German Tank Division (World War 2) – Organization & Structure – Visualization

German Tank Division (World War 2) – Organization & Structure – Visualization

a german tank division in 1939 consisted of about 12,000 men 3,000 of them were signed to the tank Brigade 3200 to the motorized Infantry, Brigade and 1200 Artillery regiment the remaining 5,600 were signed to supply recon engineering, anti-tank, signalling and staff units Now let’s take a look at the composition of the tank Brigade it consisted of 12 panzerbefehlswagen a command tank 90 Panzer II 162 panzer III and sixty panzer IV hence a total number of 324 tanks, but this was the intended composition, so let’s take a look at the actual or composition These are the numbers for the erste panzer division, the first tank division it had 93 Panzer one’s a tank never intended for combat and only armed with machine guns 122 panzer twos a mere 26 panzer threes 56 panzer fours and 12 panzerbefehlswagen thus giving a total of 309 tanks slightly below the intended size But numbers without context are like politicians quite useless and untrustworthy so let’s take a closer Look on the left side the intended setup with a lot of panzer threes Which was back in 1939 the main Battle tank of the German army but historically those positions had to be filled with a significantly less combat effective panzer I and Panzer II Now a closer look on the planned organization and structure of the panzer formations The tank Brigade consisted of two regiments with two battalions each and each of two battalions and each of those batallions consists of a staff company two light companies and a medium company the stabskompanie or a staff company consists of a signaling platoon with two panzerbefehlswagen and a panzer III Note that the panzerbefehlswagen looks like a panzer III But it only had a fake gun and the turret was welded to the hull yet This was crucial to the performance of the German panzer units because it provided important command and control facilities furthermore the Company had one platoon of light tanks consisting of five panzer twos So let’s take a look at the two light tank companies or the leichte panzerkompanie they Consisted of a company section with two panzer threes a light tank platoon with five panzer twos and three platoons of five panzer III each finally the medium tank company or Mittlere Panzerkompanie the company section with panzer fours and light platoon with panzer II are almost identical to the light companies But the three main platoons all consist of four tanks each instead of five tanks These four companies together made up one battalion with 71 tanks thus with four battalions for the brigade. There’s a total of 284 Tanks for Frontline Duty Note that this number is below the total number of tanks because some tanks are kept for reserve and command duties This was the intended set up the number of available panzer threes was very low thus there roles needed to be filled by other tanks like the panzer I and panzer II Time to take a look at the division as a whole again the tank. We gave was supported by an infantry Brigade 90 armored cars 48 anti-tank guns twelve anti-air guns and 24 pieces of artillery as You can see this was a considerable amount of equipment please like, comment, share and subscribe and see you next time.

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  1. Panzer 1 was never meant for combat? What was it supposed to do then?

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  3. Where did the Tiger 1 and 2 fit in?

  4. I heard from a soldiers wearing bear outfits, but I don't know what this really should be. Can you mention it in a video?

  5. What was the point of fitting the command tanks with fake guns? Why not just remove it completely?

  6. +Military History Visualized
    Brilliant video, thank you very mutch

  7. Very informative and easy digested! Thanks!

  8. Nice presentation. Well done! Would love to see more like that for other countries too.

  9. Hmmmmm……accurate militaric history videos…….SUUBSSSCRRRRIIIIIIBBBBBBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 🙂

  10. if you turn on subtitles apparantly panzer 3 is pants free

  11. Excellent research & presentation.

  12. fake gun? did I hear it right?

  13. Hey I've been looking up World War One battle casualties (mostly on YouTube oops) and was wondering why the allied casualties were always slightly higher than the central powers casualties is there a reason for this and if so could you do a video on it
    Tu Amigo

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  15. on the first example you gave i didn't understand what you said. there where twelve Panzer whats?

  16. Military History Visualized, could you do organization, structure and more importantly, amount of equipment of modern dvisions? I'm quite confused often at how much amount of gear it actually has and I would love to have a video to clear things up. If that is not exactly ''historic'', could you do to more modern, cold war divisions instead of modern brigade structure? If not, could you at least link me to good sources which would give me this information for further analysis?

