FtM – Dudes Who Don’t Bind (ft. Chase Ross)

FtM – Dudes Who Don’t Bind (ft. Chase Ross)

Tyler: Hey what’s up you guys? It is Tyler and today I am joined by Chase Ross right here in front of the famous cat wall as you can see.
Chase: Yes.
Tyler: A little crossover. Sweet Life of Zack and Cody, That’s so Raven switchy swoop.
Chase: Was there actually a crossover?
Tyler: Yeah, they had Sweet Life of Zack and Cody and, it was like, That’s so Raven and Hanna Montana and they all three like did a…
Chase: All three? Tyler: Tripple threeway crossover like that.
Chase: Oh. Oh.
Tyler: Yeah. Today we are talking about how we are both FtM and neither of us bind, so it is FtM’s who don’t bind. So just a little disclaimer before we get into this: this is not me telling you not to wear a binder. I know a lot of people need to wear a binder for their personal things and mental health and such, but this is just my own experience with stopping wearing binders and like why that happened. So, I am pre-op everything. I have not had top surgery and I don’t wear a binder, and Chase does not wear a binder either. Chase: I don’t, because I’ve had top surgery. Now, the reason why I feel like we are making this video, is because I know a lot of people who have not had top surgery and don’t bind. And I feel like they feel alone.
Tyler: Yeah, exactly. Chase: So I think that this would be great for them to be like “hey”.
Tyler: You’re not alone. We’re the boys, and we’re out. Chase: I was just gonna say! We them boys!
Tyler: We the boys and we out here! We are all around. We’re out here, we’re out there, we’re over there, we’re right there. Chase: I have nothing! If I could show my calves on the… uh… Did you see how I was like holding it, I was like: You will see my Poseidon!
Tyler: I guess I will just go first. Chase: Yeah, go first!
Tyler: I’ll go first.
Chase: I’m just kind off like the face in the wall, that’s me. I’m the beauty. Tyler: The beauty.
Chase: And you’re the beast.
Tyler: And I’m the beast, damn. So, I used to wear a binder. I think that I stopped wearing a binder around 10 months on testosterone, that’s what I wanna say. So I was on testosterone, like I said, for about 10 months and I was working out, hitting my chest a lot, and I was, not eating great, but trying to eat healthier. So I was burning fat and losing fat in the chest area. Of course you will not lose chest tissue. You know, fat redistribution and fat burning and stuff will make your chest smaller, and I was around a B cup before. A lot of you guys have asked how big I was before. B cup! There you go. There is your answer. A lot of people are asking… like fack.
Chase: I know, a lot of people are like obsessed. Like “Well how big where you? What was you’re bra size?”
Tyler: “What size bra’s do you wear? I’m like: I don’t! Thanks!
Yeah, before I had like an average to small size chest and then, you know, like testo and working out, like “thank you” I got small enough to wear – I was comfortable not binding and wearing just shirts and I’m still am that point. You can still see that I have a chest. You can still see my nipples through my shirt, like, it’s bigger than most guys, but I feel like, you know, it doesn’t out me. I feel like people aren’t gonna look at me and be like: “Oh that’s, you know, not a guy because of the boob” and they’ll just be like “That’s a guy with a boob” and I’m okay with that. And it doesn’t make me more dysphoric to not have a binder on. I think it’s kind off the opposite. Like, once I got the binder off I felt less dysphoria somehow.
Chase: Aha.
Tyler: Even with more showing, and for a lot of guys that’s absolutely not the case. They don’t want any… any… Chase: bump.
Tyler: Any bump! They don’t want any bump.
Chase: Any bump.
Tyler: And ehm… and for me the bump is okay. My security with myself is not so much around like my chest, it’s around me just like a whole. So I feel like once I presented as a whole more masculine I was comfortable having the more feminine looking chest.
Chase: I have two questions. Tyler: Okay.
Chase: Two questions. One. Do you take of your shirt around cis-guys that don’t know that you’re trans?
