Gaetz announces plan to file ethics probe against Pelosi

Gaetz announces plan to file ethics probe against Pelosi

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  1. Pelosi respects nothing..poster girl for sociopathes

  2. Pelosi is the head..the real problem lies in the western world universities. Training sociopath activists to become our leaders of society and it needs to dealt with immediately

  3. Trump resigning hooray!!!

  4. Propaganda. Fox is state tv like North Korea and Russia. Read a book while you still can folks. (Google Jim Jones and fruit punch.)

  5. NOT STUPID? SHE IS the most stupid devil in congress. If she is not stupid, then you are.

  6. Little crosseyed Matty thinks he's on a winner. If we're talking ethics – how about looking into Devin Nunez being in regular contact with the very criminals he was investigating in the Ukraine. Or how about how little Matty's daddy getting him of a DUI charge? He has fought tooth and bail to suppress his mug shot. Meanwhile, Vlad's boys are messing with upcoming elections, again.

  7. Matt is exactly correct about radical leftist Trump hating dems; they're truly sick n their heads, and have 0 policy proposals.

  8. The old fart white man party (Republican) is going to be extinct in the not so distant future.

  9. Haha…DUI Gaetz was disconnected by GOP…we all know this…Gaetz's is trying to get his nose back up Slow Moving Moscow Mitch's butt. Love this

  10. she totally called them out


  12. Deep state in every county investigate who's the Dems connections.

  13. Nasty Pelosi has hit the wall at light speed face first and Alzheimers has her by the short hairs!

  14. But isn't Pelosi above the law! YES SHE's a DemOrat!

  15. 🇺🇸👍ROMNEY/BOLTON 2020👍🇺🇸

  16. Not only is pelosi furious of the impeachment turnout but she’s furious of the 49ers losing the super bowl 😂 (I bet she lost a pretty penny)

  17. pelosi is poison.. she sucks the life out of anyone that comes near her..

  18. Democrats never do anything and that's why we can't fact check them..It is also policy to investigate corruption before handing out free money. sir you drive even 1 mile over the speed limit you are a criminal! There are families drivin and families walking across streets! You will suffer for being a hypocrite! Look up the day of the "witnesses" testifying it was like "beavis and butthead" just because they said it happened don't doesn't guarantee it did. If you crossexamine the witnesses the story would Be fell apart!

  19. That's what you do with trash tear, it up and throw it away.

  20. Go get her and jail her

  21. Pelosi is not wired up right. " Hutchinson Documents " Scotland

  22. If Thrump don't learn the "LAW" he'll be IMPEACHED at least once a year.

  23. Nancy Polosie is evil!!!

  24. I commend Gaetz! something needs to be done about this insubordination!! power must have really gotten to her head! she needs to be knocked down a few notches. Pelosi needs to be fined or prison? maybe both! it was an insult to America!! even though she's in a party that hates America.

  25. I also can't wait till Barr comes out and makes arrests!! and it's real classy to call the President a mo-fo?? by an idiot Democrat!

  26. It's way over due drain the f n swamp fire all of the anti-American demoncrates they are waist of a human body
    Maga2016 kag2020 Trump Jr. 2024 – 2024

  27. The left are jealous scum!

  28. I love it Matt. Go get her. Nobody is above the law.

  29. Obviously not a real hunter. You fill the freezer with stealth and surprise. You get a weekend pass from your wife when you loudly go hunting, but bring home zip for the freezer.

  30. Laura stop interrupting guests mid thought

  31. Women who have opposed Trump and lost their careers for it;
    Megyn Kelly
    Kathy Griffin
    And next…
    Nancy Pelosi

  32. Remember that only Hillery is above the law.

  33. Those gosh darn publicity stunts the dictator president does for a vote. Total mob boss

  34. Go Gaetz! Finally someone doing something getting some guts right or wrong! Tie up the dems in legal matters as they have done the innocent republicans like FLYNN, like Carter, like others!!!

  35. What about Trump’s ethics? This is just a show. The deplorables are falling for it! Blind and lazy!

  36. Pelosi need to see a psychiatrist.

  37. I'm glad Gaetz will file an ethics probe against Pelosi, but will she be removed from office? That's what I want to see.

  38. No democrat will vote to remove Pelosi from office probably because they're afraid of her.

  39. To think this scary woman is third in line for the presidency. That's scary.

  40. Laura interrupts everyone, butts in and talks over the top of all of her guests.
    She's a total hack! She said she'd have Savage on her show but the fake conservatives at Fox won't do it.

  41. The Republican party is embarrassment to the world Trump is a pathetic moron.

  42. Putin's little spy Trump a traitor to the nation and should be taken out back and shot end story

  43. Suck it up boy. Trump's watching you.

  44. Laura Ingham fake news reporter

  45. All offices need term limits and this lifetime benifits bull needs to end. Invest in a 401k like the rest of us

  46. Theses demon'rats have no respect to the AMERICAN PEOPLE ! PELOSI IShe is the low and stupid

  47. Take Pelosi out! Drain the SWAMP!!! Impeach Pelosi!!!!

  48. Make it stick this time.

  49. Give her psychological

  50. waste of time matt

  51. So what exactly would happen if she’s found guilty, anyway?

  52. pelosi was triggered…


  54. Nadler is almost senile and Pelosi has either long standing mental health issues or some of her facial plastic has seeped into her brain. Schiff who?

  55. So many of the GOP are terrified of Trump, they can't face the truth, even though they know it, they continue without conscience to back him! Karma will get you!


