Get Your Life Organized

Get Your Life Organized

(Music) TERRI: Hey, I’m Terri Savelle
Foy, your cheerleader of dreams. Hey, if you’ve never subscribed
to this podcast, just push the little red button right there to
get consistent teaching tools and tips to help you live your
dreams. In fact today I want to talk to you about get your life
organized. Well, why does that even matter that you get your
life organized? Well, I’ve noticed that successful people
are organized. There is a link between organization and
success. Now, you may have heard me say before that the way you
do anything is the way you do everything. That’s a strong
statement. In other words, if you always pay your bills late,
you probably show up late. If your bed is always half made,
perhaps your book is still half written. Peter Daniels says it
this way. “If you have a dirty desk, you probably have dirty
undies.” That’s not what I’m saying. But the point is the way
you do anything is the way you do everything. Now, I didn’t
make this statement up but I found it to be true in my life.
Well, why is this so important that we get things together and
get organized? I love what Steven Furtick says, he says,
“What’s next in your life is always connected to what’s now.”
What’s next is connected to what’s now. In other words, how
you care for the small areas of your life determines how you’ll
also care for the big areas of your life. Well, God is the one
who said, “If you’re faithful in the little things, you’ll be
ruler over many things.” I’ve shared stories in the past of
how before I was promoted as CEO of a global organization, God
instructed me to clean up my house. Now, that sounds so
ridiculous, and you might even wonder, “Could God really
instruct someone to get organized, to declutter, to
scrub, to clean?” Absolutely. Why? Well, again, the way you do
anything is the way you do everything. If that’s true, if I
was a mess, and I was, then my leadership would be a mess. If I
couldn’t get my house in order, how could I get an organization
in order? See, I had to adapt the standard of excellence in my
life before I could expect excellence from my team. Well,
once I got my house in order, a few months later, I received a
major promotion and it absolutely changed my life.
Well, on this podcast in particular, I want to point out
that sometimes it can feel like you are having to do so much
while others are just coasting along, living sloppy and getting
by with it. It’s just not fair. Well, let me point out that
there are different degrees of clutter and disorganization, and
it’s unique to each person. In other words, what one person
considers orderly, another considers a catastrophe and they
tend to marry each other. In fact, I’ve had many people ask
me just out of curiosity, they’ll say, “Terri, does
anything get you upset?” Well, I do have a pretty easygoing
personality, and I don’t tend to get too disturbed or agitated by
much. However, the main thing I identified what upsets me, the
main thing that ruffles my feathers, or as I like to say,
steals my peace more than anything is coming home to a
messy, cluttered, disorganized home like that seriously just
takes my peace. Well, in the past, there were many times when
I would get home late at night from traveling all week and
speaking at conferences, and as soon as I would walk in the
backdoor, I would be greeted by empty pizza boxes stacked on the
kitchen counter, dishes piled in the sink, coats hanging across
the kitchen table chairs and backpacks on the table. I would
just like gasp in disgust, and I could hardly even put my luggage
down from my arm before I was grabbing trash bags, disposing
of the pizza boxes. That’s not the best way for me to return
from a trip with the best attitude for my family. Well,
being married now for 26 years, my husband knows how important a
clutter-free kitchen is to my arrival that he consistently
make sure I’m welcomed home to order. Now this isn’t everyday.
This is only when I come home from trips. Let me make that
clear. Well, it makes me happier than I can express when I walk
in and see dishes put away, countertops wiped clean and a
birthday cake scented candle burning. In fact, I’ll text
Rodney when I get on the plane headed home just to alert him
that I’m en route. I’ll say, “Hey, what you doing?” He’ll
respond, “Making peace for you.” Well, the reason I’m telling you
this is because we all have different tolerance levels for
disorganization and clutter. Mine and Rodney’s are completely
different and the person with the lowest tolerance level will
end up doing most of the work to get things in shape. Well, some
people have no qualms about leaving their dirty clothes in
the bathroom for a solid week or walking over a pile of laundry
for several days. Maybe I’m referring to Rodney, maybe not.
In fact, I read a story recently about a woman whose husband was
so messy that she want to do a little experiment just to see
