How to Get Started in Video Production — 5 Tips

How to Get Started in Video Production — 5 Tips

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  1. QOTD: What are your TIPS for getting started in Video Editing and Video Production? LMK 👇👇👇

  2. Volunteering does not work. They just use you as free labor. There are so many people that want to work in this field bc they think they are going to make it big. They have even stepped it up to create so called programs where you pay a preselected person that they arranged to volunteer to bypass the traditional film or video production route. They only give certain opportunities to certain individuals. The odds are you have a better chance winning a scratch off. You can only get an internship through school. This may sound pessimistic but its the truth. So many people waste time and money and get their dreams crushed. Go get a real job save then pursue. If you are a minority its even harder bc they don't want you in the industry.

  3. Another brilliant video Sean, thank you. I've learned so much from you in such a short period of time.

  4. I remember watching your videos when you had less than 5,000 subscribers! You are one of my biggest inspirations! Thank you for teaching me so much!

  5. Would a eos sl2 canon with a rode mic and fluffy mic cover and extreme sports 8k fisheye lense be a good camera for a beginner with a jobe tripod

  6. Definitely loved this video. I lived with a film student for months and shadowed all their photo and video shoots. Totally helped me understand the basics of setting up my shot, as well as lighting and storyboarding. Would love to see a more detailed part 2. thanks!

  7. What should my first video be?

  8. Thank you for the content that you provide here and on Video Influencers. my channel started growing the last couple of months after using what i learned from you. now im on 8600 subs :D. i was 5500 last month. thank you so much.
    I really enjoy making videos and art. and I truly want to make this my full time job soon.

  9. learning by doing for sure

  10. Thanks for another interesting video. What's the introduction music you use.

  11. Great advice Sean, thank you! Love the quote by Dale Carnegie!

  12. Plz do a review on the canon eos m3!!!!!!!!
    By the way love your channel ❤❤❤❤

  13. Hey Sean! Just wanted to thank you once again for your tips, they help a lot! You really know what you're talking about, and man, it makes me wanna take on the world through Youtube! So keep doing what you do. You really make a difference 🙂

  14. Awesome tips that actually work, thanks 👌✌

  15. Your catalog of content on YouTube is excellent overall, but lately you have been hitting it out of the park with every new post. Thank you so much. One wish is that you'd do an editing tutorial for PC using free software. Not that I'm cheap(I am), but I just need simple jump cuts and audio sync abilities. I'm getting it done, but it's taking so long I'm sure I'm doing something wrong.

  16. Guys giveaway in my channel

  17. Great show. Thank you

  18. Suprisingly you don't get alot of dislikes

  19. A answer to your question.. The one at the ens, What to do to start making videos. For my experience… just go out shoot, Shoot everything and make small, short, long I mean whatever videos. Start filming to snow that falls from the heaven and make a shirt film about winter. its like only your imagination is the one thing  to stop you. Im no where near a Pro videographer but I try to think creatively. I've been doing s short couple of movies. And my god a learn so much for every short or longer movie I've made. Look for some inspiration to shoot and just begin. Everybody learn from their mistakes… even if you don't make mistakes shooting you're first movies… you will definitely learn something to change or do for your next movie. Sorry if I been misspelled some words. This thing of writing in English…. 😁👌🏻

  20. HELP!!! I just started my channel, and I'm trying to find a camera that can pull double duty. I want to start vlogging, but I also need a camera that I can do "sit down" videos with also. I'm looking at these three cameras, Nikon Coolpix B500 Digital Camera with 40X Optical Zoom, Olympus E-PL8 16.1 MP Mirrorless Camera w/ 14mm-42mm Lens, and a Nikon Coolpix A900 Wi-Fi Camera – 4K UHD, 35X zoom. Do you have any experience with these three? If so, can you recommend one? I don't have good lighting yet if that helps. Thanks!

  21. Excellent tips and love how your points flow. Great job sean!

  22. Maaaannn I try and do almost all you say in your videos and my account only has 1k subs…..

  23. What are good starting video editing headphones that won't break the bank?

  24. I'm already on the right path it seems

  25. At least since he did videography professionally, I'd say Facebook is now probably one of if not the most important tool in getting discovered, name out there, get clients, etc.. Right?

