How to Export STL Files from Sketchup

How to Export STL Files from Sketchup

Hey, what’s up guys! Today I’m going to show you how you can turn this model into a 3d printable file from Sketchup. I downloaded this 3d gnome from the 3d
warehouse, and you can see there’s a ton of polygons in it, but I just want to 3d print this because I think it looks cool, obviously
it won’t have the colors, it’ll just be a single monochrome color unless you have
dual extruder on your 3d printer but it’s super simple to generate a 3d print
file from Sketchup. You just have to install an extension. So to do that you
want to come up here to the extension warehouse, if you don’t have that you
want to make sure that this is selected and then you can come over here and
select that, you can see here it shows up in Sketchup STL for top extensions, but
what you might want to do it may not be there forever, so you might need to
search STL up here and obviously there’s like a ton of them, but this is by the
sketchup team, so I would trust that one and then you just need to install it. So
I’m going to click install I don’t have this installed on here, it will give you
these prompts and they’ll say blah blah blah, now it’s available, and you can see
now it’s it’s uninstalled because it’s installed, and then all you simply need
to do is to go to file and export STL. You can do export current selection only
I like to check that because a lot of times I’ll have multiple things in a
model and I just want the thing that I have selected model units. For whatever
reason my printer only understands millimeters, I’ve tried to print in other
increments because I’m from the US, I use inches or feet, and it hasn’t worked,
so I just leave these ASCII and millimeters, but you may need different
settings for your printer so if you have that you need to contact someone who’s
made your printer. Your 3d printer. So then you just hit export and it asks you
where to save it, you save it, and then you’re good. That’s basically it, so I
just hit save and it saves it that was in the documents location, and then you have your file an STL file is pretty universal, you may need to
export your STL file to g-code or something else depending on the type of
3d printer you have, but STL is a pretty universal file type that you can then
use other softwares to convert to whatever you need for your specific 3d
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  10. "ASC2" C'mon man! Ascii (ass-kee) code is what your computer uses to display letter characters so you can read it. ASCII is an abbreviation for American Standard Code for Information Interchange.

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