How To Export & Import MIDI Files in FL Studio

How To Export & Import MIDI Files in FL Studio

In this video I’m going to quickly show
you how to save, and open midi files in FL Studio. Midi is an industry standard music format,
and will therefore work in every daw. Here we have some notes in the piano roll. Let’s say I want to save this as a midi
file, so that I can send it to a friend who is using another daw or something. Saving this as midi is very simple. Click on the upper left corner of the piano
roll, go to file, and then select “export as midi file”. That’s it. If you want to import a midi file, just select
“import midi file” instead. You can just drag it in, like this. I’d like to thank our patreons for their
ongoing support. And as always, if there’s any specific tutorial
you’d like us to make, or if you have a question, just let us know in the comments
below. Also, make sure to check out the links below
if you need feedback on your music, mixing, mastering and so on. Thanks for watching.

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  2. I know a lot of you most likely already know this, but I get a lot of questions from beginners about this, so I wanted to have a video about this on the channel. 🙂 I have also been sick lately, so I just haven't had the energy to make a long video.

  3. Please make a video on export song full clear same as which is listened into fl studio!?

  4. Love this kind of short videos. Please keep em coming!

  5. Save Score as, is also really handy

  6. Simple and effective, thumbs up FireWalk! !d(-_-)b!

  7. Even though i know how to do this, i still watched it untill the end because i enjoy watching FireWalk videos everytime

  8. What's the difference between this and 'Save Score As' ?

  9. Thank you so much you saved me from future worries i always wanted to do this but didnt have the question for it.

  10. Thank you. This is what I want.

  11. what if I want to export the midi of a whole project?

  12. I'm just wondering, does FL match the midi information to current tempo? I've tried impoting midi before but it came in at a predetermined tempo meaning I had to fart about getting it to match my preferred tempo

  13. Essential for beginners

  14. Don't give up brother, ur tutorial is awesome. We will support. Then plz make a tutorial of how to make our own buildup music

  15. 6 month ago u uploaded a video instrument and audio track in that can u tell me how to enable that auto coloring feature or setting, I'm also using fl studio 20.1 but it's not enabled how to do that!

    I really want to know please help me with that!

  16. How do i inport midi without it changing my tempo

  17. Brother, when do you upload music theorey?, I am eagerly waiting

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