They are attacking us, they are throwing stones. Navy ship, Navy ship, this is the Farley Mowat. We are under attack. This is Sea Shepherd’s Farley Mowat. We are under attack. Engines and generators are ready. Are you guys ready? Get ready on the hoses, get your helmets on, and get your stuff on. They are starting to throw things. Stand by for hoses. We were patrolling the Vaquita Refuge. They are attacking us. They are throwing stones and lead, and more and more pangas and poachers are coming to join this attack. They want to board our stern. (rocks) That one is a Navy Defender. So, more small boats from the Navy are coming here. The poachers keep throwing stones at the Farley Mowat, but the Army (Navy) is here now, also small boats from the Army (Navy) came. Navy Ship, Navy Ship, this is Sea Shepherd. Go ahead. They are continuing to throw things. They have a chain, so watch out people. This guy has a chain. We moved from the dock after offloading nets, to move to the Vaquita Refuge to pull more illegal nets and about 20 minutes after we left the dock, we were attacked by poachers. We repelled the attack. Our defenses held very good. We were able to secure the ship. We had damage to the ship due to many rocks and two Molotovs that were thrown, both hit the stern and port side. During the attack, I was leading the starboard hose team, which involved the fire hose and the shield. At many points, we had rocks hurled at us, which we tried to push away initially with the hose because we could see them coming. That was one of the good things about the hose, that it kept the boats far enough away that we could see the projectiles as they were coming towards the ship. And then, if they would come close enough to the team, then we would use the shields to defend ourselves and we got dents in the shields from where the heavy rocks hit. We also had a Molotov hit the ship on the other side and it caught fire to the entire port side of the ship. However, because we already had the hoses in place, we could put that out immediately. It is a complicated situation for me and the other Mexican crew. They are calling us invaders, but our crew consists of people from all over the world that are taking the decision to support (this mission) and I am proud to be one of the Mexicans that crew this vessel with this noble cause. As we were departing for our daily patrol, we were attacked by a large group of skiffs. They threw a large number of dangerous objects and Molotov cocktails. Fortunately, thanks to our security protocol, all of our crew is safe. As a Mexican, I am proud to be part of this organization as we are here to protect an endemic species of our Mexico. That’s why we will not give up. Sadly, some people believe the crew members are only from America. But our crew comes from many different parts of the world. And we are happy to be here protecting an endangered species.

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  1. This is like captain philips in real life

  2. And that's why you bring a m16 for protection…..

  3. I want see their reaction when battleship comes

  4. me:
    i knew this ak-47 would be useful

  5. Do they really carry that many rocks?

  6. if i was there i was just thinking "what would black panther do in this situation?" 🤣😂

  7. Who’s here after daily dose of internet ?

  8. Everyone here talks big in the comments, but 48 hours from now you will be in the same seat doing 0% of what you say you would do. Cringey and pathetic.

  9. I've never seen people try so hard to sound legitimate and professional….and fail so badly.

    Let me advise you of something. If I come across any of your boats when I'm out protecting our Country. I'll order my crew to board you and take you all into custody and then skuttle you POS boats.

  10. Don't poke your nose into people's lives. Leave them alone.

  11. I miss the days when pouchers were executed on site should return hell I would volunteer

  12. Y’all do kno that Sea Shepherd try to do no harm to animals or humans which is the reason they use the harmless tactics and defenses that they use

  13. This is a pathetic joke, they do nothing to slow down whaling even 1% efficiency is lost because of these people ,there captain is a nut job that sprays people with water in order to take peoples money and get rich. They are worst than the whalers themselves because there using these circumstances to basically steal peoples money. Not to mention that a rock isnt going to hurt a ship that size at all,waterhose isnt gonna hurt them people at all . But sending someone out on open deck to spray someone with water that is gonna scratch your paint with a rock ,all while possibly getting hit by a rock and killed is psychotic. This man is litterly putting peoples lives at risk to spray someone with water so his ship doesn't get a scratch and he can say hes doing something progressive and can get charitable donations and praise as a hero. Truly disgusting

  14. Not to mention all them boats are too small to even be whaling ships, there just people pissed that these guys come and kill there lively hood that they feed there families with . All so they can go back home and be praised as heroes and gave money because they edit videos to look like they are doing something. The whalers litterly keep fishing right infront of them sometimes! All they do is go out on a boat and sprays them with water and throw bottles with colored dirt in them !! Stop letting these sorry piece of shits fool and lie to yall by preying on your sympathy for whales !! There is actually alot of actions from governments and organizations against these illegal whalers, that's why it's as low as it is today . These guys litterly chase the same 4 or 5 ships around for years ! Because 5 ships is all that there really is doing it which is a minuscule amount! And they don't even affect the fishers ,they stopped one for a few hours a few times, out of years of times that's nothing. But they are being praised and funded many times more than the organizations that have stopped dozens and hundreds of them . Ugh it upsets me so much what these pathetic pos hypocrites are doing .

