I can package it’s here
top plate for tonight what’s going on there’s a poor night care package
pulling from the sky in our backyard come on just don’t fall from the sky
just in the game oh shoot it down with the scarf
check out Lois before night care back is strong what are you doing oh this must
be the Halloween drop hey what’s going on everyone it’s Bob magic and we are
back with a brand new video and today guys we have a new board night mystery
drop box that just landed in my backyard but not only is the Sephora 9 mystery
drop box guys it’s a spooky drop box that’s right because Halloween is just
around the corner so saying it is a Halloween fortnight
mystery box and we are gonna be opening it up and seeing all the amazing goodies
that are inside this bad boy before we open this mystery box so we
got to remind everyone that they got to join the squad
that’s right guys I completely forgot if you did not know yet if you want to be a
part of the greatest channel on YouTube I know we’ve been away for a little
while now because we’ve been working on some crazy awesome stuff for you guys
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comment hashtag screw and you will officially be in the squad we gotta do
to get in this bad boys give it up good oh no I’m out I don’t do I don’t do
spiders like bugs around I don’t do poppers I don’t despise
especially not what’s in there there’s a lot of stuff in here there’s a
lot of stuff okay maybe I’ll stay for that all right well okay we got to do
this in traditional mystery box fashion which means you put your hand in and
grab whatever you find and when you pull it out we get to analyze it and see what
we got inside the four and a mystery box so my hand is going in tell me if it
hurts all right that’s pretty cool for a very
first item we got ourselves a for that pickaxe let’s go we got a lot more hands
look why you picked the next item G there are so many items here dual
pistols brand-new for Knight dual pistols and you know what look you did
shoot me in the intro oh I didn’t think those were loaded all right
dual for nine pistols not back calm it down below
whatever we pull out of this mystery box are not done yet but once we do finish
comment what your favorite item is so far its plan to speed it all right I’m
putting my hand and I want to see the next item oh we gotta try this out we’ve
got our very own fortnight cleaner this thing is seconds you forgot that
this sector Oh okay now let’s see turns out to you
Scott give it like you gotta give it like a running start
you’re gonna break the first cool thing we got in our mystery box okay next item
in the box it’s sticking my hand in seeing what I can find
oh it’s something big it’s the board I giddy up skew I can’t look I’m a little
jealous this is I’m a little jealous to Logan’s
Casa gym I hope my next item might be a costume I’m gonna put my handy because I
want to see what’s next inside you so much let me get a costume you know I’m
gonna reach in the back so I think that’s where you got that something’s
coming out Logan and it is Brad yeah what that is get the cobweb off that is
sick it’s a DJ llama in the house mamma still in the costume and I didn’t
get a full costume I think I get two turns it looks like it’s gonna be
another costume is the rabbit Raider costume I mean it’s not Easter but it’s
definitely scary enough for Halloween I think it’s time for me to get into my car fully ready for Halloween costume
this year in fact I think this might be and guys let me know down below what are
you being for Halloween this year comment down below so I want to know if
I’m rolling like bunny I want to know what the squats rolling ask maybe we
could beat the puns time to dive into the next side I got the next item Jane
what are you gonna grab my gosh gee not as good as my squeaker I just realized
we got enough stuff we can do another real life for night guys if you think we
should do another real life for tonight be sure to comment down below and just
spare that like button please drink alright guys if we get
thirty thousand likes well 31 thousand two hundred and forty
seven thousand like we will do another real life for you but in order to do
that we’re gonna need something like Oh Jake don’t don’t no hope it’s about to
get stinky in here please don’t use that change life state ball stand back I’ll
make a sink oh it’s going on okay that’s pretty cool that mean real life stink
ball clear that is a dangerous cleaner okay I’m just I’m I’m just gonna hold
the next item pose like Logan’s not the only one with the brand-new plastic all
right all right truce truce guys I got some more items dude we gotta keep
moving on there’s there’s also a really massive big box
it’s like Christmas Logan you go for the biggest thing oh my durbur point light up derp burger
like eight feet as in feet the measurement and eight foot size durbur
what we have a lot of inflatables in this mystery box we’re gonna kind of want to jump on it I
like is it okay i mr. Dubourg I love you taste of the dirt burgers this makes me
wanna dirt burgers ball dudes as of right now this is my favorite thing in
the mystery box so far if you want to get me away for this land would kick it
or me to jump on it I think we got some more big stuff in your syllabus leave
mr. derenberger over here and move on to another item no no no okay we get
there’s there’s a lot for tonight we are not a silencer add it to the collection
it’s the legendary slurp that is crazy is this Lube juice bad light that is so
cool this is actually one of my favorite items in for that soda having a real
life is pretty sweet that is so cool well let’s put it over here with all of
our other backs you got this alert we got this week we
got Logan scary one that actually hurts we also got a lot more Logan I’m a
diamond G dude it’s a paddywhack dude you gotta flip the dur burger with and
get underneath you my good there you go we use this on the grill in the summer
when I’m cooking burgers a big ol burger oh oh this is awesome okay all right so
we got another pickaxe check it out it’s an impulse created so cool what I really hurt please just don’t use the
impulse grenade inside the house you know what I’m picking this saw it at the
start it’s a real life llama and I don’t I thought candy would come out mama you
gotta use a pickaxe Oh a little for night items take this
thing out almost looking kind of sad looks like your llama might have being
played a little bit there we got the rest of the DJ costume oh we already got
the mask too well I’m definitely changing into this
bad boy all right here we go to the students this might be what I dress up
as for Halloween this this this is me the Black Knight back back level 100 you
get the Black Knight back playing I get this all right well I guess I got my
floaties this mystery box in a mystery box what is it do I have absolutely no
idea we’re about to find out guys inside the mystery box there is another
mystery box and inside the mystery box there is like another llama I don’t know what’s
better guys the llama or the derp burger this is how big llamas are in real life
it’s okay I’m gonna name you peppers we’ve had a ton of Nerf blasters we’ve
had a ton of fortnight pickaxes we’ve got a massive turbo ger a massive llama
named peppers we even have costumes the last thing is
inside this box it might be so crazy it might be so ridiculous you might need to
sit down if you’re not already sitting here we go in three two one
Oh God oh I think I found my halloween costume
it’s the I’m very poor burger
Jake Jake has officially become a derp breaker this is awesome
this is probably the best fortnight mystery box ever it has to be and let us
know guys in the comments down below which one of these items was your
favorite I was probably the big dirt burger so big but I also liked that lamb
I like that but guys I think this is where we are going to wrap up the video
for today but before we do that I got to give a massive shout out to one of our
amazing squad members to show to Fargo for being an amazing squad member if you
see him down below be sure to give him a thumbs up leave him a nice little
comment and of course do not forget to join the squad
if you want to join the squad all you got to do is hit the subscribe button
the bell button and kommen hashtag squad but guys of course this has been Papa
Jake and Logan we’ll see you guys next time for another awesome video

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