How To Convert An Image To Embroidery File

How To Convert An Image To Embroidery File

Hey guys today I’m going to share with
you how to convert an image to embroidery file no matter which file
type you’re looking for such as DST, PES or any other file. So, this is the requirement which needs to be completed by you. Don’t worry if you are unable to
complete the requirement you can simply buy your file by paying a small fee. So,
let’s get started! first you need to import the image then adjust the size according to your requirements select reduce the colors option and then select the smart design option and make sure the colors are in the correct
columns. adjust the settings such as pull compensation, appropriate underlay and make sure everything looks good. finally save your file according to your required file format. and that’s it. hope it will be helpful for you guys. if there’s any questions related to this
video you can simply ask in the comment section and don’t forget to Like share
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  3. Name of the software? please..

  4. Way to not explain a thing.

  5. I would like the offer for a free digitized file

  6. Is it a free software

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