Health and Well-Being | Social Services | Otago Polytechnic

I’m doing the New Zealand certificate in Health and Well-being because I’ve always wanted to work with people and that’s
just my passion in life. I want to focus on youth though because I want them to know just because they’ve had a hard start in life doesn’t mean that their
whole life has to be hard. Throughout my whole life, I’ve been a people’s person
and before this, I was actually a builder and trades weren’t cutting it for me. Whole of term one I learned so much like self-awareness, relationships, self-culture, the treaty and I’m actually loving it. Class as a whole has been
awesome like the tutors and the people that do this course are just so genuine
and I’ve learnt so much about myself and I’ve gained so much more confidence, it’s
just helping me to realise that this is differently, their career that I want to take. We believe that this program is unique
it’s a really awesome hands-on opportunity people go out and do a community project in term two and then at the end of the year you have a
hundred and thirty hour placement lots of our students end up being offered
employment at the end of that so it’s a wonderful opportunity to find out what’s
available what’s in the community what do you enjoy doing and probably end up
with a job at the end. My highlight of the health and well-being programme definitely has to be my work placement. I was at Puketai which is a care and
protection residents, working with youth. I love working with youth and kids I just
find it’s so rewarding when the kids started to open up to you and tell you
their stories you know that you’re really making a difference in getting a connection when they do open up to you like that and I just absolutely loved
the experience that I got out of it. I do think my time at Otago Polytechnic has prepared me for a job in support work because it’s given me a great skill and
knowledge base to start my career on and I’m ready and confident to go out to work
now. One of my highlights for the Heath and well-being programme was definitely working with Foster Hope. It’s an organisation that basically makes
essential backpacks for foster kids going into foster homes. We wanted to add more feel-good items into the backpacks such as board games and rugby balls, like
little things that kids should love and that was special to me because doing
something for the community and enjoying it while we were doing it. I would definitely recommend the Health and Well-being programme to future students. The actual structure of
the whole year is spaced out really nicely it’s very visual and hands-on
learning which was great for myself I would absolutely recommend it to anyone, it was great.

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