Health & Social Care HND – a student’s view – Sarah Amanuel and Beauty Muroi

If you are like thinking of coming into course ever. You can get into Social Work, you can get into Nursing, you can get into Care Management, you can get into.. even if you are academic enough you can get into medicine. I think it’s a foundation ground for everything in the Care Industry, you know, you can progress into anything as long as it’s got care in it. People come onto the course knowing they want to work within the Care Profession but they’re not necessarily.. sure which aspect it is. As the course progresses you get a clearer idea of every specialism. The best thing about the course is you get prepared for everything..and it opens all doors for you. Our tutors are the best. They’re very supportive and knowledgeable. They know what they’re teaching about. They know what they’re talking about. If I have any personal problems I can go to them. After class i always talk to my tutor about any assignment problems that I have. She will just sit with me about ten minutes or so and she will go through the assignment with me. Employability is everything in this course. We’ve learnt legal and ethical issues, principles of care, communication, using evidence, a lot of things and it helps you for the future, it helps you to prepare. We’ve examined the diversity of careers and how we can tackle any problems that we face..within the Health Sector. They know the subjects they are teaching and they come prepared. They help you, you ask a question you know that you will get an answer. I think they do it because they are passionate about it. They just want to help people get educated and..yeah. My attitude to care has definitely changed..since I’ve done the course. I..yeah..I.. like I say that, you know, because of what I’ve learnt in the course I’m able to implement it into practice and I..It’s given me a meaning of what care is, you know, why I do it. Caring is a satisfying job..because you know that you’ve done something and you’ve helped..someone.

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