Homeless Couple Lives in a Tent Downtown Los Angeles

Homeless Couple Lives in a Tent Downtown Los Angeles

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  1. I really hope this man gets back on his feet ,you can tell by the way he speaks he really want to get off the streets

  2. These people need to stop smoking crack

  3. the rich oppress the poor, but God is the one that gives light to the poor. amen.

  4. The dumpster is right in back of you what are you talking about you don't have a dumpster😂😂

  5. Bathroom? How about getting a job

  6. The woman seems like a druggie. He got too many kids. Government ain't going give him a dollar if he owes child support.

  7. Thank u for sharing these videos…There but for grace of God go I

  8. 8 kids… let that sink in.

  9. first Question ! when is the last time you went down to Day Labor for a jobbbbbbbbbbbb ?

  10. They should put up a public shower there access to water is a right

  11. Biggest thing to me and easier said than done is you have to follow the work (relocate). God bless

  12. This is crap I feel like you should take your ass to work! They don’t fucking give me is the common thread! They don’t give me ! Same shit from everyone! Who is they and why do I owe you anything? Iv been homeless but o didn’t wait for anyone to give me I got out and made my opportunity!

  13. That's why I only got one kid.
    She's almost 18
    and I'LL be done with
    that child support.
    Kids are expensive.
    Getting married and divorced
    Is also expensive.
    Times are changing…

    I rather put my money in a mortgage.

  14. Just get on down there and build a few bathrooms,I haven't laughed so much ,I do understand at 47 I lost my home everything was homeless for 4 years ,that was over a while ago I'm 60.

  15. I was laughing at the comments down the bottom and watched it again that when I wrote about the bathroom ,in Australia we have places we can go each day to eat and shower wash our clothes.

    or you too will end up like Sam because divorce ALWAYS sides with the woman. Been there. Twice.


    Couple stay together

  18. what sucks is how this lady has grown kids and none of them help her

  19. There has to be old buildings that can be renovated to at least 1 bedroom apts and people like these two can have a place to get back on their feet. But the libtards are concerned about letting millions more into the country.

  20. He made 8 kids he needs to get two jobs

  21. She's being punished for leaving her abusive relationship. That's wrong.

  22. They look more healthy and rested than me, and I have work and a house.

  23. I will not get married.. look what happens. Some woman takes it all..

  24. So he is crying about being human now but was laughing at other humans earlier. Hey maybe god is teaching him a lesson.

  25. i think there is an element to homelessness that none of us know, not even homeless people…every time you ask them why are they homeless and you always get about the same answer…."i ran out of money" i think homelessness can be handled with money but it will continue existing…until that day when we as community take the time to understand homelessness we will not be able to do much for them even with a lot of money…i have questions about homeless people …like why is it that most of the homeless are african american…(i was at skid row for the last two days…so i know what i see) is it because they are mostly african american that people don't care? i don't think that if we give them apartments and jobs that homelessness is going to go away…

  26. Bottom line, these people create thier own problems.

  27. This is why I just hate most people anymore…. liberals are fighting for the rights of all the illegals yet, don’t give a shit about people like this who’re legal citizens of this country! I give what I can to any homeless person I see and have even given them my last dollar because I’m compassionate and can’t stand seeing people live this way!!

  28. I feel for them. 😥😪😫

  29. I bet as soon as this dude gets his Apartment he's gonna leave her.

  30. Something about her makes me pissy. She comes off as someone who feels like she is "owed" something. I just wish she would get off her ass and stop what ever addictions so she can get a damn job. For the guy, i think he will do well. All she does is complain about showers, toilets and time given to leave a place. Good grief! She is just a complainer! She has no kids so wtf is the problem! The guy, get yourself together and get rid of her loser ass!

  31. Dang things is real out there. But i relate and it reminds me of where i been and hopefully dont ever got to back to.

  32. No room for humans in this machine world. No hearts for humanity. The rat race. They Can't keep up with it anymore. It's to hard to keep it going and stable. No hearts for the humans anymore. It's , you have money or suffer and die. They hate you if you have no money and are poor. It's a disgrace here to not have what you need or not have money. They disgrace and shame the poor here.

