. The link is also shown in the screen You can go there to find more details Pro Plus enrollment is Opening soon. So if you’re interested definitely go there and check it out and find out more details So I promise that I’m gonna share a way that you can get more precise numbers on how much do power bi professionals earn in a job as consultants and you know Maybe you’re looking to find out in your own country or in your own specific state Well, you can do that by going to power bi money survey The link is in the corner and down in the description and you can find out more details About how much power we have professionals earn by participating in that service? Now the last thing I’ll mention in barbie a consulting. Is that often people say well great I want to be a Barbie a consultant and upwork has to be the way to go, right I mean after all it’s got millions of the users on that platform I definitely have my views and opinions on that and everybody may not agree with it as well But I have covered that on my second channel slash power on now and we’re gonna link to that specific video again in the corner and in the description Down below, so that was probably a consulting. Let’s move on to our next step which is power bi training So how much can you earn if you’re doing power bi training? Well, at least for in-person training your rates could be anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 and beyond per day so that is in-person training. But of course there are two options You can deliver the training online, which is what I do I’ll talk about that in a second or in person the rates I shared we’re for in-person training per day But you have both options in online. You have two formats in which you can deliver the training you can deliver it Recorded which is what I do or you can deliver it in live classes where you’re live And your audience is live at the same time They can chat with you if they want to and so forth Right and again, both modes are valid they are being used by different power bi trainers now for online training But there’s one other aspect which is you can focus more on kind of b2b Basically going to companies and having companies send their employees do your training or going to? individuals or customers where you know, they themselves are choosing to join your training and I’ll share what I do in just a second on the in-person side Of course, what you can do is you can host a training class so I hold the class plan to hold the class in Seattle in early 2020 and so it’s gonna be here and everybody comes to that class or You can go on-site To a corporate location and deliver a training over there, of course that can have different flavors Sometimes when we do that we customize the training for them We use their own data sets and so forth and you know both can be fun for sure But yeah those are you can do now as far as I’m concerned if you ask me in-person training is mainly Focused towards business as b2b. I think BTC market is pretty small So mostly this is companies wanting their employees to be trained So either they would send it to your class which are hosting or they would call you at their company So I already talked about a little bit of this right now. I do a little bit of all of that I do on-site trainings and other stuff I do hosts training classes, but my main focus is certainly online training the way I delivered this is recording Although we have live elements as well Q&A sessions and so forth and my focus at least right now is singularly Towards customer we’re not really focused that much on companies. These are individuals who are stepping up and and really kind of you know, Investing in themselves related this is our idea the idea Which is really popular but won’t make you money and that’s coming at the end of the video So make sure to hold on for that. So that was bar. We’re training. Let’s take a twist and go the Unconventional route and this is where Kenneth Tyler comes in He’s a Pro Plus member in or learned bar be a family and as I had mentioned as far as I know He might be the only person doing it this way in the whole wide world Because this is so unique. So Kenneth Tyler. My friend is the world’s one and only Porcelain Barbie eye trainer now, of course, this is so bizarre You might be asking well what in the world is a personal power bi trainer? Well, the easiest example is if you think about somebody training at the gym and and you know You can hire personal trainer in the gym And what they can do is they can educate you based on your specific needs they can train you to use correct form Let’s call the best practices They can create a plan for your success and you can follow the path, right step-by-step. You can help you avoid injuries or mistakes They can get you over challenging plateaus and roadblocks and the whole goal is to get you better results faster That’s a personal trainer at the gym and Kenneth Tyler is your personal power bi trainer Which is gonna give you the same results as you would again, you know So yeah the idea I kind of messed that up All right but right so so basically he’s gonna help you with all of that but in a power bi setting Help you based on your specific needs train you in best practices create a plan. You can follow for your success help you avoid mistakes And you know kind of time wasted and get you with challenging roadblocks and plateaus. So that’s can I tell my friend the Unconventional approach. So hey at this point if you have any crazy ideas thoughts you’ve had ideas you’ve had or you’ve seen of Unconventional ways of making money with power bi leave them in the comment below. Let us know I’ll share some of the other ideas that I have seen and another You know one which I’m seeing quite often now is this idea of combining business with power bi? easiest to show that with examples I want you to meet Matt Bracken another one of her learned power bi members now. Matt. Bracken is a business owner He’s the CEO of prime time Energy Group LLC His business has been around for a long long time and his job is as an energy broker advisor to help his clients Save a ton of money, so that is his business But now he’s kind of layered that on and combine that with Barbie eye he’s worked with us to build this beautiful beautiful energy – bored and That’s the power bi elements and now he’s combining both of those and the way he’s doing it. It’s quite beautiful He’s using it