Fans Community – Messi en África

Fans Community – Messi en África

Now we are going to Africa to make a solidarity trip And Messi is better known than Barcelona there. The neighborhood’s technician is married to a man from Burkina Faso and she told me: “In my husband’s town, everyone supports Barça and they do not have nor a flag or a bracelet from Barca, nothing” And I said: “Well, the next time he goes there we will send him FC Barcelona stuff” There were pictures taken of the children with everything we sent them “Wow, there are not only four children, there is a lot of children and many Barca fans” They explained to us that there everyone is a Barca and a Messi fan. They know the starting line-ups, and everything about FC Barcelona better than we do. “We’ll do a collection of FC Barcelona jerseys and things”. We gathered 350 kilos of material to take there, boots and everything and we went there. I think they thought Messi was coming with us. Thousands of people assisted to the airport and to all the towns where we were. The country’s president, the Burkina Faso Olympic Committee president All the city mayors received us, thousands of people on the roads. Then, of course, this is not going to end like this So this year we are going to return willing to take even more things. That’s it.

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  1. 1 st view ..💘❤️💓💕💖💗💙💚💛🧡💜🖤💝💞💓 Messi love from India

  2. I like this
    I'm a very fan of MESSI

  3. I miss you i love you very much send me money or football or your shirt together postman swear by god i love you

  4. Leo Messi, The Best Player In Football History!

  5. Leo Messi Is The G.O.A.T.!🐐👑


  7. Eres el mejor leonel messi

  8. Messi hizo a medio mundo del barça. Cuanto amor x el futbol inspiración total.

  9. Love you Messi ♥️😘😍

  10. Greatest of all the times.

  11. Ei messi minde 100mil reais

  12. leo messi
    the best in history
    leo engoying football

  13. El supera a Ronaldo , Neymar , salha , suarez , James , Agüero.

  14. You are my idol, but I do not have the money to watch you racing. I just want your signature. in Thailand I want to make some dreams, I want to be a football player, but I have no money to go to the show or supporters.
    #i love Messi
    #i love Barcelona Fc

  15. Fucking moron video creator make videos longer you fucking brain dead bitch

  16. Son muy inteligentes en Burkina Faso 🙂

  17. Título FAKE. Messi no está en el video.

  18. no lleves la de nievels

  19. Your a great. Playar play well

  20. subscribe for me please

  21. Cara para mim Messi sempre será o melhor de todos já é melhor que o Pelé 😉😉😉

  22. Messi G.O.A.T!💪💪💪🐐🐐🐐
    Ronaldo 🐎🐎🐎💩💩💩

  23. Pin this if you L0VE your family

  24. Lleven Kilos pero de comida.

  25. Leonel Messi è il re di calcio d'oggi

    I AM FROM🇨🇦 ..

  27. Messi eres grande como ser humano,siempre educado y respetuoso con todo el mundo,a mí hace ya muchos años me has ganado el corazón,gracias por hacer el bien k haces,por ser historia d este país k es el tuyo también,porque aún siendo argentino,eres nuestro.gracias por regalarnos felicidad,lo mejor d ti .siempre MESSI

  28. sir please visit Mindanao, Glan Sarangani Philippines. we are fan of barca. 🎉🎊😊 . A lot of children here want to play football.

  29. Messi fan from U.K. 🇬🇧

  30. Ancona, nella notte 6 morti e 10 feriti gravi al concerto del rapper Sfera Ebbasta.
    La causa sarebbe l’uso di spray urticante che avrebbe generato panico e calca.

  31. 1 subscribe=u will be a footballer


  33. i like messi ok like

  34. Leo Messi fan from Bangladesh.

  35. Esta ves lleven a messi no sean jiotes

  36. kenyans swing with the wave. I personally voted for him. Google deals with masses of information and a
    few votes will be easily deemed as no votes

  37. The zero don’t count no1 best footballer in the world and football history


  39. Eso muestra dos cosas, que Messi es extraordinario, y que a África lo único que puede tener es una remera del Barcelona.

  40. O sea que la historia es que Messi NO estuvo en Africa. Ok, ok.

  41. Eres el major Lionel Messi

  42. Yo también soy de África soy de Barca

  43. Messi messi messi leo leo leo leo!!!!!!!!!! You are my idol my favorite player

  44. African fans wish you the best in the copa america 2019 … take that trophy home. God be with you

  45. Eras mi jugador favorito astaque me fracturas te la mano en un partido

  46. Messi is the best

  47. Messi fan from africa Algérie

  48. أنها ليو مسي الحقيقي

  49. Hey messi can you one day go to fort bend isd when you are free!?

  50. from south africa and i am a huge messi and barca fan ,no barca shirt but just knowing the barca anthem and watching barca matches bring me happiness.

  51. messi, the best foot ball
    player in the world

  52. I am a big fan of you
    .from Maldives

  53. Oye Messi unos amigos mios que son tus fans numeros 1 que se llaman Gregori y Maikol

  54. hola messi ere el dios del futbol

  55. messi qual estu munero de telefono

  56. ere el mas dios del futbol

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