How to be Organized for School, College or Life [The 6 Habits of Highly Organized People]

How to be Organized for School, College or Life [The 6 Habits of Highly Organized People]

How can you be more organized? Everyone has experienced that overwhelming
feeling that your life is one giant mess. As a student, parent or average person you’ve
got a lot going on and it can be a real challenge to get in control and stay there. So what’s the best way to get your life
organized? I asked Nicole from NeatNik for her advice,
because she is a professional organizer. It turns out there are 6 habits highly organized
people have in common. What’s really interesting about these top
tips is you can apply them to organizing anything, not just a physical space. Now you might be wondering why you should
even care about being organized, so let’s see if any of these reasons blow your hair
back. You’ll be more focused on what you want
to achieve, be able to prioritize your tasks, and set and achieve your goals more efficiently. You’ll manage your time more effectively,
work more economically and be more productive. You’ll be less stressed, achieve more balance
in your life and be more flexible. And you might even have more energy and enthusiasm
once you’ve achieved freedom from chaos. Sound good? Ok, here’s how to do it – habit number
one. Keep it simple. Elaborate organizational systems are hard
to maintain, and most of the time – they’re not worth the effort. Whether you’re organizing your sock drawer
or your class notes, have as few steps as possible, otherwise it’ll be too frustrating
to maintain over time. Going crazy with a fancy color coding system
might look pretty cool, but the effort can outweigh the benefits. Choose a system that’s easy to use, and
you’ll become more productive, not less. Develop routines. If there are things you have to do every day
or week, create set routines about when and how you do them. This is about managing your time more effectively,
and saving yourself the mental effort of continual planning and re-scheduling. Turn your important tasks into routines and
fit the rest of your life around them, not the other way around. When is your best time to study, exercise,
socialize, clean your home or relax? Develop morning and evening routines for your
regular tasks, whether it’s study or putting out the recycling. Anybody’s routines can get broken but always
try to get your groove back as soon as possible. Have a place for everything, and put everything
in its place. This might be common sense but it’s not
always common practice. If you don’t know where things belong, you
can’t put them away. You might have a shelf for all your text books
and class notes, a special section of your closet for your winter clothes, or folders
on your computer for all your assignments. So this works for physical things or digital
things or even your knowledge like I teach at Memorize Academy. Try not to put something down temporarily,
but take a few extra seconds to put it where it belongs. Every time. Keep a current and detailed to-do list. Don’t be mistaken, it takes planning to
be organized. Work backwards by starting with your end goal,
and then decide what smaller steps you’ll follow to get there. Try to keep lists for daily tasks as well
as longer term projects. And use a central list for everything, whether
it’s in a physical notebook or a digital list on your computer or phone. If you write random reminders on loose pieces
of paper, make sure you transfer them to your main list, and keep it current. And giving yourself deadlines can help you
to get things done and crossed off your list. Don’t get bogged down by perfectionism. You don’t have to be perfect to be organized,
so don’t think you need to get everything done, and done exactly right. Prioritize tasks and try to learn where and
how you can take shortcuts and how to get things done quickly. Be honest and think about what’s really
important. The end goal is progress, so it’s less about
perfection and more about action. Toss things daily and purge routinely. Organized people don’t wait for a free weekend
or an open block of time to get themselves and their lives in order. They constantly cross things off their list,
throw things away, reevaluate what they own, and tidy their house and the way they operate. They may take a few minutes each night to
clean off their desk, delete old files from their computer or emails from their inbox,
or throw out the expired food from the refrigerator. Organizing is not a separate event – it’s
part of their day. There you have it. Whether you’re organizing your room or home,
your computer, the way you study, the way you think, your social life or the goals you
want to achieve, these six habits will get you streamlined and heading in the right direction. Keep it simple. Develop routines. Have a place for everything, and put everything
in its place. Keep a current and detailed to-do list. Don’t get bogged down by perfectionism. Toss things daily and purge routinely. If you’d like to get advice from a professional
organizer on organizing your room, home or physical space, head over to Neatnik for some
more great tips. And as always, to learn more about organizing
knowledge and information in your memory, head over to Memorize Academy. Thanks for watching, I’ll see you again
soon, bye!

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