Gacha Life : The Disturbing Truth Of This Dark Community

Gacha Life : The Disturbing Truth Of This Dark Community

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  2. is it wrong to hate your own community?

  3. This is why COPPA exists now

  4. So much for our fun community;-;

  5. I completely forgot about Gacha and stumbled on this video again, and holy fuck

  6. trust me im sick of this community these hoes ain't loyal someone find me a good community and I'll leave

  7. Can you please take a look at Old Lunime?
    It was the older developer thingy

  8. This is why I switched to the Danganronpa fandom.

  9. G O T Y O U R L I F E

  10. I joined the gacha community around when the first game came out, I was in the community maybe right up until gacha verse came out. I left because everyone was so toxic. The community was made up of horny 10 year olds. I was disgusted lmao. It just keeps getting worse though, ever since gacha life came out it’s been absolutely terrible. The gacha community used to just be a tiny group of people usually aged around 10-14 that probably just liked anime. Now it’s made up of determined 9 year olds with their Neko horny characters.

  11. Gocha paradise more like got your paradise

  12. As a gachatuber, I am incredibly disturbed when I learned that CHILDREN are making such nasty videos. Like, dude, I can’t even make my characters wear shorts only—

  13. I have gacha an db I'm not crazy at all

  14. Yes, Gacha life has been ruined. It used to be nice but now with all these people making these absurd, disgusting videos, my youtube is covered with this crap. It's hard to find a family-friendly gacha video. I was TRYING to make appropriate content, but now I just give up. YouTube is getting ruined

  15. I cant belive it. I like this video.

  16. Not all Gachatubers are like this, most of them are just kids who love making stories and want an outlet for them.

  17. ima share this story on multiple comments but

    my younger sister is 10 years old and always made some cute (well kinda ugly, srry) little avatars on the game gacha life. i thought it was nice and after a while, she convinced me to play it. I am much older than her but I wanted to spend time with my sister so I got the game and made myself as a character and explored a bit. I ended up making friends with many of the npc characters on the "life" area where you can interact with npcs and always played the minigames like 1chis math (I managed to get 150 points or something) and Narwhal Sky (I got about 100 points on that) and my sister thought it was cool that there were games (for some reason she didn't know anything existed except for studio?) so she played games with me when we were bored.

    it only lasted a few days though. she started to act less interested and her characters began to show some skin. she had a character called Unica who had pastel pink and neon teal hair and an outfit that was really cute making her a really good character for a young child, but after a few days of my sister not wanting to hang out with me, i checked her screen and Unica had a lot of blush and a maid outfit. I was confused but decided to wait for a little and see if she was doing what I thought…

    my sister began to be distant. i didnt see gacha on her ipad and whenever i peeked at her screen, she turned away. she didn't spend time with me anymore.
    3 weeks later, my sister was a bit the same but i heard her cuss some times, said she claimed to be depressed (even tho she wasnt and thought depression was cool) and joked about suicide (shes 10 yrs old wth) and made dirty jokes a couple of times. something was up, and i knew it was because she was always on her ipad.

    i had a gay friend she was obsessed with as well, and she told him he wasnt gay because he didnt wear girly clothing, asked him if he had a master or a pet, and called him an "it". my friend was obviously uncomfortable, and when he left, i had ENOUGH.

    i took my sister's iPad while she was at a friend's house. i saw that gacha life was hidden somewhere where you could put multiple apps in a box together, it was hidden with a bunch of drawing apps she never used. there was a bunch of naked and dirty-looking characters called "slave" "master" "slut" "petite girl" and other things. i checked safari, where i saw a bunch of tabs opened on "gacha life sex" gacha life 13+ in love with my brother, suicide story / gacha life, master and the pet, gay love, ( i have nothing against LGBT but this is the wrong way to put it) and a video mentioned in this one… and gacha life sex with a cake which was confusing af

    i told my mom and my sister was grounded for 1 year. she threw a tantrum and was very angry, screaming for gacha life and crying "but i wanna play gacha life! gacha life, gacha life! now!" and really weird things that made me cringe but it was for the best.

    she hates me for it but she's starting to show some love and she's getting a little better.

  18. Basicly gacha (porb had miss spelled alot of stuff)

    Kids "killing" each other
    Rascit ones
    "The best gacha tuber" channels
    Kidnapped shit
    Dating people thats way older then them

    And other shit

  19. This isn’t true at all


  21. I guess these people ain’t Gacha life

  22. What do you think hentai was for?

  23. The stikbot community

  24. i am so tempted to make a gacha youtube channel just to be immediately better than everyone by not making gross videos

  25. People, Can you see this scene at 6:36? I saw some Indonesian language in some instruction scenes (simply slow down the video to 0.25x so you can see them), check the entire video. Link here .
    Indonesia is like, having the 5th-8th place of the most places GachaTubers live after US. (Well, you can think that most Asian countries have so many GachaTubers at those Asian countries.)

