[GOOGLE DRIVE FIX] Sorry, You Can’t View or Download This File at This Time

[GOOGLE DRIVE FIX] Sorry, You Can’t View or Download This File at This Time

When you try to download from Google Drive you see this message “Sorry, you can’t view or download this file at this time”. Actually it happens when too many people try to downloaded from a single Google Drive link. And Google Drive has bandwidth limit. I think something around 1250 mega byte a day. To solve this problem we need to come back on this page and then click on Google Drive icon. Well if your browser didn’t open error message in a new tab, simply do this. Remove this URL part. &export=download. Then here substitute the word uc by the word open. Then hit enter. Now we can see we came back to the same page again. Now click on drive icon. And the file will be added to your Google drive account. Now we need to go to our Google drive account. I provided you the drive link in the description section. Simply click on it. Once our drive is open we need to copy the file. We need to right click on the file and then
click on make a copy. Now a copy of the file will be created in
our drive. Now if we right click on the copied file and then click on the download. This time we see the file is downloading. So the problem is solved. Well one more thing. When you try to copy if you see any error
message like “error creating copy” and then followed by the file name. you need to free up some space from your drive. But first check whether the file is more than your drive space or not. If it is not bigger than your storage then
check whether you have enough free space or not. You can check it from here. If the file is smaller than your total storage you need to free up some space. You can delete unnecessary files. Also you can delete from trash. And finally you can delete hidden app data. You need to go to settings, manage apps, options and then delete hidden app data. Once you have enough free space simply follow the steps I showed you earlier. And the message “sorry you can’t view or download this file” Should not disappoint you anymore. Guys if you think my video came into your assistance then please hit the like button and subscribe my channel. Thanks for watching. Take care. Peace.

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  8. That doesnt work for me, i get a completely different screen. It says: You can't access this content because it violates our Terms of Use. Can i still do it somehow, or am i stupid?^^

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  22. So, for this to work, the receiving party needs to sign into their own Google account? … I guess if they don't use Gmail, then they are out of options.

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    It works!

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  34. issu
    Sorry, the file you have requested does not exist.

    Make sure that you have the correct URL and the file exists.

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