Florida LLC – Certified Copy (of Articles of Organization)

Florida LLC – Certified Copy (of Articles of Organization)

If you did not obtain a Certified Copy (which
is a certified copy of your Articles of Organization)during your initial LLC filing, this video will walk
you through the steps required to obtain one. Many times, when opening a bank account, obtaining
business licenses, or dealing with certain institutions, it will be requested of you
to provide a Certified Copy. A Certified Copy is a certificate, with a
watermark and state seal. It has a copy of the Articles of Organization
along with it and states “I certify the attached is a true and correct copy of the Articles
of Organization for XYZ, LLC, a Florida Limited Liability Company, filed on such-and-such
date, as shown by records of this office.” In order to obtain a Certified Copy, you must
mail a request letter into the Certification Department along with with your payment. The fee for a Certified Copy is $30. Your check or money order must be made payable
to “Florida Department of State”. Below this video is a document called the
“Request for Certified Copy of Articles of Organization”. You can fill this document out on your computer,
or you can print it and fill in your details with a pen. Let’s take a closer look at the Request Letter. The Request Letter can be found below this
video in both Microsoft Word and PDF format. Again you can either print it out and handwrite,
or you can fill it out on your computer, and then when you print it out, all you need to
do is sign at the bottom. Here’s what the Request Letter will look like. The top, you’ll fill in today’s date. You’ll fill in the name of your LLC. It says “This letter is to serve as a request
for a Certified Copy for the above Florida LLC. I have included my payment of $30. Please return all correspondence to you: you’re
going to list your name and your address, then you’re going to include your phone number. The letter states “If you have any questions,
you can contact me at the phone number above. Thank you.” You’re going to write your name here, and
then you’re to going to sign above your name. Let’s take a look at 1 that was filled out
on the computer. In this example, we’ve included the date,
the name of the LLC, the address, phone number and name. Again, once you print this out, you’re just
going to sign above your name, and then you can move forward. Once you’ve filled out and signed your “Request
for Certified Copy of Articles of Organization”, you will mail that document and your $30 fee
to Division of Corporations, PO Box 6327, Tallahassee, Florida, 32314, Attention: Certification
Department. Feel free to pause this video if you need
to write down that address. Again, your check or money order must be made
payable to “Florida Department of State”. After the Division of Corporations has received
your request, typical turnaround time is 5-7 business days. If you also need to order a Certificate of
Status, please watch the video in the next section below. This concludes the request for your Certified

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