How to Make a Pop Star Ponytail 🎤 Style Files Hair Tutorial | Sunny Day | Nick Jr.

How to Make a Pop Star Ponytail 🎤 Style Files Hair Tutorial  | Sunny Day | Nick Jr.

It’s time to get styling
with “Sunny Day Style Files.” Hi! . It’s me, Sunny. Want to take a look
inside the Style Files? You’ll need a brush, hair clips,
a teasing comb, hair elastics, gel, hairpins, and
some pretty ribbon to create a popstar ponytail. So are you ready to
look like a pop star? Great. Make sure your hair
is nice and dry. Brush it through to make
sure there are no tangles. Using the tail of
a teasing comb, create a part from
ear to ear and use a clip to hold all that
hair on top in place. Take the bottom
section of your hair and gather it up
into a ponytail. Now, take the top
section out of the clip and bring it up into
a high ponytail right above the other one. Use an elastic to
hold it in place. Use gel to keep any loose
hairs out of your face and blend them into
the hair style. Now combine the bottom
section with the high ponytail and secure it with
a hair elastic. Use your comb to make
your hair nice and smooth. You can even add hair elastics
for more ponytail height. Want it to look extra special? Grab your favorite ribbon and
wrap it around the elastics. Pin the ribbon in place. [GASPS] I love it. Hey, popstar. You look amazing. That’s definitely one
for the Style Files. Keep smiling, keep styling. Get styling with Sunny
Day, the brand new series, weekdays on Nickelodeon. ANNOUNCER: You can find
more videos like this in the free Nick Junior app. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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