How French Health Care Compares To The US System

How French Health Care Compares To The US System

Health care is becoming a big issue in the 2020 elections. The Democrats are pushing for a government funded model, while President Trump is campaigning on gutting Obamacare. We repeal the core of the disastrous Obamacare. The individual mandate is now gone. Medicare For All has become a mantra among
left of center Democrats in the presidential race. Health care is a human right not a privilege. I strongly believe that we need to have Medicare for all. I am a strong supporter of Medicare for all. The candidates do have different interpretations of what
Medicare for All actually looks like in America. Those differences aside, it’s essentially a universal single payer system closely modeled after Canada’s health care system. But there’s another national health care system
that gets a lot of attention: France Back in 2000, the World Health Organization ranked it as the best national health care system in the world. A lot has happened since then. But France’s health care system remains a model for universal coverage. Here’s why. Despite spending less on coverage, France has comparable or even better health care outcomes than the United States. The United States has a higher rate of infant mortality. In France nearly four children die out of every 1000 live births. In the U.S. that number is closer to six. France also has a higher average life expectancy
than the United States by four years. And the rate of re-hospitalization in France is 5.3% lower than that of the United States. Lower rates of re-hospitalization in France are likely due to better access to primary care as well
as longer average stays in the hospital. Since France gives every citizen coverage from birth,
this system allows them to get more preventative treatments throughout their lifetimes, which
save on costs and improve outcomes After World War Two French politicians were concerned the country’s private health care system would not be able to handle coverage demands So the country established a model of national health insurance Meant to protect the population against increasing health care costs. The French call their system Social Security but
it is not an example of socialized medicine. It’s not government run, just government financed. It’s very close to being a single payer health care system. This mandatory coverage doesn’t come at the expense
of freedom of choice in medical care. The system is set up to ensure that
doctors are not restricted when making medical decisions. The system covers every doctor every lab every hospital every clinic. They’re all covered and they all have to take the patients. That’s T.R. Reid author of the book “The Healing of America.” He traveled the world exploring different health
care systems and how well they worked. America is the only place where we have what the insurance companies call narrow networks where they dictate which doctors you can go to. No other country does that in every other country. The patient picks the doctor and the system pays. That’s also true for our Medicare system Medicare covers all doctors. So here’s what happens in the United States. Let’s say somebody, a clerk or such at 7-Eleven or
a hotel maid has no insurance or very little insurance and she feels a vague pain on the right side of her abdomen. It would cost your 120 bucks to go to the doctor she’s not going to do that. She’s going to work through it. And three months later she’s in the emergency room with a burst appendix that costs $60,000. And we’ll treat here. We’ll treat her. But if she could have gone to the doctor when she felt that first pain, the doctor could have treated the infection. It would have cost 100 bucks instead of $30,000. The way we do it by definition makes things much more expensive for the U.S. Covering everybody so that people get the care they need when it’s still early and cheap is a much smarter and
a much less expensive way to provide health care. France’s social security reimburses around 70 to 80 percent of medical costs leaving the remaining amount for patients to pay out of pocket. France also has voluntary supplemental health
insurance provided by private insurance companies. In France they want you to know that you’re getting something of value from the health care system so they make you pay and then everybody in France gets about 80 percent of it back from the insurance company. France’s social security also legally requires price transparency. And because the government funded system covers the entire population, it has more bargaining power to keep the prices low. Social Security also has no waiting lists for specialized hospital treatments. There’s also no physician gatekeeping. French patients do not need their general practitioner to
sign off so they can see a specialist. So how does France’s system stack up against America’s? The French health care system is considered one
of the most expensive in the world and yet it’s still half the cost of America’s. In 2017 U.S. spending added up to $10,200 per capita. In France, it was only $4,900. Administrative costs are also much lower in France than in the United States. In France, they’re limited to 5.5 percent of the bill. Whatever the bill is the administrative fee can’t be more than 5.5 percent. In America are private insurance companies have administrative
costs of 20 percent on every bill. And that’s so important to our insurance industry that their lobbyists wrote that into Obamacare, that they’re
allowed to add 20 percent administrative costs. One of the ways the French keep their administrative costs lower is with the carte vitale, a health
insurance card carried by every French citizen. When a person visits a doctor in France, they present their carte vitale so the doctor can look them up in the digital system. The card gives the doctor all the information they need to charge for the visit. French citizens can also opt to have all their medical
records stored on a card for doctors to access and because the system is available all over
the country, it saves time and money. Another way France manages rising health care costs
is by having the government regulate them. Unlike the United States where legislatures are deadlocked
on what to do about health care, the French parliament votes to set new
health care budgets and guidelines every year. But France’s health care system is not perfect. French citizens pay significantly more income tax than Americans. In order to cover government funded programs such as Social Security. Many French employers say high taxes do restrict them from hiring more people. But the United States lower tax bite is countered by the fact that Americans end up paying more in premiums and out-of-pocket expenses each time they require medical care. Additionally doctors in France make less money than those in the United States. French general practitioners make on
average nearly $112,000 a year. In America a general practitioner can expect to make around $218,000. This gap in wages however does not factor in the cost of becoming a doctor in each country. American doctors must take on the cost of medical school while French doctors receive that education free. American doctors also must pay for malpractice insurance whereas such lawsuits are not a big issue in France. A common complaint in France is that certain areas do not have as much access to health care as others. However, France has more doctors per resident than the United States does. For every 1000 residents France has 3.4 doctors whereas the United States only has 2.6. Some French hospitals are also struggling with
the rising costs to care for patients. So what can the United States learn from the French system? France’s social security proves it’s possible to cover every citizen without a government run system regulating
choice and how doctors practice medicine. It also shows that universal health care
coverage can co-exist with private insurance. Basically France has really done it right. As the World Health Organization said very good health outcomes, everybody’s covered – all their citizens, all their elite workers, tourists. And half our costs, so I think they’re doing a lot of things right.

