How To Add Texture With Wood Burning Tools

How To Add Texture With Wood Burning Tools

in this video I want to show four wood
burning tools that I’ve used to add realistic texture to my carvings and at
the end I’m going to demonstrate how I use a homemade spot welder to make a
special burning tip for my next project when I first started carving rattlesnake
walking sticks I needed a cheap way to create the scale
texture I took my utility wood burner and
modified the tip into a snake scale shape it worked great but there was no
way to control the temperature and so sometimes it would get too hot the versa tool is a lot like the utility
woodburner but it has a big advantage… a temperature dial it comes with an assortment of brass tips which can be customized. Here I’m creating a burning
tip to round out the eyes and give them a smooth surface. I use a hand piece with
diamond burrs to grind it into shape the Razortip
is a great wood burning unit. It features almost instant heat and has
a huge selection of tips and pens that can be purchased. The BPH pen allows me
to create my own tips and secure them in the binding posts. To my knowledge Razortip is the only manufacturer of snake scale tips. I use the Razortip, now, for
almost all of my wood burning projects. Sometimes I need a higher temperature
than the Razortip is capable of. In those cases I use the Burn Master. It can
reach much higher temperatures than I will ever need. With this adapter I’m able to
use a Razortip pen in the Burn Master. This allows me to use larger sized plate
tips and it speeds up the process of burning thousands of scales. This little
unit is a homemade spot welder. It was made for me by my friend Earl from
Montana. He used the parts of a microwave oven to
create it. It works amazingly! it allows me to custom make any kind of burning tip
I need. For this tip I start with a small finish nail. I’m using a carbide bur to hollow out the
head of the nail. Now, I’ll weld it to a 19-gauge stainless
steel wire And as simple as that, I have myself a
unique burning tip that suits my needs. it does exactly what I wanted it to…
round out the beaded pattern on my carving. If you’d like to see how I use
these wood burners, please check out some of my other videos. I’ll see you there!

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