Tyler: Yes, I do. Chase: Has anybody ever asked you anything about them or like ‘side-eyed’ like ‘emoij’. Tyler: Not that I’ve noticed. See, recently I went to Hawaï and I was on the beach. Very packed beach, Waikiki, lots of tourists, shirt off, swimming, went to public pools, shirt off, swimming… It’s kinda weird at first… Yeah, no one has asked me any questions and I haven’t gotten any shit for it, but like, I’m comfortable with it, even with my chest totally exposed like… it’s fine. It just looks like I have gyno (gynecomastia).
Chase: Yeah, cuz you’re like super cis-passing. Right, so people wouldn’t be like…
Tyler: Super white-privilege, like cis-passing.
Chase: Yeah, you know, cis-passing. Chase: Well, I mean, I’m gonna say it.
Tyler: No, it’s true. Like I am cis passing.
Chase: I can’t not acknowledge. We’re white, you know.
Tyler: Yeah, yeah. Absolutely. Chase: Okay, and my second question – because you can talk about it – do you want top surgery? Tyler: Do I want top surgery? Yes, I do. I want top surgery, but it’s not, like I want it really bad, every time I start thinking about it and researching it, I’m like: “Oh my god, I want it tomorrow”, but it’s not something where it’s like “for my mental health I need this”. For a lot of guys it is. It’s not… I don’t have a lot of dysphoria around my chest.
Chase: It’s not pressing.
Tyler: Yeah, yeah, exactly. I want top surgery, but I’m like, whenever I can raise the money for it. I’ve been trying to save as much as I can, so that’s what I’m working towards. But I still know that it’s going to be a while, and like, I’m okay with that because it’s not something that’s preventing me from anything.
Chase: Okay.
Tyler: Cuz with the binder, like with working out, with running; being an active person, it prevented me from doing a lot of those things, as a lot of you guys mention, yeah.
Chase: You’re a runner. Tyler: I’m a runner!
Chase: Ah, you do the running!
Tyler: Not much! Just when I absolutely have to.
Chase: Hm.
Tyler: My chest is eligible for keyhole, so that’s what I’m probably going to want to do. Chase: I’ve had top surgery. Okay…
Tyler: Okay, Chase’s time.
Chase: No, no, no, I mean like I had double incision, so I get them scars, but when people like you who have got them small chest get keyhole I’m like… a bit of me is like a little … alert.
Tyler: A little jealous? Chase: Yeah, I am a little jealous.
Chase: (inaudible) please take off your shirt. Tyler: Here you go.
Chase: Yeah. Tyler: If you guys were wondering, this is what my chest looks like pre-op. Chase: “This is my chest 10 months on…”, just kidding.
Tyler: “This is my chest 2,5 years on T”. So definitely there is… the breast tissue is still there.
Chase: Yeah.
Tyler: But I think like with the muscles above, you know, and then like the rest of me. It’s not super questionable. People just think that I’m like a guy who maybe did like a cyclist steroids and did like a post-cycle therapy and now I have gyno (gynecomastia) from it. Chase: Like people know exactly the exact like: “Oh yes he did a cycle of that…” You have like the moms in the corner: “Oh my god, he’s so attractive, he must have done the steroids!”
Tyler: “The steroids!”
Chase: Well now that you took your shirt off… Tyler: Yeah let’s get shirtless.
Chase: Well look at that. Oh my god, I look it’s looks like I’ve got a really bad tan.
Tyler: Haha, I love it!
Chase: I don’t know how that happened. Tyler: Is it your hair? Is it just your body?
Chase: Is it my hair…?!
Tyler: I mean your chest hair is like right here. Chase: Oh, okay! I was like “my hair?”. Okay. Yes, so see, I had the… I just touched my nipple and that really hurt. I’m sensitive. See, you get to like, retain… I know I’m on my tippy toes. You get to retain nipple sensation and I’m like… peperoni. No I’m kidding, I can feel like underneath it. But yeah, so I don’t bind obviously, cuz I had top surgery. I am literally in my underwear right now. Just thought you should know, I’m like almost naked.
Tyler: Same.
Chase: Ehm… same.
Tyler: Both of us.
