Health Sciences and Social Services

[music] I grew up just thinking that I wanted to
help people. I always had a passion for being there for someone in their time of
need. After high school I took a little bit of
time off. I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do until I did find this
program. I was going to take general studies but my parents suggested that I
take sports medicine because I’ve been a dancer my whole life. And after my first
semester I fell in love with it. I’ve been a type 1 diabetic since I was 6
years old. I had to rearrange my entire life very early. I spent a lot of time in
hospitals and doctors offices and there are still some nurses that I remember
who just did everything in their power to make me feel okay. I met somebody that
was in the radiography program and after speaking with him I was just hooked and
that’s when I applied to the program. I grew up telling people that I wanted
to be an obstetrician-gynecologist in second grade and everyone always looked
at me like I had four heads. I really want to be that person for people. I just
want to be able to help them find their new life in it. We get to be one-on-one
with the patients. I’m seeing these people on their worst day I want to be
there to help them in some kind of way. We spend a lot of time practicing
everything we learn two days a week and then three days a week I’m there at the
hospital. We work with doctors, we work with nurses, we work with all different
medical personnel. I got to really participate and engage in everything. I
wasn’t just sitting in a desk listening to a professor talk to me the whole time.
I was actually doing the work. In my sports medicine group we’ve definitely
become a family. I’ve made quite a few close friends that I do know will be
best friends for life. But the faculty here wants you to succeed, I feel like
they do everything they can to see you succeed. All of my professors are very
highly skilled in their area and they’re very personable too. The biggest thing
I’ve gained from being in this program is the confidence to move forward to
pursue a career in which I can feel accomplished. I feel a lot more prepared
for my future coming to Northampton first.

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