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  1. The sea: a source of health benefits

  2. As long as we have the GOP controlling the Senate, the WH and the Supreme Court, there is no hope to fix America's broken system.

  3. So why the hell don't they show this in Congress??? Give us M4all!!!

  4. Let us prey for our sisters and brothers in the USA and that the rich in the USA have finally mercy with them.

  5. I guess most of those calling for Health Care for all is called Communist the Pharmacy Industries is very powerful in this country politicians respond to the lobbies the one that gives them million dollars to be elected! I guess in France is different.

  6. France is 6 time smaller to

  7. Did you guys compare the total populations?

  8. The US is great in so many fields, but it sucks in the health insurance part. We need a better system. An all inclusive plan…

  9. Seems like every other major country on Earth is better at healthcare than we are.

    Vote for Bernie! Medicare for All!

  10. the irony is you would think that Americans would strive to live a healthier life so to minimize the medical expense that they would incur, but they don't. Americans are some of the most unhealthy people I've seen comparing to their Canadian neighbor and their European cousins. I think there is something wrong with their diet or the produce they consume.

  11. Crowder already showed the problem with infant mortality and life expectancy. We count still born deaths as being born because we have a higher standard than other countries but other countries don't. This gives us a higher rate than other countries. We are also an obese country this means people are more likely to die. You can't force someone to live at a healthy weight. France is not the richest country in the world. France doesn't produce 70% of all new drugs and research papers.

  12. There is no perfect solution , but meny European (public or heavily regulated) health systems focus on healing patients or prevent the disease, american commercialize model focus on treatment as long as possible because when they heal you they will loose the business.
    Nothing will change until USA fix that problem

  13. Kamala but no Yang?

  14. Until poor people stop voting republican, we will never have a single payer system

  15. USA Corruption, extortion's and the numbers go up steeply ( obese )

  16. In Way Doctor in France earn more when Education free so no debt to pay everyone pay some if get some back

  17. Hey cnbc can you compare the Spanish health Care system to the US?

  18. America is ruled by ignorant racist rural citizens who vote for politicians who will work AGAINST their interest, and they gladly accept it. These Fox News viewers are the reason America is going backward.

  19. Carte Vital in French and in Algeria Carte Shifaa hmm 😕

  20. 7:37 say it louder for the folks in the back row.

  21. There has never been a dumbing down of France like the dumbing down of America. The Republican party is anti education. They refer to me as an educated liberal elitist as they don't know the definition of words and think they are insulting me. True story.

  22. watched several of these and it seems the solution boils down to a few things. 1. Mandatory universal coverage
    2. Public option funding or insurance for preventative care and necessary medical procedures
    3.A highly regulated private insurance coverage for the rest along with elective care
    4. Universal access to doctors regardless of hospital or location in country.
    Why is this so hard?

