How to make DIY TIE face mask. Bias tape is TWO 42 inch pieces CraftyLori

How to make DIY TIE face mask. Bias tape is TWO 42 inch pieces CraftyLori


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  1. Thank you, I would like to make a few myself to see if anyone needs them.

  2. The ties make more sense to me than using elastic.

  3. The length of the ties is not completely clear. Two 42 inch ties, or one 42 inch piece cut in half?

  4. BTW, your description of how to do the pleats is the best I've seen for this type of mask. Bravo!

  5. I have watched several of these tutorials – I didn’t like the idea of using elastic – because of the irritation. Your tutorial is the best I have seen. You made it so simple.

  6. Thanks because there’s no elastic anywhere

  7. Thank you! Our local hospital is asking for masks. I learned how to sew in 4H— it’s been years since I’ve gotten out my sewing machine. I know I can handle this pattern. You made it very clear.

  8. I will try to make some my daughter works at a rest home. Do you have measurements for a child mask? I have 2 grandkids with asthma

  9. Most of the mask making videos are three layers of cotton fabric so they are totally “washable” and used more than once (Not an N95 mask but for other area hospital and staff personnel). Can this pattern be three layers thick using cotton fabric? It seems with 42” length 2 per mask that will be expensive to purchase bias tape if I am going to make a lot of masks. The other options cheaper to make but most comments say to stay away from elastic as they will not withstand multiple washings. Making my own bias tape also seems very time intensive. I have researched now for a few days and this is the best video for making the pleats, so thank you for your video. I think the three layers would give more protection, I have read a lot of cons on adding any type of nose wire/paper clip/pipe cleaner etc because they then become not washable. I am making for my daughter-in-law and others on her floor as the hospital is running out of any type of mask to help those in the hospital not directly working with the contagious patients. I think I am ready to start sewing. 😊

  10. Does it have to bias tape? I mean is it worth the time to make my own (cut on the bias)or just cut straight strips? There are no curves,corners etc. so I think it shouldn't matter but not sure. For newer sewers making bias tape might be just a bit much. Great video and thanks!

  11. Fabulous tutorial. I've been looking for something simple to make the ties. The part about the pleats is the best that I have seen. Thank you for taking the time to make this tutorial!

  12. Loved this! Will be attempting tomorrow!! Question, how wide is the bias tape when completely folded? Or what size should I use if I'm purchasing it?

  13. Best video I’ve seen so far. Simple and easy instructions. Cloth may hold up better to hospital sterilization than elastic. The only thing it needs is a metal strip over the nose to help avoid air coming in around the mask instead of through the mask. Some people have used garbage bag twisty ties. I’ve used small insulated electrical wire from extension cords and sewn them into the top. Thanks.

  14. Thank you for showing us this!!!

  15. Thank you BIG TIME .. I should have started with the ones that tie from the beginning!!!

  16. I have 1/2” bias tape. Will that work? How wide is your zig zag stitch?

  17. I LOVE this style! So much easier on my machine too! My brother machine is from the 70's she was having a rough time getting over pleats and straps with other methods… This is the way to go! Now I can easily get more done to donate to my church! Thank you so much!!!

  18. Thank you for sharing. Wonderful!! A friend of mine died yesterday afternoon. I’ve been trying to find an easy mask for her husband to wear. This isn’t a good time for hugs and I’ve been awake and crying and watching how to videos. My aha moment came when I realized I can also make a batch of these for his visitors. They are a large Irish Italian family so I will get busy now. Yours is the best video I’ve seen. You are appreciated.

    A suggestion — wonder if two 8 by 7-1/2 pieces of different colors, sewn right sides together would help remember which sides was next to face? Just an extra seam.

  19. Tied mask is good because some people may be allergic to elastic bands

  20. Thanks, CraftyLori – best one I've seen yet. I'm out of elastic so ties are perfect.

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  22. Two pieces of cotton fabric will not stop germs. Cotton is a WOVEN FABRIC. Meaning germs can get thru and out. You may have good intentions, but you are putting people lives in danger,…….there must be a NON WOVEN material between the cotton fabric.

  23. I don't have a zig zag stitch on my machine… Can I just do straight stitch as long as its in the middle of the tape? Thanks for uploading😊

  24. You just made my job a lot better. I started making masks for my family and friends. I have over 20 to make and my pattern had an extra step of sewing the ties to the mask, then applying binding to the edge of the mask. Just using homemade binding for each side including making them the ties is much faster. Thank you so much.

  25. Excellent tutorial! Thank you! I’m making masks for the hospital and have run out of elastic and am almost out of ribbon…now moving on to use fabric strips…so this is helpful. 😊🌸

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