  33. One pay check away form homeless. 48 hours a week at work still can't keep up with the cost of living. The people suffer. Making to much money to qualify for EBT help. America is falling. The laborers who build it , watch the rich reap the actual rewards. Work hard for them and the workers still don't have what they need for a better life. Unbalanced system. Discriminatory. Education has been cut to make room for weapons research. Unbalanced system when Trump spends 2 million on a 4th of July party and Flint Michiagan still can't drink their water. Unbalanced system. No more America the great. It is America the tragedy !

  34. They should join Planet Fitness $20 a month you can take hot shower there and use the bathroom everyday.

  35. I hope she decided to stop being angry towards Sam about her situation, she needs a protector not to run one off.

  36. “ i have 8 kids, 7 kids”. This idiot can’t keep track of how many kids he has. Wtf. Loser should’ve been sterilized

  37. A bathroom and shower is not too much to ask for. As far as clean up and discarding one's belongings is no less than stealing.

  38. They dont GIVE YOU how about working and getting it yourself

  39. I've seen a lot of these videos and have donated food and supplies to a couple I saw on here in my area just yesterday. I feel for people who are homeless. It just shouldn't be, but I think this woman needs to work on improving her mindset. It can only help to lift her out of her current predicament.

  40. How do neither of these folks not have 1 soul they can turn to? Not 1 person they know wont take them in or 1 of them in? I dont comprehend this.

  41. Skid row in Las Angeles has always been well populated.

  42. Your children are grown and they won’t take you in?!! There’s also addiction to consider why they can’t move forward and why some” became homeless in the first place. Choices , for most. Unfortunate circumstances for many 💔

  43. These are "KILL ZONES" with poor shelter and plenty of drugs…applied eugenics by democrats.

  44. Yes I agree with this couple because the demoncratic Muppets party is giving all the illegal migrates free housing free healthcare and food.

  45. It's no one's fault, but our own. Get a $10 month gym membership and shower there. I do. You first say you have 8 kids. A second later you say you have 7 kids. What is it. Keep it in your pants, or pay you child support sir.

  46. Another man whose life life was ripped apart by a divorce. Devil women.

  47. Stands next to a dumpster.. "we don't have no dumpsters"

  48. Life’s chooses,,,, thats your choice. Get off your asses and work harder. I did!!!!

  49. Stop Parting All the Time , go to Work,Work you lazy idiot

  50. How about not having 8 kids?

  51. I think they should both get a full-time job save some money 💰 and leave to a different satate where house 🏡 isn’t that expensive. Because it ain’t easy to live in LA without having a good paying jobs !

  52. Can't get ahead with gov taking your money! Check it out?

  53. I would be homeless also if I depended on a man

  54. Who's they? ……….Her family, the government? I just wish people would speak taking some responsibility for themselves, even a little. Example; I would clean a house to be able to shower & eat. I would be a maid for a hotel to eat & shower.

  55. I wonder how they feel knowing all those people that walk by them and don't help would rather hold rallies and send prayers and support to illegal immigrants

  56. They do offer showers and other services at many locations.

  57. People who cannot take care of themselves should not be having 8 kids. Sorry.

  58. These people party 🎉 i can tell? That's where their little money they have, goes?

  59. God be with us all❤️

  60. Most people look at me with interest. They cannot contemplate what this lifestyle is about. Yes it could happen to you. Get over it. Most are to weak and wouldn’t know where to even start. I turned it into a lifestyle

  61. Thank God they have each other..

  62. She just wants basic human necessity. Bathroom, shower, and trash.

  63. get a cheap gym membership, you'll have bathroom and a shower for $10/month

  64. Dang I hate to say it but…she's afraid asf of that man…

  65. Atleast they are homeless in America not in the 3rd world country like Philippines and Cambodia

  66. That woman(?) was insufferable!!! "I want this, give me that", my god! Her laundry list of complaints too, "they only give us 15 minutes to leave" wahhh. I see she had absolutely nothing to say when the topic of getting a job came up, ha! That dude is asking for free land too. The homeless is not a community, they are an issue!! Realize that.