  23. I am moving outside the U.S. someday.

  24. American Democracy is corrupt

  25. Nothing gets fixed in the US unless it's very clear that someone profits

  26. hospital under threats because of liberal policy macron is killing french healthcare system we dont to be like usa2500 dollards ambulance calling?10000 dollards for bith wha is that sh????its called health mafia

  27. Oh, but America has a massive military to support.

  28. France controls 85% of the national reserves of 14 African countries. They are all forced to pay colonial tax to France. We are talking about 450 billion dollars yearly. France has a good haalt u system because it is spending others GOPs evert year. The system in america is not perfect but without the almost 500 billion dollars every year France would not have a health system like that.

  29. For some types of specialist doctors, G.P.s NEED to sign a patient off.

  30. If you want to see a specialist quicker, you'll often have to pay extra, otherwise you'll wait for weeks.

  31. The US healthcare system is a joke and only there to make money.

    My Cousin has an Autoimmune disease and Trumps changes to the healthcare insurance has now rendered his insurance worthless, now my Auntie has mortgaged the house for $100,000 to pay the medical bills for my cousin, she is 74 years old and shouldn't have to get a mortgage to pay for healthcare and now they dont have any money for the drugs he needs and the insurance wont pay with 100k in mortgage debt to boot… money money.

    Hopefully they are going to sell up and move to England and then we can get him into the NHS and get him fixed properly and not left to rot. 🤞🏼

  32. We are slowly turned into USA 2.0 by the olgarchy puppets, sadly

  33. 0:13 "Opama Care" – Donald Tramp


  34. The French system and European system at large is so good that even as an American tourist visiting Europe, you are probably safer here than in your own country.
    If you get hurt or sick you will be prioritized based on need, not money. Because it is a human right.
    You could even exploit our system, and some smart Americans do it, to go visit Europe when you are sick, so that you can then report to our doctors and benefit from cheap healthcare.

  35. I bet our healthcare system is yet another reason we look like idiots to other countries. Smh

  36. @4:23 the American narrator says that the gov't only covers 70 to 80% of the cost and the rest is covered by the patient. But @7:23 the French economics professor says that "people are very happy to pay nothing out of pocket." I found the US narrator's comment unlikely so I'm glad the professor corrected this gross inaccuracy in the US report.

  37. @8:45 the narrator makes an odd claim that gov't financed systems regulate choice and how doctors practice. What does that even mean? Choice of what? Besides how doctor's practice is regulated in every major country, including the predatory US system. It's called following the scientfically approved medical procedure. That is DONE EVERYWHERE.

  38. Americans would have a stroke if they knew that incredible system created in France in 1945 was introduced by a communist deputy (named Abroise Croizat) … 😮

  39. 10000bugs for a baby + 40 to have skin contact. OMG Mother does all the work. WOrking until birth to generate wealth for goverment and coorparations and then she also carrys the child which will also pay itself later with work for goverment and coorparation and then she is forced to pai 40 dollars for skin contact.
    This is kidnapping for money.

  40. My son broke his elbow on a trampoline. $27000! Ouch! Luckily, the company I used to work at has amazing health insurance. I only ending up paying $800. But now this company was bought by DuPont de Nemours, everything went downhill starting with the amazing health insurance. Gone also the pension plan and the profit sharing!

  41. I'm in France. I have always admired the system. It is affordable because specialist fees are regulated. It's not a free for all as in USA or even Australia where I also live.

    Here's the kicker. Despite paying private health premiums AND Medicare in Sydney, it's still cheaper for me to get dental work done in France!

    If you need urgent surgery in Australia watch out. After medicare and health fund's contributions of $2000 for a hip replacement I had to find $10 k from my pocket.

    And there is $1000 annual excess I have to pay before my health insurance kicks in.

    Australia is becoming a US state. UK may go the same way. Specialists fees are not regulated and these people are wealthy beyond belief.

  42. US healthcare system is a joke, but who gets played? the middle class.

  43. The reason here in the US a system like the one in France, Germany or the UK will not work is because here in the U.S. is all about the money. That is the plain and simple answer; because is not about healthcare is about how to make money. If the U.S. would want to do something about it, they could have done it a long time ago, but why would they? The capitalistic nature prevents them from doing what is right for the country in this aspect. So excuses will be given and or it will be presented as some sort of "socialistic/communistic" type of system, in order to make people believe it is bad.

  44. By Bloomberg and OECD figures Spain's healthcare system is reported to be better than Germany's and France's
    What does CNBC? Randomly chooses Germany and France to compare healthcare. They just must be good because of ? Stereotypes?