how long he would go without noticing clutter. Well, when she
returned from her trip, she left his suitcase full of dirty
clothes right in front of the front door. She said he
literally had to step over the suitcase to even get in the
house. After a solid month, she called off the experiment and
emptied the suitcase. Well, it may not be totally fair that one
spouse has to maintain most of the order and do most of the
tidying up. Here’s the thing. In most cases, they’re not trying
to be rude or disrespectful. It just doesn’t even bother them.
They don’t even see what you see. Well, that’s when you have
to hold on to scripture that say, “Do everything as unto the
Lord.” In other words, make the bed, pick up his or her
underwear, clean the bathtub, load the dishwasher, do the
laundry, file the bills as unto the Lord. Why? Because your
Father in heaven is watching, and he sees every act as
preparation for promotion. All those tedious acts in private
will bring you rewards in public. Getting your life
organized, cleaned up could be a major prerequisite for your
breakthrough. I know it was for me. Your personal standard of
excellence, it’s all about preparation for something
greater. Remember what I said earlier? What’s next in your
life is always connected to what’s now. God’s watching,
observing, noticing how you care for the little things in your
life and I’m telling you when he sees someone paying attention to
details such as picking the trash up off the floor rather
than just walking over it or putting things back where they
belong rather than leaving them out for somebody else to pick
up or hanging things back rather than just leaving them laying
there, he’s getting ready to promote. In fact, in the Bible,
it says that Daniel became distinguished above all other
high officials because an excellent spirit was in him.
That’s Daniel 6:3. Think about that. His personal standard of
excellence brought him from the lowest one to the highest
position in society back then. See, Daniel wasn’t just your
average Joe working an average job. He was a slave. He wasn’t
married. He didn’t have kids. This guy had nothing. He wasn’t
someone that was like being groomed for success or to be in
the public eye. He was considered a nobody. I think we
get the picture that he was like the lowest ranking guy on the
totem pole, so to speak, but God’s favor was on him. Why?
Simply because he had an excellent spirit. He was
actually promoted as head over three presidents and in charge
of overseeing the king’s financial affairs. Now, I want
you to think about that. A slave, a former slave, had
oversight of the king’s money. Scripture says, “Daniel was
preferred above the presidents and princess.” Well, that word
“preferred” means to be handpicked, approved, favored,
adopted, liked and endorsed. Your standard of excellence can
pave the way for you to be promoted when you seem to be the
least likely person, the last choice, the shock of the season
to those around you. I believe it will cause you to be set
apart and promoted above all others who may even be more
qualified than you, more educated, more experienced. I’m
telling you excellence opens doors in your life that no man
can shut. Excellence puts you on a path for success. Let me just
tell you this real quick. When you feel like complaining
because of all that you’re having to do while others aren’t
doing much … I love this statement I heard from Joyce
Meyer, because I’ve felt that way many times. She said she was
starting to complain about everything she has to do while
others don’t have so many standards. One day the Lord said
to her, he said, “Joyce, you’ve asked me for a lot. Do you want
it or not?” Well, you’ve asked the Lord for some big dreams,
some big prayers and it’s going to demand a big commitment. Do
you want it or not? I want to encourage you. Make a decision
to get organized and do it as unto the Lord. He’s watching and
he’s ready to promote. I want to mention real quick that we have
a YouTube subscriber this week and they go by this name got2bme
todd, got2bme todd, I like that. This is what they wrote, “I
organized my kitchen and what a difference it made. It gave me
peace of mind.” It says, “It might be old but it’s clean and
orderly and now it’s a joy to cook dinner.” Well, I am so
proud of you for taking action and decluttering, got2bme todd.
I want to help each and everyone of you with not only getting
your surroundings in order but get your life in order. That’s
why I’m giving you the first two chapters of my latest book
Declutter Your Way to Success completely free. All you have to
do is find the link in the description to download your
book and get the first two chapters free. Now, for more
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so much for watching this week and I’ll
see you next week. (Music)

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