Chase: Yes. I feel like I needed to have top surgery as soon as possible, because of like mental health reasons. But I did schedule my top surgery and then I cancelled it and waited a year. I did that because I wasn’t ready. I wanted it as fast as possible, so I booked it, and I was like “I’m not ready, this is too fast”. So I unbooked it, and I was like “I’ll just wait”, so I waited a year and I’m so glad that I did, because that year made me realize “I need top surgery now!”, so I got it after a year and that was like the best thing I could have ever done. So I had top surgery when I was 22, and… so I’m like 3 years post-op exactly now, so this is my chest. Tyler: Whoo I love it! I know, I saw your newest like this is me 3 years… Chase: This is me 3 years…
Tyler: 3 years on T.
Chase: 3 years on post-op Tyler: 3 years on post-op, yeah.
Chase: Yeah, I do wish that the scars where a little more… but that’s okay. Tyler: And so like, what was your experience…? Can you talk about binding somewhere, like before and after?
Chase: Oh my god, I binded for 5 years, I know all about it. Tyler: Oh my god!
Chase: “I know!”
Tyler: I was like ready to be done. I took mine off as soon as possible, because I was like “fack the binder, I’ll have tits.” How did you go 5 years binding?
Chase: Oh my god, I don’t even know. I bought a binder with like my my dad’s credit card, I had like a…
Tyler: Oh, hacker! Chase: I was like 15, and I was like “hey daddy, I need some books from amazon…”
Tyler: “daddy”
Chase: Papito. And I like used his card and he was like “what are these things?” and he like looked at all the books that where in the amazon box and stuff and he was like “what’s this?” and I was like “research” and he like walked away and then I also bought like binders and packers. Actually the packer that I’m wearing right now. It’s been 10 years and I…
Tyler: Oh! “Thanks dad!”
Chase: I know!
Tyler: Nice.
Chase: 10 year old packer, I have it in me – on me. Tyler: Older then some of you. Just kidding.
Chase: Older then some…
Tyler: Hopefully not!
Chase: Oh my god!
Tyler: Click away now.
Chase: I know, click away. But yeah, I started binding like a little bit, like on and off and then right after high school I started binding like full time, because I couldn’t deal with it anymore. Because I wanted to wait until after high school, because I was like “pff, high school are like horrible and no one transitions in high school”, that’s what I thought; I’m old. Ehm… yes so I waited and then I just binded forever and it was like so painful, but then my chest became like smaller, because of the redistribution, like you were talking about, but also flatter because the binders are so tight that they like “uhg!” so like the titties where like… where like saggy.
Tyler: Oh! Hello!
Chase: They were literally like that. You could pick them up by the skin and go like… it was disgusting! I’m sorry… you know what, I’m sure that there is someone that’s watching here that has like the exact same story, they can…
Tyler: Yeah, don’t say that someone’s body is disgusting. Oh, you’re talking about yourself, okay. Chase: My own body! You can like pick it up, and it was like “hmm”, it… – I mean, it was just a I have, you know, I don’t wanna touch them, you know. But, you know, now that I’ve had top surgery I feel… My dream was to never wear a shirt and that dream came true. I never wear a shirt.
Tyler: Aw! I love it! Chase: Aw! Papito.
Tyler: Shirtless in Seattle.
Chase: Shirt… like Sleepless in Seattle? I’m alert.
Tyler: Alert.
Chase: That could be the documentary, a parody documentary. Tyler: Shirtless in Seattle?
Chase: Yeah.
Tyler: Ah, okay.
Chase: Just walk around shirtless in Seattle…
Tyler: FtM’s
Chase: in winter. The nips are gonna be…
Tyler: hard.
Chase: I know, they’re gonna…
Tyler: Alert! So yeah, that sounds… really… not the funnest.
Chase: I know.
Tyler: So then after…, after your top surgery, after “the surgery”.
Chase: “the surgery” Tyler: And you know, your dream was to not wear a shirt. Now you never wear a shirt. Do you sometimes like, feel… I don’t know what I… how I wanna phrase this…