  45. Sounds like tricare for military. No cost to me! 🙂

  46. How about an episode on Hong Kong's health care system?
    There is no statutory health insurance at all. Private health insurance are mostly not worth it.

    We have public hospitals and private hospitals.
    Public hospitals are governed by an independent Hospital Authority.
    A visit to a family medicine doctor is 6€, all prescriptions free of charge, appointment via phone, wait time around 1 hour to 2 days.
    12€/visit for specialists, minimal charge for chronic medications, all operations free of charge.
    For poor people, of course everything is free.
    Meanwhile if you have too much money, you can always opt for a private hospital for a shorter queue or alternative treatments.
    For simple ailments I personally find the service of public hospitals better.
    But the choice is yours.

    And guess what? Our tax rate is roughly one-third of most developed countries.
    Yet our doctors receive generous remuneration.
    The difference? Less bureaucracy.

    Insurance is cost.
    For-profit or not, there are a lot of overheads with an insurance system: Agents, HR, PR, CS, Finance, Compliance, Actuaries…
    If the intention is universal coverage, why not skip insurance altogether and fund hospitals by the state?

  47. Dems – I want a socialist democracy like France
    Reps – No. France is not a socialist country!
    Dems – Ok, then I want that system they got in France!
    Reps – No. That's socialism!

  48. eh beh ça fait du bien ce genre de vidéo

  49. In France it is just a business for pharmaceutical lab. And it is drug

  50. My brother got hospitalised in Florida. He just had his hand cut from a barbed wire fence he tried to climb. He saw the receipt: 6000$. The doctors butched him too. When he got out of the hospital, he just quits his job he found there, packed his stuff up, and left the country without leaving a trace, back to France. The money stayed in the pocket boys…

  51. I have multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma and so on … I am on disability and I no longer pay income taxes. I pay 100 euros a year in social security and a mutual insurance, but all my care for so-called "ald" long-term illnesses is taken care of 100%. Each year they cost between 15,000 and 39,000 euros …

  52. In America , gun ownership is a right , healthcare is a privilege , the rest of the world sees it the other way around

  53. All my American bros deserve a nice healthcare system 🇺🇸💕

  54. The french healthcare system WAS the best in the world….until 2007….but Sarkozy cut off the budget, to compensate the losses from subprims crisis and all the gifts he made to his rich friends…..and Hollande did it again, that is how he managed to lower taxes for companies, in exchange for jobs they never created….and today, the system is less performant, and still works, only because doctors and nurses are in pure hell, doing far more hours that they are paid to, overloaded with work, having not enough means to do a proper job, not supported by their hierarchy, always under extreme stress….i do not remember having met a doctor or a nurse happy with his job for over 10 years, thanks to unjustified and useless cuts in healthcare budget, and that is what worries me the most: when lobbies plot to privatize an essential public service, it always happens like that: first, decrease the funds to make it less and less performant, and once it doesn't work anymore, let people suffer for a few years, legalize and encourage private sector, since public sector is not efficient, let all people who can afford it, use the private healthcare, make them forgot how good it was before, put in their heads that yeah, it was great before, but that was thanks to a golden age that doesn't exist anymore, and that privatization will work better, look, many great countries have it, and it's not so bad….privatization of the french healthcare won't happen this year, or next year, and not even in 5 years, but i am not sure how it will be in 10 or 20 years…..

  55. German Healthcare is the best. At least in Europe

  56. I'm glad that everyone seems to agree that America's health care system sucks.

  57. I once got sick while living in France, I refused to go to the doctor because I was afraid of how much the bill would be. After waiting 7 days and not getting better, I forced myself up the hill to the local doctors office. They said I was sick (got it) and that I needed blood work to be done, this entailed around 4 vials of blood taken and a bunch of medicine that was prescribed. On the way home, i called my mother and told her what had happened and terrified she asked me if I had an credit cards where I would pay for the hospital visit ( I was told to pay once the blood work came back ). About 2 days later I got a call from the office, they had my results…. I went there, literally terrified, not even for the fact that I might have something life threatening but because I just knew my bill would be several thousand dollars as I wasnt a french citizen and didnt have french health insurance (nothing had arrived in the mail at this point). After being told I had a very severe flu and just to go home, relax, take medicine and dont do too much I was told to go to the front desk to pay. Ill never forget actually thinking if i should run out of the office before they could catch me… but they had my address so that play was already out the door. I went to the front desk… told the woman my name… she typed for a few seconds and slowly put her hand to her face and asked what country i was from… I told her… then she said they saw no health insurance card on file and if i had one… i said no… and she went… in a very soft tone… "Im so so sorry" … i asked her why she was sorry, and she said that all my expences would have to come out of pocket. I drew in breath and went… how much? …. how much do i have to pay? I could feel myself getting angry because if i had just stayed home i would have never been in this situation. She typed for about 15 seconds and said again…. "Im sorry…but you have to pay 80" ……. instead of flipping out on her, asking her WHY i had to pay 80k for getting some blood work done, i asked…. 80….what? and she said 80 euros…. thats…. thats it….

