Guest Room Organization

I’m Mridu Parikh, welcome to Life Is Organized, the place to live a simplified and happy life! Girl, when the holiday’s coming up, you’ve
got to get your guest room in order! So in addition to your comfortable bed, and
clean linens, there are definitely a few things that every guest room should have to ensure a comfortable stay. Think hotel room and what you might find in
there! Background music: (Pitbull – Hotel Room Service
(Chorus)) Come on! Let me show you what I mean. Come on… Okay let’s just start with this side table.
And by the way, you have to have a side table. You should have a lamp, a clock because who doesn’t needs to know what time it is, and this one looks often overlooked, tissues! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been
to somebody’s house and there’s nowhere for me to blow my nose! Alright, moving right along to the full length
mirror, coz’ who doesn’t want to see themselves after they get dressed. And another thing that’s often overlooked is, a trash can! Guests always have a lot of trash after a
long drive or a flight like the baggage stickers or airline tickets. Next thing you want to keep in mind is to
always have extra towels and blankets inside your closet or armoire, and if you don’t have
room for other of those, just roll them up and put it in the basket in your room. In that way it’s already set before your guests
arrives, you don’t have to do anything, and plus if they need extra stuff after cold in
the middle of the night, they don’t have to disturb you. Oh and by the way, for all the same reasons, keep an iron in the room or in your closet too. Another thing you want to keep in mind is
to keep some room free in your closet if you have one. You may not have a ton of storage space but at least leave a little bit for the people to hang up a few of their clothes
and make sure you have empty hangers. Another thing is if you ever let it throw
pillows like I do but there’s really no room in the room to put them, then let your guest see them once then take them away and put them somewhere and make it easier for them
and have more space for their stuff. And last but not least, over the door and
hooks and racks on the back of your door closets or in the guest room bathroom are fantastic
for guest towels, jackets or anything else that they need to hook up. Alright, although this may seem like a lot
to go together, the good news is that once you have the room set, you never have to organize or get it ready again every time your guest comes. The only problem is if you do this really well, your guest may never leave. What, your still here?!! And as always you rock for watching, thanks for your continues support and for leaving me a comment below about which step most resonated with you or any other tips that you could share about how to create the perfect guest room. And I’ll see you next week with another awesome tip on how to keep your life happy and organized. BYE!

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