Chase: Like I miss it? Tyler: Yeah, do you sometimes feel like attached to that, or sometimes like have…, not necessarily positive feelings towards it, but like negative feelings where you’re like “Oh, I’m just so glad, but like… you also like…”
Chase: It’s weird, because I had them for so long, that I feel like I should remember what it feels like, but I don’t. It doesn’t even feel like I had… I look at pictures of me and I see like the bump in the shirt and I’m like “Oh yeah…” like it’s confusing sometimes and then other times I’m like “I feel like I still have them”, but they’re not there. Like, it’s a strange feeling.
Tyler: Yeah.
Chase: And I think it’s because I don’t really feel the nips that much. I feel like other parts of my chest, and like a different type of way… So like, I can’t remember what it was like.
Tyler: Okay.
Chase: Like it’s a weird… yeah, but I don’t miss it.
Tyler: Right.
Chase: I know, but I don’t miss it.
Tyler: Definitely.
Chase: No, no, no. I’m definitely much happier with this.
Tyler: Yeah. Absolutely.
Chase: Yeah, and I like waited a year and I like worked hard to like get all that money together and like I fundraised a lot, and – oh my god – by the end of it, I was like “Bless, Jesus Christ, I’m so happy to have surgery”. Obviously when you’re getting wheeled into the operation room you get a little anxious.
Tyler: “Nevermind!” Chase: you get a little bit anxious. Like, they give you a little, like squirt squirt in your… Tyler: What?!
Chase: … in your IV! They squirt you with something.
Tyler: A little… A little numbing agent or something… Chase: No, no, no, a little…
Tyler: To make you a little funny.
Chase: A little “Are you feeling it now, Mister Crabs?”
Tyler: Hello Mister Crabs.
Chase: Exactly. Tyler: So yeah, that’s our story with binding and not binding. If you have a similar story – if you do not bind – you can leave that below. If you do bind, you can also tell us your story down below. But thank you for watching.
Chase: “Leave your story down below…?”
Tyler: You know… in the thing, or like email me, or something. Thank you Chase Ross. Chase: Mascs! Tyler: I’m so happy to be here. Oh, here you want a drink?
Chase: No it’s not vegan.
Tyler: Oh, you’re right. I’m so happy to be here in front of the cat wall and everything…
Chase: It’s iconic.
Tyler; It is. The iconic cat wall. That’s true.
Chase: Chase Raw
Tyler: Chase Ross, raw in the rad, so…
Chase: You’re saying raw after the video’s we just filmed? Holla!
Tyler: Holla. So Chase Ross, thank you for being here. Chase: I thought you were gonna shake my hand like “Thank you for coming to…”
Tyler: “I’ll see you later!” Chase: “Thank you for coming over and doing my cat wall. Thank you, thank you. Bye.”
Tyler: Yeah, I’ll tell (inaudible). I’ll fly back up to Canada. Anyways, thank you guys for watching. I hope you guys you enjoyed this video. I hope you have a great day and I’ll talk to you soon.
Chase: Bye. Bye.
Tyler: Bye.
Chase: Bye. Aaron: Ty?
Tyler: Yeah?
Aaron: Do you get dysphoric when like, say you’re with your girlfriend and she like touches your chest? Does that make you dysphoric?
Tyler: Absolutely not, I like having my chest touched.
Chase: But like, like, like this? Tyler: Like, I don’t want like a squish…
Chase: Okay yeah!
Tyler: No, I… No, like don’t go down…
Chase: I wasn’t gonna do it, but like… you know.
Tyler: But when she is like “Oh, baby” and I’m like…
Chase: Like in betweens.
Tyler: Yeah, she is always like “ooh I love this, look at that” and I’m like “thanks”.
Chase: Is it called the pecs?
Tyler: Red rain energy! Okay… Chase: Can you imagine we can’t monetize the videos, because they’re like “Uhm”
Tyler: Red Rain is like: “Hm, take it down!” Chase: “Hm!”
Tyler: “Age restricted”
Chase: Age restricted?!
Tyler: Red Rain energy is…
Chase: “Community guidelines, hm” Chase: *burb. Sorry, I just burbed. One second… I don’t notice how many times… Tyler: You burbed!
Chase: I don’t notice how many times I burbed, then I rewatch my video’s…
Tyler: That’s me, I burb so often!
Chase: I know, in the video you send me, you’re like *burb sound and I was like…
Tyler: That one?
Chase: I was…
Tyler: There will be several in each video.