  15. Shatterproof glass. Something BETTER to fire at them than just water alone. Ya'll need "slingshots" and compressed air guns loaded with metal bots and nuts, and things of that sort. Get creative.

  16. This is why America uses guns.

  17. I recommend a gun that loads 10 rubber rounds

  18. One gun would have ended it

  19. You got what you deserved……


  21. Utiliser des pistolet avec des balles en caoutchouc ou des pistolet a bille surpuisant !

  22. Just put the that has to be the best pirate I ever seen music over this and it’s perfect

  23. i don`t think the nets were illegal.. you sea shepherd are just takeing their life bread

  24. Idiots should've thrown rocks back at them.

  25. Did they catch and arrest those assholes?

  26. 😤😤👊👊

  27. You guys are really brave HEROs. Thank you very much.

  28. They need either a merch gun or a potatoes gun.

  29. Wtf😂 what kind of defense is that? Y’all throwing water while they’re throwing some rocks just fire up thief asses 😂

  30. this is hilarious.. "they continue to throw things"


  31. call me stupid but how the hell did the poachers get rocks or why the hell did they just randomly pack rocks


  33. aND THE GUY USING THE hose has never throw a football in his life,

  34. Just do what the Russians do! 🙌❤️🔥

  35. Reinforced plexi glass windows and maybe a small supercarghed 4cylinder engine to drive a much larger watter cannon fixed to the boat with side nets that can cover or slow down a rock being thrown at you.

    But fortunatly you had the navy to come and help escort you the rest of the way untill they stoped, next time you will defenseless.

  36. They need to stick a few dummy onboard

  37. You guys got fucked up.

  38. Pirate methods VS pirate methods

  39. Fucked I am nut a fan of killing but just shoot them.

  40. Fire on the ocean is like fire in space. a nono even for .3s

  41. Man those are some bad poachers.

  42. using water is the worst idea that will work on someone trying to catch something the size of a shark max not poachers they are on the sea they dont care about water at least rubber bullets would be good but then there is the problem of putting rubber into the sea maybe make ships that are impenetrable and even if boarded cant be captured

  43. then stop killing whale so they stop to

  44. hippity hoppaty lets give them water so they never get thirsty

  45. "Mexican cartels" pretending fisherman

  46. Try replacing the water in the hose with gasoline and make a makeshift flamethrower lol

  47. Boat looks like it has guns
    But has water guns

  48. Lol what will win water or rocks

  49. Y’all need guns

  50. Upgraded paintball markers shooting at 700 fps. Get them.

  51. To Sea Shepherd, Please stay safe against those evil Poachers. Perhaps use paintballs and maceballs.

  52. Watched all episodes of Whale wars a couple of years ago. You should sign with netflix or something and get a serie going again. Keep it up girls and guys!

  53. Daily does of internet

  54. They want to declare war on endangered species…then declare war on these criminal pirates with tools and resources that will produce better results than water cannons. No different than Somalian pirates trying to jack a vessel.

  55. I would have thrown those rocks back 😂

  56. if i were you I would throw one of those stones on the motor of the hull of those stupid pirates to make them stop

  57. Deadass would've thrown the rocks back

  58. Good job guys.. Thank goodness yall are ok. God Bless Sea Shephards!!!! You are the voice of the sea

  59. Sea shepherds when they sea poachers: NOW THIS A AVENGERS LEVEL THREAT

  60. Guys, you know that the cartels have a hand in the poaching as well right? You guys aren't facing down unarmed and for the most part well restrained Japanese corporate whaling vessels. You guys are now intervening in the cartels affairs. You boys better start packing heat or your gonna get smoked.

  61. You should had brought explosives, guns, a professional assassin, SOMETHING more effective than a simple water hose.
    Atleast use something to track them down.

  62. I really like the work that Sea Shepherd does. It inspired me to make a music video called 'Defenders of the Ocean': 🌱🐋🚢


  64. They got to be suicidal like for real who uses a hose on people that are trying to physically harm you.

  65. A preview of what the area 51 raid will look like

  66. You guys need some sort of weapon more powerful than water

  67. pirates of the Caribbean deleted scene

  68. when you playin dodgeball and you the last on the team

  69. Pathetic!! They shoot poachers in Africa why not also at sea?

  70. They need a machine gunner or a rocket launcher those mfrs deserve what’s coming to them

  71. Where did they get the rocks from your in the middle of the ocean

    Good on ya sea Shepherd

  72. You should have just turned around and run over them. A few passes of bodies with blood in the water will bring out the natural predators to clean it all up for you.

  73. What would you expect? If you wan't to take poor people their food away! I hope all sea shepherds sink!

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