  67. This is what the left elites are pushing for all of us

  68. Two people cant move. Get two j9bs and get an apartment? What bullshit.

  69. Lame dude having all these kids lol

  70. Bro 8 kids? Like wtf dude….

  71. Why aren’t you both working?

  72. My dude I would "watch" entire ads for you thanks for what you do. It is powerful and important and you are recording the Truth for generations to come.
    That doesn't mean these people are perfect. Just that you are documenting the words and attitudes of people we all ignore and treat like crap

  73. I would have turned your 40.000 into 400.000? No problem! With no money, you have no future? 😩 that's the world 🌎 we live in?

  74. Camping 🏕 in the streets, of course there is no bathrooms? 😞

  75. You people need a big loan? 💵💵💵

  76. I hate!! When this guy says, if you had 3 wishes? 🤔

  77. She really wants a bathroom and shower, she told us about 10 times
    Meths does that to you

  78. The Rent is Too High!!

  79. Who paid for your medical care? Hospital ID bracelet on your right wrist, and STOP SAYING “THEY…this….THEY that… this TO you. What other state in the US allows tents to be set up along city streets and everywhere else, for a home? LA stinks from the bodily waste and debris, not to mention the 18th century diseases introduced, becoming a health crisis.
    PERFECT IDEA, …..get a one way ticket to Slap City CA , then “ THEY “ won’t bother you, and you can live in a lovely community of like minded people.
    Peace and Love. God Bless you.

  80. So it is others mistake that you guys homeless? Did you try to get a job? This isvone side story. I feel sorry for any home less, but the homeless must try to work. They cannot pick and choose. There are many people, who don't like the jobs they do. But, they work those job to pay their bills. I agree that a person like him should be given a certain break on hisvinvome so he could help himself and some to his children. Wishing them well. I hope they try to finf eork and change circunstances for them.

  81. which one is Sheryl and which one is Sam

  82. How is that Karma working out for you

  83. all I see are excuses

  84. She is loyal bro to stick with you.

    All these thot feminists are the furthest thing from loyal.

  85. Please get off my channel okay

  86. I hope by interviewing these homeless people that you are giving them some money for doing your videos for you . Because youmake money for your YouTube by doing a video of them. Or you’re hust as bad as everyone else that disrespects homeless people.

  87. In my opinion, the less fortunate are human, its the ones who look down at yous who are not human, they are the shapeshifters, lucifers minions, the evil spirits roaming the cities in there luxurious so and so and that's all it is, they are not human they are evil spirits causing distuction where they roam, the rich people who shun and look down on others with no compassion are ugly shapeshifters from another dimension, prayers and blessings to the unfortunate human beings

  88. His hands look so dirty.

  89. If they both have a valid driver's license they should get their Class A license and do team driving for a few years. Live in the truck and shower at truck stops.

  90. They don't give us,but they who?

  91. It’s so hard on lots of people when they have no family to help or support them through tough life situations… we all go through struggles in life … thank god I have a support system …god bless them !

  92. Keep laughing people. I have a feeling if you look down on those who for whatever reason are less fortunate than you, somehow, some way, that will come back and bite you. It's gonna get harder in this culture, one day the corporation is gonna throw YOU in the trash too. Good luck.

  93. If he made that money before he can do it again !! Hope he does it for his kids and future grandchildren

  94. Single women as far as being homeless that has no children are discriminated against.. reality

  95. Isn't that s trash container behind her?

  96. I don't know why this man has 8 kids and he can barely take care of himself, he said himself he don't have a penny to his name…….this man should be the last to complain about paying child support.

  97. Did the guy just say "I have eight kids….. seven kids" ? He lost count somewhere ????

  98. Excuses they can go on 5th an sanpedro and the mission will get them a bed and housing its alot you have to go threw but if you want it you would get it they really dont have to be outside i lived down thier i kno dont get me wrong it is a hectic inviorment in thier but its shelter 💯

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