  17. Btw: then you are giving numbers, please leave a visual number over amount of troops or equipment it is. It is difficult to follow exact specifications sometimes and it would help a lot with presentation.

  18. Can you make a video on reorganizing units? What happens when a division suffers heavy losses?

  19. Can you do a video on military education – West Point etc. thanks!

  20. All of that for a Tank Division? Holyshit. That seems like a small army in itself. No wonder the Germans were less versatile than the Allies after 1942.

  21. Really good video!

  22. is this guy German? zere are …. people in ze panzers

  23. So aside from the poor quality of the tanks, the biggest problems I see is the lack of tracked vehicles to transport infantry and the lack of self-propelled artillery and anti-tank guns. The only assault guns that could keep up with the advance would seem to be in the limited number of Panzer IVs. Oh, and AAA, but that would fall under the Luftwaffe. It would be nice to know what Luftwaffe units would normally accompany a Panzer division at this time.

  24. "Numbers without context are like politicians, quite useless and untrustworthy"
    I laughed a hardy laugh

  25. Could you do the organization of the Type 44 Panzer Division?

  26. Did Panzer IVs and Panthers replace every other tank in Panzer Divisions by late war? And did any of big cat versions get attached to Panzer Divisions alongside Schwerepanzerabteilungen?

  27. What about the heavy tank battalions?

  28. it's amazing how they had so much early success relying on crap such as Panzer I and IIs

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  31. Panzerbefehlswagen was a variant of panzer 3?

  32. what was the recon tank again

  33. Aua… Ich will gar nicht wissen, was die Ammis denken, wenn sie ein WW2 Video mit einem derartig TIEFDEUTSCHEN Akzent sehen/hören. Der Inhalt ist gut, aber du hättest es vielleicht jemand anderen sprechen lassen, dessen Aussprache besser ist 🙂 Kein Hate, Hilfe. Wie gesagt, ansonsten ist das Video super!

  34. This is so awesome and helpful for the people (like me) that have no knowledge of how armies are constructed, but want a quick (visual) guide to it. Good job.

  35. incredible content!!!!

  36. Best channel on youtube for me . I thank you greatly for what you are doing !
    I have a question. How wide of a front would a german infantry or armour division typically cover? 50 miles wide,100 miles wide? I take it early war would be different compared to late war since late war had less divisions ?

  37. what about the tigers and panthers?

  38. Why were Panzer brigades so large in terms of numbers? I assumed the infantry brigade was larger, and I can't see where the 3,000 men came from, when each tank would need 5 crew members only. Are there extra units within a Panzer brigade?

  39. Going through your videos liking them all, great work.

  40. Looking to know more with the german structural unit/division in operation barbarossa 🙂

  41. There is value in knowing numbers, but like you said context makes a big difference in understanding the numbers. What is the purpose of a Panzer Division? What are typical missions. A brief discussion of the duties/purpose of the various units would be very beneficial. What is the purpose of the light companies, medium companies etc.? Other helpful info would be what specific tank types were used for? Why was it significant that there were too few Pzkw III? I don't think you would add a too much to the length of the vid, but you would add tremendous value.

  42. I nice piece of military history, that you normally get. thank you

  43. Could you make another version of this that would be a late War version of the Panzer Division? Like the ones that American forces were fighting in say '43, '44, and '45?

  44. How many trucks in a german tank division?

  45. +Military History Visualised

    Surely this is only the Pz Division of 1939 to 1940? Hitler had the Pz Div tank ccomponent halved to double the number of Panzer Divisions? Either way, i am very impressed with your attention to detail!

    Shouldn't the title be "Early WW2 Pz Division"?
    The Pz Divs of 1941 onward usually had 1 Abt. of PzIIIs and 1 of PzIV [which were known as 'Infantry' tanks since they carried Inf supporting 75mm L24 light howitsers, a concept carried over from the British misconceptions derived from WW1?

