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Hotel Mumbai | Hollywood Movie Review by Anupama Chopra | Anupam Kher | Film Companion

Evil is a mystifying word. Most of us routinely encounter
corruption, lies, betrayal, deceit. What then properly qualifies as evil? The events of 26/11
gave an answer to that. No matter where you were that night,
near the multiple attack sites or lucky enough to be far away. if you were in Mumbai,
you experienced the heart of darkness. The attacks, which lasted over three days
from November 26th to 29th and were orchestrated by the Lashkar-e-Taiba,
killed more than 160 people. I remember the horror of watching
the bloodbath unfold on television, the siege mentality
that engulfed the city and the wild rumors
that fanned our paranoia. Even when the attacks were over,
I was terrified to send my children to school because an anonymous SMS forward insisted
that schools were the next target. We were all scarred,
in ways big and small. In Hotel Mumbai, writer-director Anthony Maras
and co-writer John Collee revisit the first night of the
three days the terror lasted. The focus is the attack on Mumbai’s crown
jewel – the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. Why focus on the Taj? I’m assuming because the opulence of a
landmark hotel makes for cinematic visuals and it allows the narrative
to be led by Western characters, meaning you can
cast Armie Hammer. A disclaimer tells us that
the film is inspired by true events but the makers have taken dramatic liberties
so we can’t hold Hotel Mumbai up for accuracy. Once again, we are in that tricky terrain
of the fact-fiction hybrid. Anupam Kher plays Hemant Oberoi, the Taj’s
iconic chef who helped save many lives by hiding guests in
the Chambers club. Dev Patel plays Arjun, the waiter
who exemplifies the Taj motto that the guest is God. We also follow the story of David and Zahra,
a married couple with a baby. He is American. She is Arabic. We are repeatedly told that
Zahra’s mother is fantastically rich and the two must get VIP treatment. This includes the butler making sure that
the bath water is exactly at 48 degrees. The hotel is an island of luxury. Maras alternates between the carnage
that is unfolding on the street as the attacks begin on VT Station
and Leopold Café and the precisely manufactured
elegance at the Taj. We cut from blood and bullets
to perfectly done pastries. But of course, soon enough,
the killers are in the lobby. There are obviously
no surprises here. The events have been extensively
documented in news media. There are several
documentaries on the attack including Dan Reed’s
Emmy-nominated Terror in Mumbai. Fiction gives Maras the
advantage of building drama and situating us inside the
hotel on that fateful night. Like Paul Greengrass
did with the stellar United 93, about one of the airplanes
that was hijacked on 9/11. But Hotel Mumbai doesn’t deliver
that level of tension or immersion. It works in fits and starts. The scripting is uneven. The Indian characters, especially Oberoi
and Arjun , have emotional heft and benefit from heartfelt performances
by Anupam and Dev Patel. But the non-Indians are
bland and largely forgettable, Hammer is wasted
in the role of David. Jason Isaacs playing the unlikable
Russian businessman Vasili is also too generic
to make an impression. Maras and Collee try to give us insight
into the minds of the terrorists but the actors are one-note,
which may be by design because the characters have
been brainwashed into killing machines but
it doesn’t make for compelling cinema. Maras is more successful at
staging the horrors of that night it’s chilling to see the killers knock on doors
pretending to be room service or laundry and then unleashing bullets,
when the guest opens. But there are sequences that
feel just too designed only for suspense so of course at some point,
the baby is being hidden in a closet and we have to hold our breaths,
hoping that it won’t cry. And yet, Hotel Mumbai
lands enough emotional punches. The scale and extent of the
tragedy is too vast to leave you unmoved. I just wish that the film didn’t insist
on a patriotic slant at the end or tell us that Mumbai
bounced back in two days it feels like an empty assertion. There was enough heroism
and humanity on display during the attacks to
give us hope for a better tomorrow.

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