How to Highly Compress Files using WinRAR | GB to MB

How to Highly Compress Files using WinRAR | GB to MB

hey there welcome back to the YouTube
channel and today I’m with a new video and in this video
I’m going to show you how to highly compress a large amount of files to its
half of the actual size let’s begin so here i am considering
three of my folders which are basically my Eclipse workspace Folders where my
projects are being saved so here I can show you this 42,000 files
are consisting off are actually occupying 1.15 GB so first of all we
should select the folders and right-click using the WinRAR we
should add to archive we should click on add to archive and then the Following
processes are like our archive format will be .rar to file and in upcoming
videos i will be showing you how to compress using the zip format so with a
rar as an extension we should select create a solid archive and then head
over to the advanced settings and here go to the compression settings and as we
as we are compressing the text documents we should see of what are these are the
text documents and this text documents are probably one or 2k these but these
can be highly compressed using this text compressions and we shall click on auto
radio button at assign the highest amount of memory that
winrar accepts here in winrar the highest case is 128mb and then click on OK then go back to the general section and
select the conversion method as the best from the drop-down list and that’s it click on OK, the process is now creating
a archive file with .rar extension as it states that it consumes nearly about
10 to 15 minutes uh let me pause this video and I’ll be
back in a moment are so so I’m back the process is now at ninety-nine
percent and let me show you the of file size that in comfort oh wow that’s almost sixty percent of
the actual file size fifty to sixty percent the actual file size was 1.15 gb
and now the compress the file is about 563 mb and if you are ok with deleting
the actual files then you can go ahead if you want to access a particular file
just open the compressed RAR file and select the appropriate to folder and
extract as per you need so that’s it for today thank you for
watching please subscribe and if you like this video then hit on the thumbs-up
and comments and comment for a problems or
troubleshooting issues that I can help

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  21. If your advanced compression parameters grayed out, you need to go to General>Archive format and select RAR4. And you will take permission to change those settings.

  22. It works best with text files, but if you have jpg, dont bother, its already compressed. In fact, most movie format, jpg, and few other format, mostly data, already compressed. Hmm that give me an idea.

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  38. u can use hammer n rock to compress u poo poo to highly comprees levels, thank u so much using [BLAARAHWUSSUP] winrar then click on tee winrar r archiv format will be the .ZIP fermat. THANK U!! 128MB then cluck on OH KAY. KThnxbai ee

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  63. Indians – bringing tech support to westerners since the 2000s

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  66. Pffff. If you convert your png's to tga's you can compress them from 3gigs to 20megs, and this archive will be smaller than a 170 megs of folder full of png's. It heavily depends on file types, dictionary size, word size, maybe something else.

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