GVEP NGO, DEEP Programme, Tanzania / Webdoc Africa Express

Tanzania is the 17th country
we are crossing. We are going to meet several
energy entrepreneurs supported by the GVEP NGO
in East Africa. Near Lake Victoria in Mwanza, Fausta has created
her own little company. – Hello! (in swahili)
– Hello, how are you? I am fine! What about you? I am good.
How is your trip going? You answer: “Mzuri!”
(Very well) We are going to follow Fausta,
she will show us her activity of social entrepreneur. She makes improved cookstoves. We are going to try to
understand how it works. It’s quite heavy. There are the types of cooking stoves
that have plates with holes poked into them. They do not have a ceramic liner and they use a lot of charcoal. They are not used as much as before because they are expensive. Charcoal now costs
TZS30,000 (€16) per sack. This type of cooking stove
uses much less charcoal. One sack can take up to one month to finish,
or even one and a half month. Poor quality stoves can use
a sack of charcoal in just one or two weeks. Fausta owns a workshop
where she has 7 employees. Each one has an assigned task. I am polishing the stove. Here I go, I’m hired.
I think I won’t come back home. The support I got from GVEP was first for education and technology. The next training will be
about marketing. They helped me get
exhibition stands by introducing me to market places in different areas. Last time, they have
helped me to get funding. I have been able to be granted
a first loan of TZS1,000,000 (€555) by SIDO (Small Industries and
Development Organization). They recognized the work I have done and I then
applied to get a workspace and they gave it to me. Usually, it’s not easy
to find a place there but I managed to. Thank you very much. Each cooking stove represents
a saving of €150 per month in terms of consumption of wood
and charcoal, so it’s quite something. There are five furnaces,
so it comes €750 saved per month.

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