  57. Which one is beavis and which one is butthead?

  58. There two are funny

  59. So it’s suddenly ok for the president to commit bribery, but it’s oh so terrible to rip up paper. So funny. I would say you can’t make this up, but evidently the Republicans can’t. What a joke!

  60. Senchur that hoes beast named Pelosi. Or get her laid one or the other!

  61. Get rid of her put it in jail


  63. Y’all are a bunch of idiots for believing that he knows what he’s talking about.

  64. come on…if you couldn't get hillary over her e-mail scandal i don't see how you could prosecute pelosi.
    I wish things would get done but it's always just talk, never any real action. For decades really….These politicians can act like kindergarden kids and break ever and all laws. But god forbid you didn't mention buying that apple pie to the IRS, they will hunt you down over 3$

  65. Nancy is walking zombie

  66. Amen…….it's about time……she needs to be gone……i thought she works for us……..and know we want her fired

  67. Go, after her!
    Get that, left self entitled punk, THUG PELOSY!!!

  68. Oh please. Get over it. Bitching back and forth.

    Nancy is awful, everyone knows it, she made herself look like a fool, leave it at that.

  69. Bwajajajajajajajajajajajaiiii. Whadda jackalope. standards. What was the matt gaetz led walk thru? Pot says to kettle. Im hiding.

  70. It is not illegal to tear up the State of Union Speech you bunch of jackasses. It needed to be destroyed after all the lies he said.



  73. SHE is ineffective as a House Speaker because…. SHE let HER personal anger get in the way of….. RESPECT and COMMON decency!…

  74. Make her release her tax returns while you're at it!

  75. Get rid of this ugly witch!

  76. Google New way forward bill please 🤯 the Democratics are going crazy

  77. Pelosie is delusional and too FREAKING OLD TO BE IN THIS POSITION.. I think she needs a diaper change

  78. The Tribe does not like to lose… Get used to it your racist a.holes.

  79. Please file charges! Google New way forward bill please 🤯

  80. Go for it. Get her OUT

  81. Would LOVE to see Pelosi do Time.

  82. Pelosi is a criminal. Put Pelosi in prison.

  83. Hello Ingram, stop defending traitor Pelosi.

  84. What a fuc king idiot this guy is 😂😂😂😂

  85. The white house man that his true l.v.r

  86. I maroon man so how they feel to take form my grandma that boy try to rab her on eastern parkway when she on her way from work yo

  87. When Obama won, I was sick to my stomach for EIGHT years!! Not ONCE did I consider doing anything other than ‘never watch or listen to him’. Republicans have SO much more class and decency. How can people (democrats) of that older generation actually behave and THINK like they do??
    Seriously boggles my mind. They needed to get dragged to the woodshed more often for a good ole’ fashioned ‘come to Jesus meeting’ in their childhoods or had parents who didn’t do so many drugs!

  88. You go, Gaetz! It’s about time a republican got as aggressive as the dems. You are a beautiful man!

  89. Pelosi had every right to tear up a copy of Trump's speech after being directly disrespected and snubbed by the president. Brilliant !

  90. Drama, drama drama, why not try to help fix something…

  91. Come on baby's. Double standard you say hahaha. I feel sorry for the people you'll speak to. Confusing them at all corners. Smarten up my people. This is exactly what these elected officials want.

  92. Eh, I dunno. Just take the W.

  93. It is my understanding that there is a statute that makes Pelosi's action of tearing up this original federal document a felony. Regardless. if that is true or not, her action demonstrates a serious lack of judgement. She is the Speaker of the House of Representatives! That chamber represents the lawmakers of our country! They should be the most honorable and disciplined people in our country! Her childlike demonstration is unprecedented because no one else, in their right mind, has ever done that! If she has a bone to pick with the President, or anyone else, for that matter, she should do it in a proper manner. She can protest the President. The U.S. Constitution provides that right to free speech. But, she should follow the rules of decency. She showed a lack of decorum. That shows a lack of respect for the institutions of our country. It shows arrogance to Mr. Trump and to the American People!
    There Should be consequences for her lack of judgement. She, and her Democratic friends, are always complaining about how Mr. Trump is "unpresidential". They say he says and does things that are not appropriate. Well, Speaker Pelosi's action of tearing up this document was VERY inappropriate. She forgets what was said during that address. She is tearing up the public recognition of some very special people, and who and what they represent. She is tearing up the accomplishments of many and the evident progress of this country. Speaker Pelosi is so blinded by her unbridled hatred towards Mr. Trump she demonstrates the lack of ability to make sound judgement. Being in her position, that is a bad thing.
    President Obama did some pretty outrageous things during his presidency! (In fact some things bordered on being impeachable – getting around the US Congress with "a phone and a pen", for instance.) He was not treated the same way President Trump is being treated!
    This is hypocrisy, arrogance and irresponsibility at its worse! Can you imagine if Speaker Pelosi's and President Trump's roles were reversed and Mr. Trump had done this! What do you think the Media would would have done??? It works both ways!!!!
    Speaker Pelosi should be sanctioned, in some way, for this irresponsible act! She is out of control. The Democrats should be enraged. ALL members of Congress should be outraged.

  94. She's a witch, but this is not a good idea! It won't be voted on positively by Democrats and it will only serve to strengthen Pelosi with her supporters. The whole world is commenting on how foolish and childish she appeared. She is hanging herself but an action similar to her own impeachment efforts is NOT the way to go.

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