    If youve ever grown up in or lived in the states, you can probably imagine the feeling, after days of worrying, being told that, not only were you going to live, BUT, the days of blood work, the doctors visit and the medication ONLY came out to 80 euros ALTOGETHER…. its an unreal feeling, and i told literally everyone i could this story who was from the states for MONTHS if not years. The entire American system is broken, and the problem is that people living in the states have grown used to eating sh!t and pretending thats its chocolate.

    If you want to be even more upset, theres a VICE documentary where they show how much medicine actually costs everywhere else in the world vs the US. they went to a laboratory in china and received the same medicine that you would get in the states… the cost of the blood medicine in the states was $13,000 a month…. in china… the "free samples" that they gave for me to test the pureness of the medicine was worth the equivilent of $3,000,000 USD… and thats not a typo.

    People are openly being robbed and no one is revolting.

  58. So you're basically as good as dead when having a surgery in the US.

  59. Does this account for the population differences?

  60. In strictly capitalist Countries an ill, old or otherwise unproductive Person is sometimes nothing worth. So its cheaper to let them die and instead let the people make new babies or obtain "processed" and grown "human capital" from other countries. Its the Logic the US was build on and is still today.

  61. As french, I can say that the french health care system is really good sure we have problems with it( but it's mainly because of our fraudulent government run by fraudulent people) , it's not expensive and safe we are lucky to have it and I still don't understand why people are still against a system where a government protect it's own people…

  62. If after this clear explanation you're still against Medicare for all, then it means that…. you love your rich hospital, laboratories, etc, more than your poorer compatriots' lifes

  63. You forgot to say that poorest citizen (like me, btw, sry bad english … i'm french xD) get 100% free medical care for EVERYTHING INCLUDING LIFE TIME ill, diabete, AIDS, neurologic, PSYCHIATRIC etc.., anything, ANYTHING about making you bad, sick, not happy is covered … even if you have to get surgery for 200k bucks … you won't pay anything.

  64. 1:57 that is WW1 lol

  65. MEDICARE4All By Bernie Sanders is the ONLY ONE WE WANT.

  66. Doctors usto cost less and medicine was alot cheaper you got better in days and didn't hafto go a second time. Doctors usto become doctor's because they cared about thier patients now days it's about money. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Health insurance isn't the answer. When doctors take a month vacation 2 or 3 times a year and not a few day's camping or fishing they go to the bahamas.😵😵😵 crazy !

  67. With us paying over 50 percent,in taxes?
    I don't want universal care.

  68. I have visited both countries. In Usa, there is much more fat people than France.

  69. On vie très bien en France merci.

  70. One thing is not correct: French people are required to see their generalist before seeing a specialist or they don't get the money back.

  71. What ? we are first at something? What is this feeling… Pride ?

  72. I often feel like an overlooked fact in the higher taxes argument is that while it's true other countries pay more in taxes, pretty much every working American who receives insurance through their employer pays a significant portion of their paycheck towards insurance premiums. I think many Americans are concerned about getting a significantly smaller paycheck due to higher taxes to pay for healthcare but if those insurance premiums were also dropped from their paychecks it would likely be a wash.

  73. Saying that you don't want to pay taxes for healthcare is as stupid as saying that you don't want to pay taxes for parks, roads, schools or highways. I'm a French conservative but I'm pro affordable healthcare. Being against it doesn't make you conservative or smart, it makes you a selfish A-hole.

  74. 5:22 this scene was taken in Belgium 🇧🇪 yet this video is about France for some reason 🤔

  75. the thing that blow my mind in america is some of the people here are actually proud to paying evrything ,until something happen…
    for living a good life in america you need to be young, without health issue, and of course you need to be aware even a minor fracture can cost you so much money you will maybe lose evrything you have. but if you don't have money you go to the trash..

