How Powerful Is The Organization Of Islamic Cooperation?

How Powerful Is The Organization Of Islamic Cooperation?

In April 2016, the Organization of Islamic
Cooperation met in Istanbul, Turkey for a Summit focused on promoting “unity and solidarity
for justice and peace”. This group of Islamic states is the second largest intergovernmental
organization on earth, after the United Nations, and claims to represent the collective voice
of the Muslim world. But many have criticized the organization for their regressive charter
on human rights, and say that it does not represent the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims.
So, what exactly is the Organization of Islamic Cooperation? Well, the OIC is made up of 57 member states,
49 of which have Muslim majorities. Though the populations of these states are not inclusive
of all Muslims in the world, the OIC does comprise the largest Muslim nations, including
Indonesia and Pakistan. The group’s existence was sparked after
Israel won the Six-Day War against several Arab states, and occupied East Jerusalem.
Two years later, in 1969, a famous mosque in Jerusalem was set on fire by an Australian
Christian evangelical. in a complaint submitted to the United Nations by a group of 25 Muslim
countries, it was alleged that Israel was complicit in the arson, and soon after, these
countries formed what was called the Organization of the Islamic Conference. Their goals were
centered around creating Muslim solidarity, protecting Islamic holy sites, helping Palestinian
causes, ending racial discrimination, and improving economic cooperation among member
countries. Today their goals are similar, but Conference
was changed to Cooperation in 2011. Members of the OIC are also party to different Islamic
and Middle Eastern groups, such as The Arab League, the Gulf Cooperation Council, The
Economic Cooperation Organization, and 56 of the 57 countries are UN members. Most military
and economic partnerships come as a result of these smaller alliances, while the OIC
exists more as a forum for Muslim countries. But despite their membership in the UN, they
don’t always see eye-to-eye. In 1948 United Nations announced their Universal Declaration
of Human Rights announcing the fundamental human rights which would be universally protected
by all member nations. 42 years later, in 1990, the OIC released the Cairo Declaration
on Human Rights in Islam, on the basis that the UN’s 1948 Declaration did not take into
account differing cultural and religious values. The Cairo Declaration came under severe criticism
from human rights groups, because it derives all its inherent rights and freedoms from
the Quran and Sharia law. Moreover, in observance of Sharia law, the declaration does not allow
freedom of religion, and it gives different rights to men and women. For example, the
rights of free movement and marriage are only granted to men, with women subordinate to
the wishes of their husbands or fathers. Many have called these religious exceptions purely
incompatible with basic human rights. Additionally, when the United Nations held
its first discussion on discrimination against sexual orientation, representatives of the
OIC staged a walkout in protest, calling homosexuality “licentious”, and saying that the topic
should not be discussed again. Overall, though member states have military
and economic partnerships outside their group, the Organization for Islamic Cooperation serves
as a broad gathering of Muslim countries. But despite claiming to represent the modern
Muslim world, the OIC’s views on human rights may be incompatible with those of many modern
Muslims. Much of Muslim culture and religious law is
based on what is called “Sharia Law”. In recent years, it has come under criticism
for its rules on gender inequality. So what exactly is Sharia law? (sound up) Thanks for watching
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