How to edit EPS vector file in powerpoint 2016

How to edit EPS vector file in powerpoint 2016

Hello! A new tip from In
the next minute I’ll show you how to use and edit EPS files in PowerPoint 2016.
First, let’s go to where you can get beautiful vector files in EPS
format. Choose the one you like, for example, this one and download it. You will get a zip folder. Unzip it by
extracting all files. And here are all files that you downloaded. Now go to the website and select your EPS file. Convert it to EMF file format. And download to your computer. Then go to your PowerPoint presentation
and insert it as picture. Here it is. However you cannot edit
it. Therefore you need to ungroup it. Click yes because you want to convert it
to a Microsoft Office drawing object. And ungroup one more time. Now you can edit all objects, for example,
this cat. I’ll group it again to move to this corner. Hold shift button while resizing to maintain its original dimensions Ungroup and start editing. You can change its form by editing
points or deleting them. And you can change
colors too. I’ll change the eye color to green, for example. That’s all. Download eps files in PowerPoint and edit them and as you wish. Just be careful with the copyright terms
of each image you use because sometimes attribution is required. Give me thumbs
up if this was helpful and follow my channel to get even more useful tips
about PowerPoint.

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