    Actually, i believe in Op. Barbarossa a Pz Div was composed of a PzRegt. of 2 Abt. of PzIIIs and another of Skoda Pz38[t].
    By mid 1942 the PzIV F2 'Special' carried the L43 – later, L48 – 75mm dual purpose cannon and was devastating not only to the Sovyet T-34 and KV-1 but , even more so to the British Crusader and Matilda II tanks [although, the USA was providing the Stuart light tank and the Grant medium tank by this time, in small numbers, which were far superior to the MoD's Armoured Development Specialists who did not even notice the face hardened armour of a captured German tank in 1941 UNTIL MARCH 1942!!!].
    So, as the tank component was reduced, the 'Panzer Grenadier' units were increased. On paper there were 2 Regts; 1 of 2 Abt. of Motorised Infantry; and a 2nd Regt of Infantry mounted in Sdkfz 251/250 in the first Abt, but the 2nd Abt in trucks… though, it's likely the half track mounted troops were transported by truck whilst their Sdkfz251s were being towed into position as they – no doubt – would be used as the more aggressive portion of the Infantry element, with hard cover for them whilst they moved aggresively into position.

    By late 1943 a Pz Div had a Pz Regt. with 2 Abt. of 55 PzIVH and 55 PzV [Panther w its devastating L70 75mm cannon].
    Certain Waffen SS & elite units [GrossDeutschland, Panzer Lehr, Herman Goering Pz Division] were allotted schwere Panzer Abt. [Tiger VI E] of, i'm guessing, 36-50 vehicles.

    As for the Mot. Inf. element, surely assault units were created in 'forming up' areas and utilised the Sdkfz 251 to place a German assault platoon into the enemy rear area to provide protection from small arms fire whilst they tried to achieve their objectives?
    So, operationally? they were used in the same way as tanks and were never meant to 'transport' units from A to B as this would cause unnecessary wear and tear upon the vehicles. Tanks – as were Sdkfz 250/251/etc – were designed purely as operational vehicles so trucks, much more suitable for transportation, were used as standard to get a military unit from A to B.

    Even today tanks and Infantry carriers are 'towed' into operational areas to avoid wear and tear upon very tough – though, very vulnerable over time – military vehicles. These are NOT 'civilian' vehicles and, as such, do not have the same 'lifespan' and, going back over 50 years, i would imagine the parts and 'running capability' of the vehicles of WW2 and the Korean War were even less stable or hardy… even WITH [or perhaps because of?] superb German Engineering. It's seems obvious that the Sovyet T-34s WERE used as troop carriers but since the USSR had a vast area behind the Urals churning out vast amounts of tanks, tanks destroyers, SP artillery, etc, i doubt they worried too much about replacements.

    Thank you for your video.

  46. Can you write numbers of member in brigades.. 1100 etc.? (my english is week)

  47. When Germany overran Czechoslovakia prior to ww2, they captured a large number of czech built pz-35 tanks and the factory newly retooled to produce the improved pz-38 model. These were used to pad out numbers in several early war campaigns. The Pz-38s were similar to pz-II but better armed. Some divisions used in France had pz-38s as over half their tank strength.

  48. I'd like to see a video on the German '44 infantry & Volksgrenadier divisions. Keep up the good work.

  49. The video left out a major component of the 1939/1940 panzer division, namely the Czech 35(t) and 38(t). The 38(t) in particular was pretty close to the effectiveness of an early Panzer III. Rommel's Ghost Division in the invasion of France was composed mostly of Czech tanks, and he did pretty well with them.

  50. useless since every german panzer division organisation was unique.

  51. You didn't mention Pz 35(t) and Pz 38 (t). What was their role in reality? Replacements for Pz II and Pz III respectively?