  26. How we can do videos that looks more professional

  27. Has anyone used a nikon D5000 for video? Is this a good camera to buy. I had my heart set on a T5I, but someone gave me a great potential deal on the 5,000.

  28. Make a video on how to do voice overs

  29. I'm seen a lot of your videos this days

  30. Sean can I assist you???

  31. your english is so strong, did you ever think about open a youtube channel to help people to speak english fluently like you ?
    great, you are awful

  32. I need to keep watching your videos. I'm binge watching now. Good stuff!

  33. Sean, I have a question, what are the best settings to shoot video with Canon 80D, your videos look amazing, its like watching a movie, is that post production. All I do is shoot and then use Sony vegas pro to edit the clips from multi angles and then upconvert to 4k. I still think the videos could look better. something is missing, maybe need a new actor 🙂 No but on a serious note, can you point me in the right direction of where I can make my video's look better and smoother. Your video's are really top noch. Thanks and sorry for the bother, its just bugging me.

  34. awesome tips! great content as always!

  35. I wanted to know why do you use a fish lens for your video's?

  36. Great content!! thanks

  37. Who else saw the Bellingham Wedding Video ?

  38. thank you sir for your nice video..

  39. New subscriber here! Thanks for sharing this video.

  40. Do you need to only get money from online because I helping my uncle with his business and I get 100 dollars per month

  41. NICE AND VERY INFORMATIVE VIDEO. please, What did you find much challenging when you were getting started?

  42. Thank you so much

  43. Looking for commendations on setup to record comedy shows. They are usually dark places and do not allow any light at all. How can I produce good vids of my sets???

  44. Lights from left to your face make me uncomfortable, I wish you would change the light direction to right.

  45. Thanks, Sean for the advice will do.

  46. Thanks sir i m saman perera

  47. I am trying to make a video for a facebook ad. The problem I am encountering the still image (thumbnail) of the video is not very enticing.
    How can I change it. All the info out there is for youtube but that does not help me. thanks

  48. These are some awesome tips! I've been taking on some free and low paying jobs recently to build my portfolio and this really reassured me that I'm on the right path 👌


  50. My main hustle I want to do is Youtube, but I also want to be able to branch out in the video production field as well.
    Looks like I'm on the right track. I freelance for a local Christian Television network, CTN. Considering it's freelance, I don't work enough. Perhaps I'll have to reach out for intern work!

  51. Amazing video! Love your content

  52. ok, my 2 cents, about a year ago i got into racing with scca, i wanted to start recording so i bought a gopro sessions, i like it so much i bought 2 more so i could record 3 angels at once, the got to playing with it in premier, then i decided i wanted to start taking it to the next level, so i broke out the 10yo t4i, and volunteered to record services. I soon realized the limitations of my dated equipment. So after some upgrades and stabilizers, i needed something to shoot, well mom has been making quilts for a long time. so why not make little short vids, put to some free music. I now have 2 quilt stores wanting me to do videos for them, and once those are complete and i am happy with them, and a little more portfolio work i plan on just talking to a few more of the shops and doing other vids for them. I think the best way to get work though is to carry your camera everywhere, when people see it, if they have any kind of work they have been thinking about they will almost always come and talk to you.

  53. thanks help a lot ugly ass white boy rich ass mf

  54. Thank you for helping! I always watch your videos and you give good feedback. Keep up the good work 🙂

  55. Great tips, thank you for sharing! Excellent for beginners like us =)

  56. Thank Sean. Photography is a dream of mine! Thanks for the information!

  57. Awesome!! We're ALWAYS watching and we've subscribed!!

  58. Great tips. Thank you.

    I'm a professional writer and journalist, enjoy photography as a hobby. Starting out in video to diversify my skills and try something new.

    I especially like "Phase 1: Learn the basics/ Phase 2: Get the word out." Agree you don't want to start marketing yourself right away. Hands on experience is everything.

    Finding time to practice while working full-time isn't easy but it can be done.

  59. wow! yer in Seattle! awesome! dig your content and appreciate the willingness to share! keep on leading by example!

