Former Jehovah’s Witness Calls Out Alleged Abuse In Community: ‘I Am By Far Not Alone’

Former Jehovah’s Witness Calls Out Alleged Abuse In Community: ‘I Am By Far Not Alone’

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  1. This has been going on for many years. So glad it’s coming to the forefront!

  2. Why don’t you cover more in-depth about Catholic Priest ? I know why. It would take forever, to investigate that. Why don’t you do a documentary on, how Jehovah Witnesses, don’t collect money at their meetings. Also, Why don’t you investigate how the ministers aren’t paid. They give sermons and other duties completely FREE OF CHARGE!!! This is a one sided documentary. I challenge you BE FAIR.!!!!


  4. This needs to be a main story on all major news shows, and anywhere honestly. This cult needs to be shut down .

  5. My sister I caught up in this cult, and it has destroyed our relationship. They tell her to stay away from her family, or anyone who doesn't believe their teachings. So deceitful and heartbreaking💔

  6. Stay alive til 1975! Now its the overlapping generation now they went back to its just around the corner! 140 years of failed prophecies! Is the corner overlapping with its contemporaries?.. "New light" really just means New Lies Lollll to any members on here wake up and stop being so scared to do your research (knowledge is power) and think for yourselves since that is forbidden! If an organization tells you that you can only do research only on their controlled website with their controlled information and that you can't ask questions regarding their old magazines constantly changing and contradicting all the time.. RED FLAGS SHOULD GO UP!!!!! (This is a fancy dressed modern day cult if you step back and really take a look and observe why then you will see it. 1) they isolate its members from the outside world telling them that evvvvveryone is bad or out to get them when that is false.2)they constantly instill fear in them for not leaving by bringing up at every meeting Armageddon, when ppl are scared they cant think logically and the org knows it they have over 140 YEARS EXPERIENCE in it. 3)The act of exclusive devotion test by not having its members getting life saving blood transfusions and sadly thousands of lives was lost due to their teachings.4)no college when a person has college education they can think critically and logically and ask lots and lots of questions and they see right through the organization B.S!!! and the org knows it that is why the org tells them thinking independently is wrong and to only obey the organization and to ask no questions.5)no outside research because they know if the members did look up the history the members would find out about all the failed false prophecies and the flip flopping of doctrines and child abuse cover ups and the changing of the blood transfusions teachings then the members will leave in a huge mass knowing it never was the so called "Truth" so they tell the members its satan media and false lies, when in reality its their own failed prophecies and their own cover ups and lies.. I could go on and on.. but please do your research ✌

  7. Born and raised in this cult and everything that they are saying is 💯% true

  8. Can't wait for Saturday and Sunday on the Oxygen Channel born and raised in the cult. PIMO

  9. That's sad that she got abused her😫😭😭😭😭😭😭😭ll I feel sad for her

  10. Is not talk enough nationaly

  11. Glad the Jws are being exposed. It's about time. They have flown for too long under the radar with their abusive policies!

  12. I’m gonna be honest, I’m a witness. I’ve heard of this case in my own Kingdom Hall. And the fact is, the elders did the wrong thing. They, as well as everyone else in the world, are imperfect people. But 99.9 percent of witnesses are good people. That’s what everyone doesn’t understand. Sure, a few people did something stupid, that doesn’t mean the religion is bad.

  13. The JWs are going to have to learn the hard way, that their cult is a haven for pedophiles.

  14. I knew the big elder interviewed at the Wilberton kingdom hall! His name is Richard McCalister and he lived at me and my folks house in Noble, Oklahoma……WeirdO seeing on the 1st part of this 2 part series.!!

  15. Black woman are not allowed to tell about their abuse why????????

  16. Oxygen should put this on for free on YouTube!

  17. Yup,100% true. Not only do they not doing anything to these men, they go a head and turn them into elders and ministerial servants … positions of power, not to be questioned!

  18. Watchtower’s worst nightmare

  19. Erbody not perfect God will judge.. but how come they don’t talk about the ninth circle the satanic organization that includes the queen of England the pope and other billionaire owners of the federal reserve in the US sacrificing lil kids and babies in they satanic cult?? That’s a fact do the research..why is the Vatican singing songs to Lucifer there’s a video because they are Babylon the great the empire of false religion they should do a documentary on that and how the millions of children missing are actually kidnapped by the CIA and other organizations why you think so many children go missing in the millions there’s more crazy shit going on then just two muddafuckers being molested lol

  20. It would take too long to type all the damage the Jehovah's witnesses have caused my family. And it's ongoing RIGHT NOW!

  21. Listen to my book this crap permeates everything, Hollywood, religion, governments, corporations "The Move" came from a mainstream Baptist church! It still exists and has used military type torture like waterboarding! The government officials are connected! Mkultra, brainwashing through media advertising etc! This planet is evil from one end to the other!

  22. This is all propaganda they do not really want to stop this!

  23. Everything in life is connected to cult brainwashing!

  24. Always say: if it can’t be Tested , DON’T trust it .

  25. To everyone reading this…

    Please do not listen to the WT/Governing Body, because they are all pretenders and they do not care about you or your welfare!

    WT / GB is "pretending" to be God's "only true" channel of communication on Earth.

    They are the ones "pretending" that our lives will be destroyed if we do not become part of their organization.

    They are the ones "pretending" that if we do not knock on doors we are bloodguilty and will be destroyed at armageddon!

    They are the ones "pretending" and teaching higher education is a danger to our spirituality!!

    They are the ones "pretending" it's a loving arrangement from God to shun friends and family just because they no longer believe in THEIR interpretation of the scriptures!!

    They are the ones "pretending" accepting a blood transfusion is sinning against God!

    Also they are encouraging parents to hold back drivers license from kids if they're not baptized!

    The list goes on and on but I'll just stop here.

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