  52. How did the German army go about adding newer tanks to divisions like the Tigers and such?

  53. 2 Questions:1. Will you add other videos for every single Pz-Div (1-27) and Waffen-SS Pz-Div, just to understand the change in the composition starting from 39 to 45? And, the composition at the beginning of crucial operations like “Fall Weiss”, “Marita”, “Barbarossa” …2. Will you add other videos like the StuG’s one for Tank destroyers? In addition, how
    these panzers were integrated in the Pz-Div?Thank you in advance

  54. Here's your tank.
    It has a fake gun and the turret is welded in place.

  55. I guess you forgot in the begging of the war the Germans used many Panzer 38t and 35t

  56. Is there video about theoretical 1945 Panzer division organisation and structure?

  57. I just want to know what happened to the 6th panzer division.looks at profile picture nvm

  58. 3000 guys in the tank brigade, but only 300 tanks… ? So were they hanging off the side of the tanks ?

  59. The reason why Germans cut numbers of tanks of panzer division later was that panzer division need a lot more infantry support. Panzers making break trough wasn't the biggest issue. The biggest problem was how to get infantry following with large numbers those armor penetrations. Finns noticed during Winter War that its better to let tanks go through because alone separated from their infantry support they were relatively easy targets for anti tank crews.

  60. What are the differences Panzergrenadier and infantry in Panzer Division?

  61. What about Infantry Brigade, how was it organized?

  62. I'm from Italy… I have to say that your videos are fantastic! Your english is very simply, so I can understand all of what you say.
    Continue on this way!

  63. I'm not sure whether I just missed it, but how many soldiers were part of the 1st Panzer division on average and what roles did they have?
    like x amount infantry on foot, y amount infantry on bikes, z tank crewmembers, same for art, anti tank and recon, repair, supplies, so on?

  64. Germany used average just 6.5% for building combat armor of all kinds. It's amazing that even in late 1944 U-boats production was (once again) bigger than combat AFV production. If taking all weapons, ammunition, vehicles etc used for German land warfare that slice was just 30% while 58% of German production was targeting air war and 12% sea warfare. Germans would have had higher share for sea war if they had their new generation XXI U-boats in full production line much earlier than in late 1944. U-boats were high in German priority list.

  65. You should make a sequel/follow up to this, showing how Panzer Division organization changed as the war progressed and resources became more limited and spread thin.

  66. "Numbers without context are like politicians, quite useless and untrustworthy"
    Fokken subbed

  67. You doing a British/Commonwealth armoured division?

  68. Can you do one Video were its visualized how the organisation of the Tank devisions changed tought the war?

    Because with some new type of tanks like the Tiger or Panther the devision stucture also changed or not?

  69. Mechanized infantry? Panzer grenadiers?

  70. Nice video, thanks.

  71. Exellent. Thanks.

  72. Suggestion: ORBAT of different divisions on your website

    (Would love to see a Volksgrenadier division)

  73. they used propelled artilhery as a separated division?

  74. Nice video.
    Wats is the formation of a soviet division?

  75. Leopard I = best WW2 tank

  76. Germans were first who realized that there must be 1:2 rate between armored regiments and infantry regiments in armored division. German started that move from 1:1 to 1:2 soon after Poland campaign. Tanks without enough infantry support are quite hapless.

  77. "The remaining 5 600 …" supplies, recon, engineering, anti-tank, signaling and staff units. However i got only 4 600. Which is with those first three regiments total 12 000. However i would more interesting to know the strength of Panzer division from 1941 to 1944.

  78. They should’ve used artillery only

  79. Did anybody ever work out how long a Panzer division would be strung out along a two-lane road?

  80. Supplying these units must of been a mind fuck.

  81. Wheres the heavy TIGER TANK?

  82. What about maintenance?

  83. This place is like crack for smart people.

  84. Panzer division and infantry division should be formed in one unit , like roman legion and napoleon's corp .

    Orthodox but proven effective,

    Till to this day the doctrines still hasn't changed,

    Panzers are panzers , troops are troops

    It's literally logistic and line of communication nightmare ,

    But prolly due to political issues like one famous general can coup a government with a legion

  85. There was 36 artillery pieces not 24. 2 x 12 105 batteries and 1 x 12 150.

  86. Who is here for Heart of Iron 4?

  87. Why do you say the Panzer I was not intended for combat when you've said it was in your video about how it's underrated?

