How to Create a Glittery Dance Hairdo 💃🏻 Style Files Hair Tutorial | Sunny Day | Nick Jr.

It’s time to get styling
with Sunny Day Style Files! Hi, it’s me, Sunny,
wanna take a look inside The Style Files? How would you like a glittery hairstyle
that’s perfect for dancing? I can’t wait! Grab the tablet
and take a look at what you’ll need! A brush, water bottle, hair gel,
teasing comb, hair pins, hair spray, crimping iron and colorful glitter! That’s a lot of stuff! Brush or comb your hair
so you don’t have any tangles! Spray the top of your head with water,
just enough to get it damp! Now apply the hair gel to your hairline. Make sure it’s nice and slick. [music playing] Part your hair right down the middle, stopping before you get
to the back of your head. [music playing] Then make a second part about a finger width’s away
from the first part. Comb this section through one more time. We’re going to make a twist! Now lay the tail of the comb
between the two parts. Starting from the front,
twist your hair around the comb. Keep twisting close to your scalp
until you get to the end of the part. When you get to the end, carefully slide the comb
out from your hair, keeping your finger at the base. Make an X with two hairpins,
this will hold the twist in place! Now make another twist
right next to the first one. Remember to section each piece of hair
a finger’s width from the one next to it. Just like before,
place the comb on top of the section, twist your hair around it and slide the comb out. Then secure it with two hairpins
crossed like an X. Keep making twists
all the way around the top of your head until it looks like this. It’s so pretty! And now we crimp! Ask a grown up to help with this part. Start by sectioning off
a piece of your hair. Then, starting at the top, press the crimper down
for two to three seconds. Be careful, it can get really hot! Keep crimping all the way to the bottom. That steam you see,
it’s the hot crimper against damp hair. Once you’ve completed a section,
move on to the next one. Keep going
until you’ve crimped all your hair. You can tease the crimp
to create more volume by running the comb
upwards through your hair. Whoa, that looks so incredible! Time to make your hair sparkle! First, some hairspray
across the top of your head. Then sprinkle glitter
in any color you like! The glitter will stick to the spray! You’re all set! Wow, prepare to be dazzled! Are you ready? I’m so excited! Awesome, take a look! Wow, it’s amazing! Look at all this glitter! – It’s beautiful!
– I love it! Wow, you’re sparkling all over! You look glamtastic! This makes me feel like dancing! That’s definitely one
for The Style Files! Keep smiling, keep styling! [giggling] Get styling with Sunny Day! On Nickelodeon. You can find even more Sunny Day
in the free Nick Jr. app and everywhere you find Nick Jr.

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