GBC CombBind C110e Plastic Comb Binding Machine Demo

GBC CombBind C110e Plastic Comb Binding Machine Demo

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  1. You saved my day! Me and 8 of my colleagues were trying to figure out how to use this machine (no one ever worked with it) and no luck.
    But this video resolved all the issues!!!

  2. Can you tell me what type of plastic comb is needed for this machine? Thanks!

  3. This is way too fast to be helpful. I needed some instructions like this, but I can't follow this video at all. Also, I have this machine, and mine does not have those decals on the front that you are whizzing through at a 1000 miles per hour, so it's hard to select which size comb to use. Oh well. I hope there's another video about this model on YouTube, so I can figure things out. This did not help at all.

  4. Great binding machine for the cost.=>>の The ability to line things up on the edge to make everything neat is a great feature. It does exactly what I need it to do. Even though you can only do 12 sheets at a time, I'm able to bind a good size book quickly.

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