How Bamboo Bikes Are Helping This Community

How Bamboo Bikes Are Helping This Community

(Music) – Bamboo is a material
I have come to love, appreciate, and admire so much. Because, whenever I am riding a bike, it’s unique-nobody has it. It’s just unique to me. So, you get a lot of attention
whilst riding a bamboo bike. (Upbeat Music) – My name is Kwabena Danso. I am the founder and CEO
of Booomers International- a company that manufactures
bamboo bicycles and accessories in rural Ghana. So, Booomers is a social enterprise that actually trains young
people in rural communities and employ them to make bamboo
bicycles and accessories. So, we make different
products from bamboo, using mostly school
dropouts who couldn’t have had the opportunity to go back to school and wouldn’t have had the opportunity to go to get former employment. (Bell Dings) We have different types of bicycles. City bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, and we also do tricycles for kids. (Upbeat Music) For everything that normal wood would do, bamboo would do that. Almost everything that a steel would do, bamboo would do that. Because bamboo is actually the strongest plant you can ever find because of the way the
fiber has been created. This is what made the
bamboo bicycle unique, and people appreciate it so much. (Upbeat Music) Currently, we have about
40 employees directly and we also employ
another 20 indirectly, who do the harvesting-the fiber
that we use for the wrapping. We’re engaging about
200 farmers to go into bamboo agro forestry. Each worker receives a very good wage, and then we also pay for
their social security. And this should empower them and should be able to make them happy and that’s why you come to the factory, and all the guys are always
happy doing what they are doing, because we live like a family. (Bamboo Falling) (Piano Music) Between 2014, when we started
going commercial, and 2018, we’ve sold almost about 4,000
bicycles internationally. The goal is to produce between
5,000 and 6,000 bicycles a year, which translates to about 500 bicycles a month. (Bamboo Scraping) My favorite part of the job is waking up every morning and realizing that you’re not
just thinking about yourself, but you’re thinking about
the entire community. How to make the community better. How to empower young people
to empower themselves. (laughter)

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