Giải đua ghe ngo huyện Long Phú | Đua ghe ngo Sóc Trăng 2019 | Boat racing in Soc Trang 2019

Giải đua ghe ngo huyện Long Phú | Đua ghe ngo Sóc Trăng 2019 | Boat racing in Soc Trang 2019

Ngo boat racing festival in Long Phu district, Soc Trang province (Vietnam) took place on November 2, 1919 At Hung Thanh river (Tan Qui A hamlet, Tan Hung commune) These are Ngo boat racing matches of the 17th traditional Ngo boat race in Long Phu district and one of the main activities of the 4th Ooc Om Boc festival of the Khmer-Ngo Soc Trang boat race. Mekong Delta 2019 Participating in the tournament, there are 10 teams of male boats from Soc Trang city, My Tu, My Xuyen and Chau Thanh districts and Long Phu host The tournament attracts people to watch by the attractiveness and fierce competition, the comparison of each meter of Ngo boat really satisfies the eyes of thousands of spectators on both sides of the river. Along with maintaining, preserving and promoting traditional sports of the Khmer people, which are regularly organized in Soc Trang province, Ngo boat racing, Long Phu district is one of the traditional racing events, organized This is an annual event which attracts the participation of Ngo boat teams in the province. This is an opportunity for the Ngo team to have the opportunity to compete, scrutinize, re-evaluate tactics during training, learn from experience to prepare the best athletes force for the competition and win. Ranking high in Ngo boat racing at the 4th Ooc Om Boc-Ngo Soc Trang Boat Racing Festival, the 2019 Mekong Delta region is about to take place. After more than half a day of exciting competition, Ngo Choi Ngo Chet pagoda from Soc Trang city won the first place successfully The second is the boat team of Sang Ker pagoda in Long Phu district and the third is the boat team of Day Ta Su So pagoda in My Tu district.

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