Fortnite Creative Dev Update (1/30) – Inspiration and Community Creators

Fortnite Creative Dev Update (1/30) – Inspiration and Community Creators

Hey everyone. Ash here with our first Creative Mode Dev update.
Let’s get started. Fortnite Creative Dev Update
January 25, 2019 Inspiration for Creative Building is such an important part of Fortnite’s fun. When we introduced the Playground LTM back in June you made it known that this was something pretty awesome. So we wanted to give you more. Our mission is to give you the tools you need to make anything you can imagine. We just started Creative’s journey and we’ve got a lot of opportunities ahead of us. Creative Devs and You To us the community is a partner
in the development of Creative. We’ll be working with you to implement feedback quickly and shape this new part of Fortnite together. New features may not be perfect and polished at first but we’re moving quickly to implement the tools you need to create a world without limits. Discovering New Creations In the 7.01 update, we introduced the
Island Code sharing system allowing Support-a-Creator members to display their islands to the world through custom codes. In a little over a month, we saw
so many brilliant creators share their islands and mini-games with the community. Avalance Bounce Pad Arena Looming Llama are just a few of these amazing creations we’ve seen so far. If you want to be Fortnite famous share your best works with us. For more information on the state of Creative click the link below and check out our Dev Blogs. From everyone here at Epic,
thank you for playing Creative and we’ll see you next time. Thanks for watching

Comments (69)

  1. Bring back soccer skins

  2. Plz bring back the drum gun! At lease to playground and creative!

  3. Could you add private islands so you can only have "invited" players inside. Or if you can't please try to add island kicks so we can kick greifers out

  4. Minecraft creative


    Fortnite creative ….. ughhhh

  5. # fortnite infinix

  6. Another delayed update?

  7. Why Fortnite android is not supported to any oppo phone? Oppo f9 is a high resolution android phone why Fortnite is not supported in oppo f9?..

  8. Please bring back double pump a lot of people would enjoy fortnite more

  9. The game is crap dont play it it will make u rage

    Its just a warning if theres any bugs or blank hitmarkers

  10. Bring back the old map

  11. Bring mashmerlo skin in this Sunday plz

  12. It's my birthday and I still have no mashmerlo skin and I will get v bucks at Sunday

  13. how about bring back duble pump in playground

  14. 0:58 Dissssssssplay

  15. instead of bringing back soccer skins, W H Y N O T B R I N G B A C K A L L O F T H E T R Y H A R D S K I N S?

  16. Bring drum gun back or at least to creative

  17. Can you add the drum gun into creative

  18. Guys wtf happened my play button is grey and I can't even play

  19. Zrubcie fortnite na samsung galaxy j3 i dajcie darmowy skin jakiś na Xbox one x

  20. I think Eoic should unvault all the guns, but only in creative, guns such as The Tac. SMG, The guided missile, the Drum gun and more.

  21. I think Eoic should unvault all the guns, but only in creative, guns such as The Tac. SMG, The guided missile, the Drum gun and more.

  22. I think Eoic should unvault all the guns, but only in creative, guns such as The Tac. SMG, The guided missile, the Drum gun and more.

  23. I play fortnite on xiaomi mi a2 lite but he is unsupportet dervice

  24. Like = Fortnite

    Reply = Apex

  25. epic team thank you for giving free battle pass for free from valen times callenge 2019 thx (ps my user is terrakid22556)

  26. Fortnite please I beg you let Samsung galaxy j7 have fortnite

  27. quero que de muelba 50 bersu 50

  28. Give me an battle pass


  30. Put in moisty mire

  31. fortnait you nid win a apex plis new map

  32. Will u guys ever let us normal people publish our islands

  33. How about doing it so we can all publish our own island and share to everyone because not everyone is able to like me I have so many creative maps that are really cool but I can’t publish them and I still make a lot of creative maps… plss check out YouTube channel

  34. Can I be able to publish codes please I have a map I want to publish for a code but I can't sadly because of this😭😭😭😭

  35. Can you let all play fortnite on android pls

  36. Can you add zip lines in creative

  37. Are they gonna delete the actual battle royal island from creative because it’ll make more space

  38. I just have one question
    Will everyone be able to share island codes at some point or will it only be creators

  39. I have an idea of what you could add if STW owners got a special island type where you could ues husks and stuff

  40. And add creative drum gun

  41. Dev means Giant in Turkish lol guys

  42. Epic can you bring back drumgun

  43. Why did you not put my block to the game

  44. You must be deleted

  45. 30:30 is my favorite part

  46. 0:06 what are these blue lines tho?
    they are not in game yet. are they thinking to add checkpoint system?

  47. Add vaulted items in to creative please

  48. Please make a moving storm sistem

  49. Creative needs vending machines amongst other things but I’m focusing on vending machines

    Vending machines should work where you get a menu when you press customise where you select the item you want in it and once you select the item it asks for the price and material to buy the item once you’ve done that the item you selected item has a number telling the player that this item is in the machine
    Once you’re done with the first item that item gets the number (1) and you select another item witch gets the number (2) and so on

    Once three items have been selected it asks for the amount of times it can be used 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,20,30,40,50,infinite

    This makes both the old vending machines and the new ones possible

    And to replace an item to click on the you want replaced witch will be deselected and you just select the new item
    (Also epic please we need the ability to replace/remove items from item spawners, chests, starting inventory, whatever else I’m forgetting they can have the same item menu I’m proposing for vending machines)

    Having this allows for a kind of shop in creative and would allow for moba styles of game modes just without minions I ask for this because I have one myself but it requires a player to act as the shop

  50. Please fix that lag that will be the best dev update

  51. Please fix the lag

  52. i want to share my world

  53. it is made 95% of wood

  54. Adds to fortnites fun so they add to nothing

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