How to Add Contacts in Gmail Using a CSV File

How to Add Contacts in Gmail Using a CSV File

How to Add Contacts to Gmail Using a CSV File Make a contact list in Excel by creating a new table with the following fields: “Email Address,” “Last Name” and “First Name.” Add All Your Contacts. Save the table as a .CSV file. Open Your Favorite Browser Go to Enter your User name and Password. Click Sign in to Login to Your Gmail Account Locate the Gmail Button at the top left of your Gmail page and click on it. Select Contacts from the Drop down menu. Click on Import Contacts. Click on Choose file. Locate the contact file on your hard drive and click open. Click Import. As you can see all the contacts has been imported in just a few seconds. This is How You Add Contacts to Gmail Using a CSV File.

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  1. nice video…..are u using any text to speech software?if yes plz suggest me

  2. So easy. Thought I had a problem because we lost all of our contacts from our high school graduating class. Thanks so much.

  3. how i add bulk mobilephone number from csv file to google contact ?

  4. Why all the contact numbers are lost when I click into my phone?

  5. This is old and obsolete. Now Google has a separate contacts file and there is only an export function. GOOGLE SUCKS!

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