  60. I'm a musician, singer-songwriter, Mix and mastering engineer, a live performer and I'm pretty good. Wondering is it possible to make videos as in learn making videos alongside or is it too much?? just wanted to know your thoughts on it.

  61. Hi Sean, Will you please do a video to go over the best affordable camera that can film continuously over 20 minutes and wireless mic system for creators of active content ? I am shooting yoga classes, so I need to move around but need clear recording and also have a camera that can record longer than 20 to 30 min sometime. My camcorder or camera only shoot up to 20 🙁

  62. Amazing tips according to my requirements. Thanks

  63. think media do you have any advise for a person who wants to make his own film company

  64. Hey, how do you use music in videos for your company? Is there a place where you have to buy music from or can find royalty free music?

  65. Hey Sean, I nee advice. I work for a company called Listen and Learn on their app called Tunefox. It's web/app based learning platform for Bluegrass. Part of my job is filming and performing the music for demonstration. I need to get advice on some options to get the best product with the least hassle. Right now, I've had a lot of frustration trying to get the right angles and lighting. I'm ready to pay for great advice if you do anything like this.
    Here's an example of what I do:
    I use zoom q4n and iphone, and 3 neewer led's

  66. Thank you! so much for this information

  67. I can edit videos but I cant shoot, does it help me in life if I just want to be able to edit and do something with raw materials even though I cant shoot films or know how to?

  68. " Saying Yes to everything is not a good idea at all "

  69. Hey, I want to work for a sports team doing video media. but I don't know what to start or what to look for. If you can help me

  70. How do get work and find it

  71. Jesus loves you guys, let me know if you have any questions about God

  72. Great video. #FORWARD.

  73. What you say is like what I'm beginning to do, it's great! Thanks for the tips! 🙂

  74. Yeah, YouTube and Google has made it so easy for photographers ! And that's a good thing ?. Now everyone thinks they can make awesome videos. Technology such as GoPro's with their amazing stabilization @4K and affordability makes everyone buy one and THINK they can make equally good video, some can, not everyone can. There are exceptions i agree. But everyone thinks they are photographers and videographers now (though its but a false image) with phones focusing more on Video/Photo than even communication which its actually intended for. Nowadays a phone isn't a phone its a media device with a phone included. Everyone's cousin and 15 yr old niece has a DSLM that shoots 4K and they have abundant knowledge on YouTube to learn from. So this mindset has crept into mature customers also, who think videography is what even his son can do, so why should he pay a reasonable fee even for video production ! Its become something every phone and kid can do. At least that's his impression and this false impression has made it harder to sell video production services.

    A few years ago video was practiced by a niche group. Nowadays every school has a "visual comm dept" or so they call it, with high school kids holding a DSLR and trying out stuff. So even clients think they know too much. When you speak to a client, he now asks, "what drone will you be using" just because they get to see drones on YouTube and know a few names/brands or even have one in their cupboard. A $500 4K project pitch has the client asking me "Will you shoot on a RED camera" just to show he knows about 4K cameras and he proved how naive he is at the same time, as any video guy worth his salt knows its laughable to expect a RED EPIC powered shoot at a total cost of production with post for $500. This is DANGEROUS knowledge, half baked wannabees trying to tell video production professionals that they know everything too. This common trend has caused a mythical belief (with mobile phone companies and digital imaging products promising the world at the cheapest cost) that anyone now can do video that's PRO level and because of this dangerous half baked knowledge they are a PITA to deal with. He feels since he has a 4K camera on his phone you should be doing it for no more than maybe $100 else he could just decide to get his hands dirty and do it himself.

    Ask these noobs what the difference between a container and codec is and they wont know. Talk about bitrates and bidirectional frames or frame interpolation and they don't know shit. But we are doomed because they THINK they can do it.

    Video & photography is now no more a niche profession/art, its a home craft hobby first, that everyone can do and dabble in, except for a minority few like us who are trying unethically to do the same as a business and charge for it, how audacious of us !

  75. great vid! very helpful. I'm trying to get into videography because it is something i have always enjoyed and there are so many other experiences that come with it.


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