  76. Cost less in France because the doctors and way less paid and the insurance is not a company but a public service that is not meant to make profit.
    Free market system works and always lead to price drops. If it’s not, it means that some actors are cheating.
    Free market efficiency only work if there’s fair competitions and if the consumer has a control on what he’s consuming. In the case of health industry, the consumer doesn’t have access to this control. He goes in hospital
    And doesn’t know how much it will cost him and how much the insurance will take in charge. Such situation must be illegal on a society based on free market.
    I don’t even understand how the actors of health industry in US can even look themselves in the mirror everyday. they are participating to the worst healthcare system in the world in the most powerful country in the world.

  77. "But why should I pay for YOU to go to the hospital? It's my money!!". Well, this is the alternative you get Americans. Quit thinking there's something else to it. If schools, hospitals, police, churches, care homes etc. Aren't enough to convince me to pay my taxes, I can just go to another country. But I'm fairly certain it the best option I have right now in terms of well-being. As you'd say, value for money. If not Medicare for all (which is hard to do) you should demand reduced costs

  78. FRANCE is banqueroute because of free health care. We pay many taxes for nothing, in fact if you dont work or if you are immigrant you are a better healt care than a french people who work hard

  79. if left to American Capitalists, Americans would have to buy Oxygen to survive

  80. i m french but our system is not the best , just look costa rica , it 's cheap and have very good doctor / hopital . The USA shoulp copy costa rica but not france because too much lazy poeple benefit of free healthcare system and it destroys it .

  81. make no mistake—this is not sustainable—-watch

  82. I am living in France right now and i hate it's health care system but if this is the best for america then what will happen then they hear much bette health care system of other countries like Norway Sweden or Luxembourg.

  83. All I know is what I have experienced. My friend and his wife have retired to France
    and left Florida about 6 years ago. His wife had to have an appendectomy and
    it cost her all of 32 Euros in copays. They kept her in the hospital
    for 3 days just to make sure there were no complications.
    I had a minor back surgery. A Laminectomy.
    This is where they just remove some arthritic bone growth around the
    sciatic nerve. Not major surgery. I'm in and an hour or so  after the surgery
    I am going home. It cost me $8,000 in copays and little
    things not covered by my insurance. I pay pretty much the same in income tax
    as my friend does in France. Yes, if you make a lot of money in France
    you pay more in income tax then in the USA. But if you are a person who makes
    70K or under, you pay no more in France then you would in the USA
    with respect to all combined income taxes. From what I have seen, if you
    make under a six figure income, you would be better off in France.
    If you make more, you would probably be better off living in the USA.
    But, with all the immigrants and migrants they have let in over the past few years,
    France is beginning to have problems. You can't have big social programs 
    and maintain them financially if you have open borders. Western Europe and to
    a point, the USA are rapidly finding that out.

  84. Unfortunately, Macron is destroying our healthcare who dates back from the end of the Second World War and was established due to the catastrophe of economic liberalism in the thirties… That's why we're always on strike! Please don't be as silly than us and elect Bernie or Warren

  85. Good clip, really : what surprises me is why Americans cannot reverse asap their system to one like our (or similar to so many !) : they are as a country rich enough even more than us ! Why healthcare is not their first amendment ?

  86. In the US, we call our health care system natural selection…….. 🙂

  87. Do the irish healthcare system

  88. the thing is in USA they are confuse of the meanings of clients and patients. So if you are sick in the USA you are a client not a patient. I know it's capitalism but really?

  89. Right tRump and goons, let’s go back to having everyone who has no health insurance, now that The Affordable Care Act has been repealed, use the Emergency Room as the family physician’s office. That makes so much sense! Another thing, Bozo tRump, The Affordable Care Act Bill was designed by Republicans and Democrats, not by former President Obama. You do realize that dumb tRump, and his dumpy goons?

  90. America will NEVER be a socialist country

  91. Well, people in France live 2.5 years longer than in US – that says all…

  92. Guys its simple… if you get sick in the US just buy a plane ticket to Europe and get to a hospital. It will for sure cost you less than calling for an ambulance there 🙂

  93. We also have almost-free universities.

  94. It's not just France, go anywhere in Western Europe (and most of Europe for that matter) and you'll find National Healthcare Systems that cover everyone while in the US it only covers a small fraction of the population at two to three times the cost of those European systems.
    Say hello to the US corporatocracy.

  95. And that's why life expectancy in France is one of the best

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