How to Lock Personal File & Folder with Password in Windows 7,8 & 10 Without software with CMD |

hi everybody this is I take theater in
this video I want to show how to log little personal folder containing files
image music within videos in Windows 7 8 and 10 just using a simple command
prompt food let city put demonstration in this video let’s see here I’m opening
the desktop or log the fuller you must create one wear style and I want to lock
this new fuller now here I am typing in the best route is the program does programming CLS and
Eddie we see a develop and I tell for the
title the title my club Eric give the name of seeker here this
is the password one two three four this is a fuller name if you since this
circle this will be as you like as you like this is a full of em I have given
one to chipper yeah look now say yes all all files I’m already saved this now
closed let’s see a pen
are you serious you want to lock the folder yes why okay visit you can keep
this key in pendrive and others in any area now open open what is the password
1ug or booze again why one two three four now I’m saying the
password here 1w n D you dilute s Windows 10 era era
have given Windows 10 yes now what is the password windows can enter is the process

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