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  67. I am pre op, and recently started T , I don't bind because to me binders feel the same way bras do which is something that makes me feel panicy, uncomfortable and insecure, I haven't been able to get one of those binders that are like a compression tank top so I just 'free ball' and ware baggy shirts. I have size c chesticles, and I've heard that exercise can help reduce them. Having pecs like Ty would be a dream come true , Ty are there any exercises that you've done to help shape the chest you have?

  68. Why have top surgery when your chest looks flat n fit as it does

  69. i recently converted to binding with transtape so like. no binder! yay!!! and honestly i recommend transtape SO MUCH. it's flesh tone (3 colors to choose from) and is medical grade tape so it's infinitely safer than duct tape etc etc, and you can wear it for 3-5 days in a row. there's a learning curve when it comes to the tape application but it works to make your chest look more masculine and is a really good investment. it can also be used for packing, it comes with instructions for both, and penis-having people can use it for tucking their bits too, apparently. so like. all around it's a good time

  70. Why is your nipple shiny it might have been glare or sweat Do you have nipple rings or what ??? I'm a bit confused

  71. I’m a trans guy but I don’t usually bind because i have asthma so this video 👍. But also I look like a butch lesbian lmao.

  72. I dont know how old this video is, so after watching it, Ty you look fine to me. I wouldn't know you were trans if I saw u shirtless anywhere.

  73. Hey Ty! You are super attractive! Super manly too! I’m a cis girl, and I’m so attracted to you! I hope u r attracted to girls!

  74. 2 flat chested women, who make bad excuses for men.

  75. I could have gotten key hole but she said it would have looked more prepubescent because of the line where the incision is made defines a pec. Regret not getting that shit so hard because now I have a stretched scar and need a revision

  76. I'm a 41c so yeah… two super tight sports bras it is…

  77. I find it so weird when guys talk about how their chest got saggy. Mine is so saggy anyway, but after binding for a while it gets so smushed that it actually kind of stays up for a day or two. Much perkier. Idk maybe it's short term vs long term binding.

  78. I'm 13 and I don't have a legit binder. I've been using my mom's belly flattening thing. Its in the shape of a beater shirt, but its black and doesn't have a back to it. It's the closest thing I can find and I'm really struggling. I'm gonna start working out though, so I can get like Ty

  79. No it’s mot vegan

  80. That's crazy I thought there was a law or something about showing trans nipples when the tissue not out, so it's ok if a trans shows woman boobs basically, if there body looks like a man

  81. Top surgery will make you not need to bind…

  82. Handsome men 💜 awesome and fun personalities as well 😘

  83. Both sound like gay men….still see your feminine side…

  84. You are still women. XX

  85. Both these guys look very masculine. Happy for you both!

  86. Fuck your packer. It maybe old but I have a girlfriend

  87. Seriously I would tell Ty to just leave his pecs only, they look natural and good as they are, and anyway, who’s looking at his chest, he’s the who package and too sexy with it! And I got some bad news for you men, which is nature is a bitch to men after 45, because we end up growing tits and look pregnant after 50! For some strange reason, nature keeps an eye on male chauvinist pigs out there, ie, Trump the tramp, who looks as if he’s overdue with a pregnant carrying an elephant and he’s got mammaries that would make a hungry baby very excited! Enjoy what you have now because age has a knack of changing your body in the most peculiar ways, I mean I use to have a nice small rounded dark brown butt but now it’s grey and look like an old hessian sack that has been beaten up!

  88. Ty is a great example of a confident man.

  89. Ah, so this is from guys with small breasts initially… ;-;

  90. I'm cis but I sometimes have body weight issues UK self image. Dumb shit. But I have this thing of spandex that kinda looks like a low binder so if you do want to bind but can't really afford one or just don't want to shop online. I think it would be an option to use and just fold the belly part up over the chest. But I would try and research stuff first to see if it would be ok to use. Don't @ me for recommending this product it's ok to not always feel comfortable in your skin and if you need to use something for your emotional health I think it's ok.

  91. As a cis guy, I'm really surprised with how good the transition is today, it is impossible to tell.

  92. I wear a binder so I don’t chop my titties off

  93. Tbh just looks likes pecs with slight fat or something

  94. I dont bind bc my gc2b binder doesnt bind enough, makes me wanna use ace bandages, and has his shitty ass material that's uncomfortable and scratchy.

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