Help your Community End DUI – FCCLA Digital Stories for Change 2020

Help your Community End DUI – FCCLA Digital Stories for Change 2020

Hey, Jessica Could I get an iced Chai latte with 3 shots of Esspresso Sure, why so much coffee? I think I’m
going to that party tonight. I thought your parents were gonna let you? Who says
they have to no? Okay Uhh… $3.48 [Text to Sheri] “Hey” “Are you going to the party tonight?” Here’s that chai. Thank you. See you,
Jessica. Bye, Jeff. [Notification] “Yeah, I’ll pick you up at 11” Myra and Sheri: “Hey, Jessica!” Jessica: “Hey, what’s up guys? Okay so my parents don’t know
like I think we’re good.” Are you sure you want to come to this? I
don’t know I’ve never done this like I’m kind of nervous.
You really should, like, the whole school is going and we have Sheri as our DD (Designated Driver)
Okay, You promise, like, you’re not gonna drink? Promise! Yeah? Okay, let’s go. Okay, guys, we’re here. Justin: “Hey, you guys made it!” Sup? How ya doin? Hi! Alex: “Hey! Welcome to the party, guys!” Ayyy! Hey, Party Cup for the party girl! Crowd: “Yeah!” [Friends put cups into the air] “Yeah!” “Cheers!” “Cheers!” Oh my god, I have to go! [Hands cup to Skye] Sheri, we have to go! We have to go? Wait, where’s Myra? [Myra gets up from sleeping on the back seats] I came in here to sleep, guys. Wait! Why are you driving, Sheri? She’s only smoked, she’s fine! Okay. Let’s go. Bye guys, thanks for the ride! Bye, Myra!
That was so much fun! I Love you guys, be safe! Bye, Myra. Love you! We have to go! Okay, I got you. [Jessica yelling] Oh, my god! This is a turn, slow! Oh, my god slow down! [Police car lights turn on] [Officer knocks on Sheri’s window] How’s it going in there, girls? Everything
okay? Yeah, everythin’s fine. where you guys coming from? [Sheri whispers] We’re coming from a friend’s house. Is that why I smell the odor of marijuana and alcohol? I only took a few drinks. It was only a few Okay, well then, what were you gonna say? She’s okay to drive? Yeah! Sh-she didn’t drink Well, I’m not checking to see how high she is or how drunk you. I’m trying to
see how impaired she is. Do me a favor? Step out. What’s wrong with you guys? You’re still under 21 you’re not even supposed to be drinking. Or smoking. And you’re driving! Turn around. Face the car. Put your hands behind your back. No, you ca- Now! We will be calling your parents here in a few minutes. You can’t tell my mom! You’re not gonna- Unfortunately, we gotta call your parents. This is the cost of driving and being under the influence. [Voiceover] Drinking isn’t the only influence. Alcohol, marijuana, narcotics, hallucinogenics, and health issues like diabetes, all affect your ability to drive. Help your community end DUI.

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  3. Absolutely amazing job! You guys are impressive in all that you do. Wonderful video!

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