for pre-sales and sales So when he’s meeting with potential clients, he’s gonna show his dashboard and of course, it looks so beautiful It’s pretty easy to convince them right and say oh look at this you can have this you can have all the detail you can monitor the energy costs and get the best energy savings for yourself and Wants to become clients. They do get a version of that. They do get access to the report They can monitor energy prices and so forth, right? Sue and I’m sure it has been this is more involved in that but you can see how far bi has been kind of woven Into that and elevates him and his business to a whole new level So that’s a great way to make money using by combining business and power bi by the way if you want to watch Matt present his energy dashboard is one of my favorite presentations Then we’re gonna link that, you know it in the corner and down in the description below and you can watch his complete presentation It’s something definitely you you want to see I’ll just mention one quick example of Mark freighter He’s another one of her Pro Plus members. He is the CEO of lean firm and management consulting company and he focuses on government agency and Housing Authority but that’s where he’s taking down his business of management consulting Six Sigma process improvement and combine that with power bi reporting and now he also includes in his services kind of a power bi reports subscription So people can monitor the results that he’s getting and make sure they stay on that process improvement track So we the mark Raider should be featured soon on our channel. So make sure to look out for that. Stay subscribe And yes, click that balance. So hey So what action would do you need to do? Well, if you are a business owner, maybe like Matt, or mark well the good news is you don’t necessarily need to have any power bi skills You could just hire us Well like Matt Bracken did and if you need to do that Just head over to learn power bi comm and click the contact me button on the other side if you are a power bi Professional think about the tremendous opportunity, doesn’t you? There are so many traditional businesses out there who could use your help and you could really help them Bolster their business take take it to the next level by helping them combine it with Barbie Ah, so yeah I mean you reach out to these durational businesses and see if you can find some that you can work with so that’s our unconventional unconventional approach of combining business and power bi Another one that I would mention that it’s not that common is building apps and templates now You’ve probably seen this or heard about it. Microsoft does have an app Marketplace and there are lots of apps on there and you could publish Your own so okay. Yeah. This is a video I’ve forgotten about that. So great So that’s the app marketplace and the way it works. So I just do this screen shot of one random app Apparently not very popular mainship. MailChimp app just has one star but that’s okay it gives you that idea and what it does is that somebody can install that app connect to their own data and Then basically they get their own set of reports using their own MailChimp data in this case, but it could be any other system. Let’s see I think I have some video of it in action as well So once I’ve connected to it, then I’m gonna have a dashboard again with my own MailChimp data, so if you’re the customers own MailChimp data, so that’s how apps work so again The idea is that you can you can build this and publish this and charge for it on the marketplace Now so that is Barbie I app is a service something happen here You can also so that that Barbie app is gonna be a service They can zoom kind of every month through the web portal You can also kind of give them the keys to the kingdom which is basically the source code or the power bi desktop File that is the power bi template and you can charge for that So absent templates if you’re interested again common niche area But if you are interested We gonna have the links down in the description for those videos if you want to find out more and again So the option is that you can sell apps templates or both one of the area that I would mention is a custom visuals and custom connectors and this is an other bucket because this actually developer skills Not not really Barbie eye skills, but that’s somewhat related to the power bi area as well Alright, so I’m gonna be covering next the bubbler idea. That won’t make you money, but let’s Kind of recap at this point. You already know that power bi popularity is Skyrocketing and I’ve shown you all the different ways. You can make money with power bi in 2020 well My friend there’s one step which is crucial which is taking action without you taking action Nothing in your world would change Now if the bath amongst all the ones that I showed The one that you were interested in is the power bi consulting path then I definitely encourage you to check out my program the six figures bar be a consultant or also called Pro Plus and You know, you have the link up in the corner and down in the description. So let’s Move on and talk about the popular idea. That won’t make you money Now a lot of people who follow me and of course they follow all the other Superstars and celebrities and they get this idea that oh Great that I see them. They seem to be successful. So that’s what I need to do I’m just gonna jump on YouTube LinkedIn Twitter blog or whatever and and that’s it and make it big and My advice would be that don’t do this now. Hey, I love YouTube I love social media in general social media is awesome for one and I had slogged the way in the corporate America for 15 plus years and I had little to show for it when the layoffs came around I was still scared that I might lose my job But in less than two years on YouTube, I built a life of freedom. I love but Social media without a plan is a fool’s errand You might find yourself doing a lot of work with little results So my friend, you know, make sure you know, what is your goal? What is what is their next step of your audience? How would you monetize it and and of course inside a Pro Plus program? We also share the right way to do social media So that you go in with a plan So hey, I wish you the very best of success in 2020 and let’s make it our best year yet Until next time power on my friend

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