  88. Panzerbefelswagen was the shit. Fake turret 😂😂🤣🤣 gottem

  89. I actually looked at an US Tank Division (1943) that the US had 16. It had more. To compite with them in 1944, the German PS. Divisions should had had in 1944 each, the following :" 180 Pz. III, 60 Pz. IV, 60 Panther, 180 Halphtrucks, 90 Armoured Cars, 72 105 mm guns, 36 155 my guns, 72 5.5 cm ATG, 36 Boxers AAG, 18 155 my AAG, and 1850 Vehicles. And Germany needed in France 18 Pz. Divisions. Look friends at video of what the US Armoured Divisions had. The Germans should had started the War in September 1942 and not in September 1939. Took the US about 5 yeras (1939 – 1943) to built. We're if the War started in 1942, say it took the US 5 years (1942 – 1946) to built. By then the Germans would have taken most of Europe ( 1942 – 1944). N. Africa 1943 – 1944) and the Middle East (1945 – 1946). We're in June 1947 the US would be ready for some type of Operation in taking UK or Landing in Marocco (N. Africa). We're the Germans would have defeated them due to having more and better equipped divisions.. Having lost there best divisions, the US would have had to come in some type of peace talks with the Germans. as I say before in many Video's I have seen, September 1942 was the best time to start the War Hitler. We're he would had had 4 years (1939 – 1942) more to equip his Divisions to full strength. As also his Air Force and Navy. He would have caught the UK and US unpreapeared. We're in June 1947, when the US would be prepared, the Germans would have better Divisions and a better strategic are (That they took) to Defend and Attack any Amphibian Assolt from the US. Mostly in Western Europe (UK, France), N. Africa (Morocco, Algeria) and Middle East ((Iran). But as long Germany and Japan do not declear war on the US and also on Russia. Japan could of attacked Pearl Harbour Pacific Fleet in December 1947. Use 9 Aircraft Carriers and 700 War Playns in 4 Air Attacks. Destroy 3/5 of all ships, damage 2/5 of all ships and destroy the oil stores to there. but best of all as many of the US Aircraft Carriers (By Air attacks or Sumbarines). Before you start a War, you must prepare and to do that you need more time. Admiral Raider told Hitler to start the War in 1942. Hitler's Generals told Hitler there Divisions needed more time to Equip (Why they were 1/3 Equiped and ready). Hitler did not listen and he lost the War. Actually the 165 Divisions (17 Pz., 11 Mot. Rifle, 6 Light) that he used to invade USSR were inafe to take all of N. Africa, all of the Middle East, Malta and all Europe. But even then needed a few more. But the problem then was, that in June 1944 the USA would be ready for an Amphibian attack. On UK and Morocco. you would say all, yes but even if the US came in in 1944 or 1947, the Germans would have defeated them. Yes but…… don't forget that the Germans would have been more Stronger then in 1947…than 1944. Why in 1944 – 1946…they would have built more War Plans (Jets), Missiles (The V1, V2) , War Ships more and Panther and Tigers. Even then the Atomic Bomb. That a longer range bomber or Missile (The V4) can carry it to USAs East Coast. So time played a big role for the Germans. It would have given them victory.

  90. This looks great

  91. Gained a sub with that political joke😂

  92. I think it’s important to note that panzer divisions never had 100% operational capability, especially on the Eastern Front, but then again it’s hard to gauge if you don’t have hard statistics

  93. brilliantly informative, danke! and agreed re the politicians 👍😁

  94. Is there any video that goes into more detail about the non-tank components of a Panzer Division?

  95. Numbers of Trucks and Halftracks in the division?

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