How to Email Large Files with Gmail, Google Drive, and Dropbox

How to Email Large Files with Gmail, Google Drive, and Dropbox

Hey YouTube! Tech Intimidation, today
we’re talking about emailing large files. So, number one, if you have Gmail you can
send attachments that are up to 25 megabytes in size. So that’s quite a bit of space, the old limit used to be five megabytes
for most email systems, Gmail upped the ante to 25
megabytes. But, you still have a problem on the
other side, what if the other person receiving your
e-mail cannot receive more than five megabytes or can’t
receive up to 25 megabytes? They still will not… your email will just get rejected. So, we need another workaround to send large
files. Two options. First one is Google Drive. If you have a Gmail
account you have a Drive account. And you can upload files into your Drive account which was just recently expanded. Now
your file space can be up to 15 GB. You have up to 15 GB of
space. And so, what I did was I uploaded this video,
which is huge. Over here you can see, I get the info,
same file… it’s 1.23 GB. So it’s way too big for an email. I put it in Drive, so
now I have that file in my Drive account and if I mouse over the attachment button I have an insert files using Drive button. I clicked that and I can either add files here if I just drag-and-drop. Or I
can select from files that are already in my Drive account. And what that does is it
inserts a link. So now… it’s not actually inserting the file in
the email, it’s adding a link. And only the person that you send this
to you has access to that file. Its not publicly available, it’s only available to the
person that you email it to. So that’s an option number one. Option
number two… is to use Dropbox. So… I have another video on three ways to
you share and collaborate with Dropbox and that outlines the different ways to do that. If you
have Dropbox already installed you just open your Dropbox folder, go to your public folder, or just drop it
anywhere in your Dropbox. Copy your file into there. It’s already in there for me… just to save time. And you will just
right click, or control-click if you are on a Mac, and click “copy public link” go back to your email and paste it in. And then they will be able to download the video from that link. And this link with
Dropbox is publicly available to anyone. They don’t
have to have a Dropbox account they can forward that link to anyone and
anyone with that link will be able to download it. And that is how you can email large
files! So, if you have any questions or
comments just leave them below also subscribe for more videos from Tech

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    Skype is another program that has been messed up:

    (01) We can't edit our Contacts any more; and
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    Please support by sending your own Feedback.

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