  26. Okay what is life? Porn?
    I swear to God I will never upload any kind of these gacha vids. (Even tho I might have cuz I was stoopid)

  27. Me playing gacha INNOCENTLY,

    9 year olds : “iNloVe wiTh mY teaChEr”


  29. If your in the Gacha community and make stuff like this you honestly are lower than the lowest and I want you to know that I hate you

  30. Please understand that this is the bad side of the community and not the actual good side that people put creative output into and work. I get that some of the stories are truly fucked up but no say aren’t. You can find some pretty good ones out there. Also not all gacha videos are made by children, most of them are actually made by teenagers and tweens.

  31. I would like to puke.

    But I think my stomach after watching this has lost all recollection of the function puking please God help.

  32. i showed this to my friend. i still have the mark. but it was worth it

  33. Most of those titles sound like shit on pornhub

  34. For me i am in the comunity. And i am one of the ones spreading the hashtags #SaveTheGachaComunity to stop porn. So i feel you lmao.

  35. These are just hilariously bad.

  36. This is like that Elsagate thing that happened a couple years back. Actually, maybe it's second wave Elsagate.

  37. I feel like Lumine is more like a group of friends that make games together rather than a cooperation.

  38. First 5-10 sec: fuck, I saw the video.
    (deletes life)

  39. every youtuber HAS to say "HIT that subscribe button and SMASH that like button"

  40. Fun fact: Gacha was originally made for Kids and Funny skits, but it seems people do not use it correctly so they made This Edgy Swill.

  41. why'd he have to say "mMmMmMmMmmmMmmmMmMMM" for "gay"?

    offended noises

  42. only my right ear can suffer

  43. My neighbor is in the 4th grade and she started watching very dark gacha stuff like those typical emo dark videos and this phase has been going on fir a long time to the point where she has been saying she formed a gang at her school and says she drinks blood because thats what the videos do. She says she is a vampire . When someone disrespects her she acts like she is a werwolf and starts hissing at us.

  44. I'm a gacha tuber and tbh I just joined for fun w

  45. I like gacha life. But not the people who are disgusting with it. This game is literally FOR KIDS/TEENS! But every fandom has it's dark disgusting side. The sexualizing of this community needs to stop! I will still continue to like gacha, but this needs to stop. Parker has a point in this video the 'sex' and the '13+' needs to stop.

  46. Doom eternal come soon to save us mortals from the true demons of gacha

  47. I was a gachatuber the dark community is the reason I quit youtube

  48. Lunime isn't a corporation, it's one Developer (Luni/Lucas/Lunime) and various artist & creators. Luni has his own instagram and deviantart, y'know.

  49. Luni:makes gacha life,an innocent game

    9 year olds;( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  50. Sad to say i wasnt the only one with kids watching this crap. Not that it was all evil but still not something kids should be effactuated with an watch constantly. i was telling my mom for months my 8 year old sister was watching inappropriate shit n she dont know, she say its fine its what kids watch an i still said no an have taken the tablet m deleted youtube an removed the playstore. But you know kids they find a way she use my moms phone thinking i wpnt know i found video them stabbing an shooting each other saying evil things bullying tsundere yandere stuff just not good shit i shpwed my mom again at that moment and she finally realized n she said softly to my sis you camt watch this stuff an she started crying. She tried watching once more after a week i told her she knows not to n my mom said the same an its been about a month or more since n im glad she hasnt tried to watch it again, another thing is the bendy ink machine songs an freddys videos kinda not cool but not as bad.

  51. I don't understand why parents just don't check their children's phones.

  52. didn't know there was another kind of "gacha".
    the only gacha I've ever known are gachapon machines, some pc games with similar features and the majority, if not all of mobile hero collectors today which I've played plenty of since late 2013.
    I've watched some gacha life videos recently and while the app itself may also be based on gachapons like the gacha that I know of but somehow its different. its community feels more like tumblr or deviant art than the gacha communities I'm used to which are more focused on hero collecting, min-maxing, team building, formulating strategies some fanservice, and clearing content, etc. I may try this game out just so I can get a better understanding of it and its community.

  53. They should really learn how to draw..

  54. yeah our gacha community is very toxic because people post things that are… yeah… but! there are some gacha that are clean and correct (the cleanest are funny videos). i know some gacha life that are original and not bad for audiance and this is what i would like the gacha community to be like correct videos with no subjects like suicide ,severe bulying,…sex,…….rape😦 and even more. gacha community needs a serious clean up and lets all help for children not to see this sh*t…. lets help and report the bad videos… PLEASE!

  55. New long term plan, become rich enough to buy the entire Lunime stock, and then liquidate it entirely.

  56. Lets face it
    All them small brain cringy kids like Gacha life and Fortnite

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