Home Repair : How to Fix a Binding Door

Home Repair : How to Fix a Binding Door

I’m Ryan Parker with Parker Home Renovations
in New Braunfels, Texas, and today I’m going to teach you how to fix a binding door. There’s
several ways a door can be binding actually. It could be because your hinge has come loose
from the door jamb. And the way you’d want to fix that is you’d want a three inch screw
and a screw gun, and where the door’s binding, if it’s binding at the top right corner, it’s
probably your top hinge. So you’ll want to take out the middle screw on that hinge and
you’ll want to drive the three inch screw into that place where that, where you pulled
that screw out, the middle hole in the top hinge. Drive it in and suck it up real good
against the door jamb, and that should pull your door back straight, and it should not
bind anymore in the top, right corner. Now if it is binding on the strike plate, what
you can do is you can actually take your screw gun and you can take the strike plate off.
Then you can get a chisel and a hammer and you can actually mortise out where that strike
plate goes a little bit better until the strike plate sits better in the door jamb. And then
you can screw it back into place and that should fix your binding door on the strike
plate. If you have any other questions, you can visit me at

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  2. nice video… clear explanation…

  3. Great! Took me 30 seconds to fix instead of the two hours I would have spent planing. Thanks!

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